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December 1, 2009: Suburbane Humor

I have a question. Okay, so the newly released GURPS Thaumatology: Urban Magics is all about magic in cities, wizards playing with magic in cities, how cities affect magic, how magic affects cities, what magical entities live in cities, and just a whole big mess of neat city-related magic stuff. It's about all the neat magical adventures you can have away from all those scary trees and caves. It is a decidedly above-ground experience.</p>

So if that's the case . . . does that mean all the Dungeon Fantasy books are about suburban magics?</p>

(Please feel free to send all angry e-mails, court orders, and ticking packages to Paul! He makes me write these, so in a way it's all his fault, right?)</p>

-- Fox Barrett</p>