When the small film company Tenebris Studio decides to send some actors, the director, and a producer to do location shots in Houston, Texas, they're able to book a Learjet fairly cheaply. Unfortunately, there's a much higher cost for those who get trapped within.

On October 28, I ran the original Call of Cthulhu scenario Fear Jet 1972 at the Appalachian State University Gaming Club Gamefest.

The roleplaying journals of the session are here:


Additionally, a playlist of six videos of the game session and a highlights video can be found here:


Players were:

Ryan Jones as Dennis Wrinkle (director)
Kyle Lewis as Sandra Denning (actress)
Abbie Waite as Janice Wyse (actress)
Xavier De Leon as Sandy Trix (actress)
Jonathon Griffith as Vic Johnson (actor)
Kurt Klesser as Carl Smalley (producer)