In November 1971, a group of people boarded a Learjet bound for Kansas City, Missouri, for a seminar, having been sent by the company they worked for. Unfortunately, this was no simple flight, but a trip into the unknown that would leave all of them terrified of the Fear Jet.

On April 1, I ran a one-shot Call of Cthulhu scenario for NerdCon 2017 at Appalachian State University. The premise was a group of people who work together were taking a Learjet to a seminar when something interfered.

The role-playing journals for the game session can be found here:

Additionally, a playlist of six videos of the game session and a short highlights video can be found here:

A couple of players had to leave during the game but were later replaced by two new people who came in so a couple of the characters ended up with two players.

Players were:

Alexander Lawson as Morty Finch (Clerk)
Alexander Rogers as Melvin Bell (Accountant)
Carl Cordini as Darryl Jefferson (Security Guard)
Bay Shuford as Anne Simmons (Switchboard Operator/Receptionist)
George Ekholm and Danielle Brown as Trevor Stevens (Middle Management Businessman)
Ambralyn Tucker and Drake Powell as Denise Thompson (Secretary)