The Eastern Expanse

Welcome to a massive, interactive D&D experience. A sandbox-style campaign styled on the "Western Marches" model, you play an adventurer living at the edge of an inhospitable frontier. To the east you will go, searching for riches and uncovering ancient lost ruins of past civilizations. It is a lone point of light set against a raging sea of darkness.

The gaming frequency in this campaign is somewhat unique. Players register on the gaming forums ( and make a call for adventurers, gathering a party and mounting an expedition into the wilds. The players control exactly when and where they go, striking out into the vastness of the east. Once a party is assembled, a DM is called on (there are multiple DM's in the campaign) to adjucate that specific session. In this way, players will be able to game exactly how often they want with no hindering commitements to a regular schedule.

The expanse is a living, breathing environment. What one group of adventurers does in a session affects everything around them. There are pockets of extreme danger and isolated caches of fabulous wealth. It is a dangerous, but rewarding landscape where only the strong and the smart survive. Rumors will pass around the myriad host of players. One group may find a treasure hoard and relate its location to their brethren in arms, or hide such information for themselves. There is a communal map of The Expanse, where players share information about their discoveries and provide new locales for adventure. The ennui and lack of direction of typical sandbox campaigns is also addressed; as players are semi-competitive, always striking out to find the treasure hoards and items of legend before their competition does.