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Thread: 2 Groups 2 games, Southern California

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    2 Groups 2 games, Southern California

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    We have a very serious Friday night group that has need of 1-2 players for 2 evil campaigns. This is not generally PVP game, it does require notes and there are politics. Knowing when someone more powerful then you is ready to kick your A%% if you don't acquiesce is a must. This is a high level (16) campaign with very powerful enemies and allies. There is a lot of AD&D flavor to this 3.5 campaign.

    The other is a low level Drow campaign. This is a high powered low leve campaign set in the underdark. It is only a few sessions old and we have gotten our hinies handed to us twice. D&D 3.5.

    Also we are just getting characters ready to start a Spycraft 2.0 campaign. We need 2-3 players for this and an alternate GC would be good.

    Newbees welcome...

    Our meet-up site is

    We meet in the West San Fernando Valley / Canoga Park area.

    Check it out.

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