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Thread: Rules clarification regarding prestige classes

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    Question Rules clarification regarding prestige classes

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    Hi all

    I'm back playing D&D after 10 years break and a lot has happened! Currently my GM wants to play 3.5 and I find it pretty cool so I accept. But I need some rules clarification you guys might be able to help me with:

    I consider playing a monk prestige class (Dragon Shen, found in Dragon Magazine 319). Question is - is a prestige class still considered a monk?
    If I build a prestige class will he still have the basic skills of a monk (flurry blows and so on) or not?

    If not, would I then be able to make him level 1 monk, x levels prestige class and THEN get the flurry blows?

    Would the flurry blows then only count as a level 1 monk or the tota lsum of levels?

    Many questions and hoping for enlightment on the subject. I am not into it for power gaming but I just need to be clear of the rules.

    Best regards
    The Smith, Denmark

    P.S. sorry for noob questions
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    I'm pretty certain monk abilities do not grow with your prestige class. Furthermore, though, prestige classes have requirements: getting up the power you need to access it may take enough time that your flurry will be formidable enough.

    Some monk prestige classes, though, specifically state giving "monk abilities." For these classes, your flurry will increase.
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    For the Shen Dragon Prestige class, the monk class feature of Fury of Blows does NOT stack with the prestige class levels. If your a 5th level monk and take a level in the dragon shen class, your Fury of blows does not change. Note that your Ac bonus and Unarmed damage do stack.

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