Hello, new member and also rather new to running a WoD campaign. I have a lot of good ideas for our game but I am running into several road blocks – hoping some nice people here can help. If this is the wrong area please let me know and I will ask for it to be moved. I would also like to apologize for the long post.

The campaign is Camarilla based in Florence, Italy 1494 – right now I am working towards bringing in ‘The 7’ a group of independent kindred who each represent one of the seven deadly sins. I am planning to have each kindred be a rare or extremely specialized clan but have no relation to any others of the same clan (ex Lust is a Daughter of Cacophony – Greed is a alchemy specialized Tremere) I am having trouble coming up with all 7 kindred (if anyone wants a list of what I have so far I will be happy to type one up) and a reason why the 7 would be interested in Florence. Currently I have 3 ‘operatives’ of The 7 in Florence – an Assamite who was following key members of the town (Seneschal and others) a Follower of Set (or a smaller clan of them like keepers of light) who is masquerading as a Ventrue and has started selling opium in the docking district and finally a Nosferatu who is just chilling with the other Nosferatu in the sewers. All three of these individuals (the Assamite is dead now) have a ‘fake’ Black Hand tattoo and do not know anything of their past – only their mission. The only contact that the characters have had with The 7 that they know of is that Greed and 2 followers attacked/distracted the characters on their ship so Greed could steal a very powerful sacred relic. I would be glad to have any suggestions to improve this campaign.

The current active members of this campaign are: A Shango (Assamite Sorcerer) An Assamite warrior and a Brujah. One of my friends (our former GM) has disbanded his Sabbat group which was meant to meet my group later in our games. Several of the members from that group (the GM and 4 others) want to join my group and be introduced into the story. I have a few issues with this – one of the players is dead set on being Salubri and I’m not sure that will mesh at all (Might have a Tremere and there is a Tremere Chantry in town) Another character is tossing and turning between classes –his first choice was Ravnos and now his second is Cappadocian with the Giovanni merit – again I’m not sure this will work.

I guess the reason I’m posting is to see if anyone can help me come up with some solutions to my problems (See the list below) any help would be greatly appreciated.

Here is the list of my issues
1. I do not have a good reason why ‘The 7’ would be in Florence or how to introduce them (they each have a symbol and I could have the players try to find out what they mean but I’m not sure where to send them for something so obscure and secretive to actually find slight information)
2. New players and Clan choices that do not mesh – do I drop the hammer and say ‘No’ or attempt to make it work with what they want to play?
3. Any other suggestions to improve the game play and make this more entertaining for us all (not a problem necessarily)

Thanks for any suggestions you guys come up with.