The Call of Cthulhu Down Darker Trails Catastrophe Engine Campaign continues.

Having learned the whereabouts of Jack Parker, the investigators head to southwestern Colorado, where he seems to be visiting the locations of his previous crimes for some reason. Between the towns of Canyon City and South Arkansas, they must spend a night in the apparently abandoned Inn of the Smiling Spirit. Will they survive Through the Night?

On October 28, the campaign continued with an older Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Edition scenario "Through the Night" by Leonard Wilson from Dungeon Adventures #29 with the help of "The Big Damn Book of Monsters."

The role playing journal of the game session is here:

Additionally, a playlist of seven videos of the game session, a highlights video, and the stream of the session are here:

Players were:

John Leppard as Lambert Otto (gunslinger)
Yorie Latimer as Professor Brandon Stalloid (scholar)
Ben Abbott as Jacali (Native American scout)
Whitney Ward as Lydia Fitzsimmons (prospector)
Kyle Matheson as Marshal Clayton Pierce (federal marshal)