Our group of players (ages 31-35 or so) is looking for another player/DM. I am currently the DM of the group and work/life is making it harder and harder to adequately prepare for game sessions. I would like to find a player that has ambitions to DM a 3.5 game, but also enjoys playing as we might do round robin eventually.
My group is what you call a beer and pretzels group. We play bi-monthly on Saturdays starting at 2:00pm and play until we had our fill (usually about 6-8 hours). We enjoy about a 50/50 mix if role-play and combat. We currently have 4-5 players and a DM. We play at my house and will be shortly moving the game out to my 12'x16' shed I have been working on just for us to playing in. We as a group make it a habit to meet the people we play with in person prior to games as to get a feel if they will fit in with us (we had some bad experiences in the past with D&D meet-up lol). Feel free to E-mail me with any questions.

In pursuit of the game,