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Thread: List o' Problems with the changes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deck of Many Things View Post
    Um, hate to say this, but at least on my browser (old version of IE, no it's not practical for me to upgrade or switch, and yes it actually still works for everything else I need,) the site's pretty much unusable now. The white background within the boxes is bad enough on the eyes, but the background outside them is corrupted entirely, a lot of text appears on top of other text/bordering, buttons seem at least partially graphically corrupted (the shading looks unintended and ugly,) etc. The sheer number of problems look too pervasive to fix, and the old software worked fine... so if the new software stays most likely I'm going to need to find another site. Just posting this was a bit challenging...
    By corrupted, I imagine that you might be referring to the problem that IE 6 doesn't handle transparent PNGs and such. Also, as Tesral mentioned, it doesn't support a number of stylesheet options. There's really nothing to be done except upgrade. The web is finally leaving IE 6 behind, and this site definitely is. It is an ancient piece of software that never worked all that well and developing a site to work both on IE6 and other browsers is a nightmare for many reasons besides just stylesheets.
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    hmmmm. i confess that the white background portions will be challenging in certain circumstances. i would add my vote to having it changed, were such a poll taken up.

    also, i am displeased that it nixed my profile settings, but i imagine that the new soft would not import the old soft. i'll go poke at them again and see if i can remember what they were. *time passes* or i can just copy them back from my blog settings. ^^

    btw, when i click on the blog tab in my profile, i get a big... nothing. utter blank. however, actually going to my blog seems to work fine.
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    I think someone might have mentioned this already, but...

    On the 4 main computers I use (Each of different moniter size) 3 of them won't see the "Groups" tab form the homepage because it's hidden under the search bar. The 4th one is a widescreen but it can see (and click) it just fine.

    The screenshot I took of the issue apparently doesn't want to show it's face in the thread (won't let me put it in the post from this computer) so I'll do it later.

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