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Thread: Mutants and Masterminds IRC game

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    Mutants and Masterminds IRC game

    We are looking for 2-3 more players, for a PL 5 game.

    The setting is a Hero highschool, all the chars are young in there teens and are just coming into there powers, hense the low power level, the plan is to play to at minimum PL 15. There are no power restrictions other then the basic book restrictions for PL 5.

    The game times at the moment are Sundays, 4pm EST till around 8-9 EST. This game takes place in MIRC, Darkmyst, channel #rifts. The game times may be changeable toward the general players wants. If you are interested please post here and join in #rifts on Darkmyst, talk to either me or Zombie, who are almost always in the channel even if afk.
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