Our group has been playing 4th edition for the last year. Half of our players really llike 4th edition and want to continue playing 4th, and the other half wanted to go back to 3.5. Pathfinder was a way to satisfy both parties, by choosing a new yet familiar game system.

Over the last 8 months, I've been stockpiling their books (roughly $2000.00 worth so far), buying everything I could get my hands on. I have an ongoing subscription with the majority of Paizo's product line. Their Golarion world, companions, Adventure Paths, and game aids are all very high quality, and their artwork is very consistent and professional. I have fallen in love with Golarion and it's cultural similarities to our world, and love the maps and details they have brought to the community. We have 3 competent DMs in our 7 person group who rotate DM duties to allow everyone to play. I am one of the DMs.

I started my new campaign with a trial session (the campaign will take characters from level 1 to level 20 -> have the high level plotline done) yesterday, and the rules are very smooth. The purpose of the session was to get used to the new rules (which are totally different than 4th edition). Since we haven't played 3.5 for well over 1 year, it was more to get used to the old rules and the new Pathfinder nuances. They've really streamlined many of the cumbersome 3.5 rules making this game a dream to DM. I enjoyed DMing every minute of it.

I will be documenting the journey our characters take on my Obsidian Portal site in the Adventurer's Log. Much stuff will be added in there as time progresses.

The new Advanced Player's Guide and the Gamemastery Guide are two books I believe are a 'must have'. In my first session alone, I referenced those books a solid 10 times at least.

If anyone is interested in pooling ideas with the Golarion world, asking questions or wanting more information about Golarion (I have nearly every resource book they have on the world up to this point), or want to talk Golarion or Pathfinder, feel free to look me up!