Alyssa stood at the opening to her small cell while looking at her surroundings warily. She stood four foot eleven inches tall and weighed 85 pounds with barely enough meat on her bones to cover her sparse skeletal frame. Her long brown hair and beautiful white teeth had fallen out a long time ago from malnourishment because her captors would only feed her enough food to keep her alive, barely. Something was different about today as if the air had changed. Outside her cell door stood two of her jailers wearing military grade heavy power armor with one carrying a shock prod and the other armed with a laser rifle. Both weapons were aimed at her chest. Sensing the hatred emanating from these cold figures she would comply with whatever orders they issued.

“Step out with your hands raised mutant!” one of the jailers commanded.

She took a tentative step outside of her small cell expecting the worst. She was not disappointed as the shock prod connected with her stomach that sent waves of pain over her entire body. Unable to stand the electrical assault she collapsed into a heap on the muddy ground outside her door. She felt the cold moisture in the ground seep into her sparse prison uniform; chilling her to the bone. Unexpectedly, the butt of the rifle slammed into the back of her skull and a low moan escaped from her lips. Alyssa immediately regretted it as another blow landed in roughly the same place. Her head swam as she tried valiantly to get control over her body.

Near where she lay, she could hear someone yell, “Enough!”

A tall sergeant stepped from behind the two jailers and peered down, unconcerned for her well-being. She took a deep breath and regretted it immediately. The air hung with the taste of burnt flesh and the smells of human excrement mixed with it. Alyssa resisted the urge to vomit as the bile rose in her throat. She stood up slowly while gagging from the smell and taste that assailed her. In the space of a split second, the guards fell to the ground as wounds opened up in their chests. Unable to see their reactions to their violent deaths because of their helmets; she stood there dazed and confused. She felt someone lift her body off the ground as her ears finally let in the sounds around her. Alyssa could hear the noise of battle around her and felt the warm touch dry her soaked uniform followed by the feeling of the wind against her face.

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