The Realms of Terrafynn is a D&D 3.5 Campaign Setting of my own creation, with the help of my few but loyal companions. The world is plenty play worthy but far from completion.

That is where you come in. Join our battle with the flighty muses whom have forsaken us and aid us in the struggle to give birth to more than just a setting, but an entire world!

The Terrafynn Crew is looking for dedicated players and GMs alike whom are interested in helping play test and/or develop this new world. Fear not, we are not asking that you help us start from scratch. As I had said, the world is plenty play worthy.

So far we've developed:
6 Player Races
3 Starting Classes
4 Prestige Classes (more in production)
A World Map (Completion is Nigh! Locations decided, Cartographer needed)
A Pantheon (Under re-construction regretfully)

Those interested please feel free to contact me. My contact information is located on my profile. My phone number is:
(801)593-6109 Just ask for Cory or Xan. Either way, the phone will get to me. Please keep in mind my timezone is "Mountain Time", so try to call at a practical hour.