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January 11, 2010: Cold Comfort


As you've likely noticed by now, we're back from our little break at the end of last year. Computers are on, phones are ringing, printers are a-printin'. But if you'll indulge my love of metaphor a moment, we'd like to hit the snooze button to grab "just five more minutes." Oh, we'll have a new PDF up for you soon enough, rest assured. For now, though, we've got a past blaster for you.</p>

GURPS WWII Classic: Frozen Hell has been put up for sale on e23 while we recover from our long winter nap. It's the definitive how-to book for pitting Finns against Franz. It covers their triumphs and tragedies, offering a nifty alternative to the forces you usually see attached to WWII gaming. Given the current time of year, I think it's also a cute joke on the part of the person who schedules our PDF releases.</p>

So there you go. Something old today, and the promise of something new tomorrow. Probably. Maybe. Just five more minutes?</p>

-- Fox Barrett</p>