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Campaign Summary Genre: Space Opera
System Used: Freeform
Style: 50% Roleplaying / 50% Combat
Current Players: 9
Desired # of Players: 50
Game Location N/A
Game Times N/A
Online Game Details Online Game?: Yes
Online Software Used: Play-by-Post
Additional Options Looking for Players?: Yes
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Thread: Star Wars: Tapestry (always recruiting!)

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    Star Wars: Tapestry (always recruiting!)

    (For a nice, crisp image, please select "720p HD" from the control panel after pressing 'play'.)

    • Have you ever longed to play a specific type of Star Wars character, but had to abandon the idea because it didn't fit into your group's concept, or your Gamemaster's campaign?
    • Have you ever wanted to join a large, sprawling online game, but held back, because you knew you might not be able to stick with it indefinitely?
    • Have you ever wanted to play in an RPG that allows you to go where you want, and do what you like?

    Then Star Wars: Tapestry may be for you!

    Star Wars: Tapestry is an online, play-by-post roleplaying game with no maximum player limit, and no restrictions on what types of characters its players can portray. While many Star Wars games discourage evil characters, for instance (and with good reason), such characters are welcomed and desired in Tapestry, as are 'lone-wolf' scouts and bounty hunters, droids of all kinds, young characters, elderly characters, and non-combatants of every stripe. In Tapestry, a character's worth is not necessarily defined by their prowess in combat (though such characters certainly have their place), but by how interesting they are.

    When you join the galaxy of Tapestry, you'll be entering into a game filled with many other fascinating, player-controlled characters, each with their own unique agendas, needs, and desires. Without a GM, the players are free to improvise numerous engaging, adventure-filled stories together, on-the-fly, where the plot threads weave into and out of each other at will... a tapestry.

    For instance, maybe you'd like to play a lone Ithorian xenoarcheologist on a planet in the Outer Rim, digging for evidence of an ancient civilization. So you just go ahead and do it. Shortly afterward, perhaps someone who's been reading your posts decides he likes your story, and wants to get involved. So he decides that maybe that civilization is not so ancient after all, and assumes the role of one of its citizens, who wants (or doesn't want) his people discovered by the galaxy at large. Then, maybe another reader decides to create a rival archeologist, who'd like to beat your Ithorian to the prize, by any means necessary? Maybe another character would like to play an Imperial Moff, who wants to deliver this lost civilization to the Emperor, as slave labour? 

And meanwhile, there are many other characters scattered over several star systems, whose stories have nothing to do with this one... or, at least, not yet. This is the kind of breadth and scope possible in Star Wars: Tapestry.

    The Rules

    Despite the size and scope of Tapestry, the game actually has only three specific rules; they are as follows:
    1. You may have only one principal character. This character is you. Any other characters you bring into the game are NPCs (Non-Player Characters), and though you're encouraged to flesh them out, they are not protected by the same rules as your principal character. Said NPCs must be with your principal character - no cutting to another star system to see how 'Strike Team B' is doing!
    2. You may make a maximum of one post per day. There is no minimum. If you want to take a month off, that's fine... but don't be surprised if the galaxy carries on without you! Having a maximum of one post per day ensures that all players around you will have a fair chance to contribute to the action, while still allowing the more active players to keep things moving at a good pace.
    3. You may not kill another player's character. Only they may choose when (or if) to die. Their equipment and NPC allies, however, are not protected by this rule (though the onus is on you to be tasteful and realistic about this - if your nemesis flies a beloved space transport, it shouldn't be blown to smithereens when you throw a rock at it... use your best judgement, and remember: the other players are watching.

    Star Wars: Tapestry has been running since December 5 2007, and in that time, we've seen many great players come and go. The game has previously had its home on two different message boards, and has now come to Pen and Paper Games (and you can check out our Wiki here)! If you have any questions about Tapestry, please ask them below, or come and join the group to learn more, and get started!
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