Hi all.

I keep role playing journals of the games I've run scattered online. I think the addresses are in my signature but I'll post them here too.

Most recently, I've been playing in a Call of Cthulhu game taking place during WWI. Eric ran his WWI game again this past weekend and the terror continued, this time at an abandoned French Mansion. The journal entry can be found here:


A few things to note. This is my first major sanity loss for my character (and the first for me for playing ever as I usually am Keeper). Chararacters are:

Captain Christopher Reed, MD (me)
Lt. Anton Kemps
Eloise Smith - Volunteer ambulance driver
Nurse Felicity Adkins
Private Harold Olver
Corporal William Grimm
Jean Pierre Valois - reporter

The other location are for the rest of my journals and they are here:


These are in reverse order (for the most part). The Call of Cthulhu ones are in the correct order but you will have to put in "see all journal entries" to see all of them (there are more than the original 20).

Don't know if anyone is interested or not but if you decide to read them, I hope you enjoy them.

I'll post here as I post them.