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Important facts and tidbits
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Thread: Important facts and tidbits

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    Important facts and tidbits

    I already put some stuff in the OOC post about this, but here is a place where we can jot down notes that we don't want to get lost in the 100's of posts in the OOC and AA threads.

    my contribution:

    matchless gang no likey church of champion. Brigands and thieves they are. However, the church also attacked us, so who knows who is good and bad.

    Two matchless gang members exited the bookstore before we first met Duvek.

    Matchless gang members were mainly avandrists as is the magus (apparently).

    Hieromonk second-in-command at church and wants his daughter taken out of the temple secretly. She may refuse, but it is Karu's charge to do so. Acquaintance of Nemzpan, and decided to not go on his expedition to Lake Izzmarg. Finally, he was field testing weaponized dolls like the one we fought with the magus (which had avandra's symbol on it)

    Izzmarg Fortress- ruins up in mountains, highlands N of Beiston, follow east of the Izzmarg Flow (a tributary of the main river)

    Duvek is bookstore runner, polon is his son, polon is also an apprentice of the magus, and frommizenthrop (sp?) is a messenger for weary (the ghost librarian).

    Polon set off to try and stop the Twilight's Tryst (maybe) and seems to have formed a warlock's pact.

    The teleportation room needs a key word (which we found) and components (which are in the closet)

    Eirin Tuwi was a fey creature part of the unseelie court (evil feywild court) who demanded a sacrifice of a fey being (poor myn) in order to help the magus perform the Twilight's Tryst. Might have to deal with her directly.

    Waselawa was an ancient bard and is an ancient omen of doom for the mound. Mostly superstition from my assessment, and not to be dealt with directly.

    Rogur was on a ship that was transporting sensitive material (a very heavy chest) that Cresta (possibly alive) and the magus attacked to recover the item.

    Radimoth is a Torog follower and the current Vogt.

    Heguman (main dude from church) is dead.

    Heiromonk was supposed to raid a gambling joint of the matchless gang. Unknown status, but daughter is unaware of his location too.

    Church's responsibility to guard Montane (large forest area to NE). It is dangerous and houses spirits. A halfling asked Duvek about the deep woods or the montane and went there. Morgran has info regarding the temple's association with the Montane, but it mainly concerns Myn.
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