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Shadowrun writers linked together

About two months ago, New York Times bestselling author and Shadowrun writer Michael Stackpole started what he called the Chain Story. The premise is this: A bunch of people–explorers and such–are gathered at a place called the Wanderers’ Club. There, they swap tales of their latest adventures and exploits, including stories of ghosts, murder, and other mayhem. Stackpole has enlisted a fine pack of writers to tell their own stories spinning off from this central theme, and the stories have a classic adventure feel to them. There are thirteen stories so far, and Shadowrun writers are well represented. Besides Stackpole himself (who wrote the first and tenth stories in the series), there’s Rigel Ailur (alter ego of Kris Katzen, who wrote the opening story in Seattle 2072), Ilsa Bick (who contributed the story “The Art of Diving in the Dark” to the Spells & Chrome anthology) and a story by me. Check ‘em out–they’re fun and they’re free!