Oghma 8-9, Hollow Leg Tavern-The group got in a little after dusk and asked skrit about Turner who said that he went off with a group to a village that had been located in the center of the first valley. A voice asked about how the group knew turner. it turned out to be a priest of Talos named Baldric and he asked some questions and also failed to answer some of the groups questions.

Another person came in and it was obivious that he was staring at Adora. He eventually met her and hit it off in conversation. His name is Alvan. Gargrim insulted him and a slight arguement ensued between Adora, Gargrim and Gem. The night passed by.

In the morning the group prepared to leave. Alvan was asked to go with the group. Gem tested hiim and found that he had some magic capability.

Oghma 8-Borderland Gap. The group finds a artist to sketch out what the man that they know as Joshua so that all remember what he looks like. They meet oben and meet a monk named Kazaam who knows of Turner.
The group meets with Dorian about a man whom they know as joshua whom they find out is also named turner and works occasionally for one of Hausman ranches around border gap. The group leaves to go back to the Hollow leg Tavern as they find out that he also does some things there.
On the journey to the hollow leg, they run into a elvish druid named Karn who was unfortunately treed by a pack of wolves. The group rescued him and continuned to the tavern.