Hey all,

After a bunch of consideration I have come down to Savage Worlds vs Unisystems to run a SpaceWestern game.

My concern right now is what system will handle normals with tech.

My concern is that the troupe is coming off of a DnD 4.0 game with lots of flash and combat dynamics. Although I want to run a much more story driven game.. i dont want it to seem flat for the troupe because of dnd 4.0 flashy combat.

Also ive never really ran a normals game so Im looking for input on how to reward players. Im guessing tech or contacts are the way to give players something to shoot for without new abilities or spells or such.

So my troupe is of low to moderate experience. I am running a normals in space game and i need to be exciting and dynamic.

Which of the 2 systems is best?