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Improved grip question
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Thread: Improved grip question

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    Improved grip question

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    Improved grip: when you use force grip power, you can spend a force point as a free action to maintain the force grip for 1 additional round without the need to concentrate. however after this additional round you may not resume concentrating on the grip.

    Person #1 says "Without having to concentrate you can do other stuff, to maintain is a free action."

    Person #2 says: "The free action is for the spending of the force point, not the maintain. To maintain is still a standard action."

    Which is it?

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    This Force technique is used when the Force Grip power is activated, which is a standard action to normally activate Force Grip. This technique allows you to spend a Force point as a free action when Force Grip is activated, i.e. in the same turn, thus on the characters next turn they do not need to spend a standard action to maintain their Force Grip.


    Round 1 character spends their move action doing whatever, standard action to activate Force Grip and a free action and a Force point for Improved Force Grip.

    Round 2 the character may use their full allotment of actions for this round and they automatically maintain their Force Grip for this round due to the Improved Force Grip technique.

    Make sense?
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