I know this has been addressed once already, though not in the proper place. But I wanted to take some time to look around a bit to see if I was missing something before mentioning it here. Of all the changes that have taken place (and I realize there is more work to be done and kinks to be worked out), what concerns me most is that all the threads for the various groups are no longer found with those groups.

Farcaster, I know you said something about looking through the forums to find these threads, which is what I've had to do. But, in the past, in order to look at these threads, say for example my play by post, all I had to do was click on the icon for the group (either in my profile or under the Groups tab up top) and everything for that group was right there. Now, when I click on it, I find only the sections for pictures, events and discussions - but no threads. Everything I have for my play by post is in the threads section, which means that I have to search for it in the Forums, making all the groups and their icons, pretty much obsolete.

I even have one group that I have not been able to find in the Forums (though I can still access it in my groups - again minus the threads). I'm assuming this is because it has not been posted in in a very long time, which means it's not all that relevant. But still, it saddens me that I no longer have any access to the threads there, nor can I add to the threads there.

Is this something that can be fixed? And am I the only one who has experienced this problem? I've been looking around and have yet to see anybody else bring this up. Truly, I can live with the other problems/changes (and I guess I can live with one as well), but this is the one that, as I've said, concerns me the most.