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Thread: Dice Mechanics to Consider when Making Your Game

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    One of the pluses of this system came in the form of Deadlands Original (the 1998 version). You still rolled dice for a majority of the game, but you used a standard deck of cards (plus the two jokers) for magic, initiative, etc. It was also used in character creation. It can be used to great effect, like the SAGA system that TSR played with briefly for DragonLance 5th Age. That system used cards (special deck that came with the system) for character creation, resolution and so on. Since every player in 5th Age SAGA draws from the same deck, you play the cards that you can for certain skill resolutions. IE Strength for melee, Dex for ranged, that sort of thing. You had "trump cards," cards that would allow you to draw an extra card from the top of the deck. If you matched the symbol of the skill and card (IE a sword for strength), then you turned over the top card of the draw deck. The player then adds that card to the total. It works really well. So....I guess it depends on how you use them.

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    As is no surprise I am an inventor of games. I've created my own horror, fantasy, zombie, modern, sci-fi, futuristic, games with varying degrees of success. (Admitingly most of them bad. ) But my point is one of the hardest parts was coming up with what dice I wanted to use and why.

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