I'm an Aussie Librarian who maintains several websites, designs games whenever the fit takes him and dabbles with Photoshop, various 3D graphic programs and the odd video editing suite.

I'm currently running a PbP game using the DWAITAS (Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space) rules set in the Faction Paradox spinoff of Doctor Who. I've not run DWAITAS before, but have run or been in other games of a similar sort - with narrative devices that are specifically written to help players break out of rules when necessary. I've also not run a PbP before - I've been a player in one, and I've run PBeMs before - so it's a bit similar. Sadly most of my friends are close to my own age and seem to be more interested in raising families than roleplaying - and few of them have the tech savvy to roleplay online either, so I've enlisted the aid of unknown fans of DWAITAS to play

Things that I love in roleplaying are - props! Images, sounds, physical objects - I'm a great believer that they help immerse the player.

On a side note, I'm a computer geek from long ago and can help with some things for folk