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Thread: All-in Games Closing

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    All-in Games Closing

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    I stopped by All-in Games (in Broken Arrow) today and talked to the owner (Todd) and he let me know that he is going out of business; and that his store will close on Oct. 30th, a mere six days from now!

    I was very sorry to hear that he was closing, as I have spent a good deal of time in his store and having gotten to know Todd a little in doing so. Especially since his store is only about six blocks (wagon ride distance for my son) from my house and on the way to, and from pretty much... everything. I often found no good reason all to just stop by and hang out. It always sucks when a store closes because of the loss of possible gaming contacts, gaming and everything else that goes along with your FLGS. But these are apparently tough economic times.

    As such, he is trying to unload all of his merchandise to reduce his debt. So everything is 40% off.

    Rumor also has it that the Original Game Shop over on 51st and Mingo will be closing when his lease ends at the end of December. This is just a rumor. I was planning on going over there sometime soon so I'll ask Ben about it next time i'm there.

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    Sorry to hear that. the local gamer supply is a cool item, and when they can't stay in business really stinks.

    On the other hand, if there were books ye were thinking of, now is the time... lol..
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    Yeah.. it's tough. Where I live there was a guy who tried to make a go of it by just selling comics plus some WOTC stuff (4th edition + figs). Needless to say, he didn't last long for several reasons. His store was too small and didn't offer enough gaming space. No billboard to post games. No hours - He wasn't around enough and didn't hire any help. Not enough product and too focused on just comics and there were other stores in the area.

    It's near impossible to make a go of it as it is... competing against everyone that is on the net that is, but you are really dead in the water If you try to open a store against established competition. If you want to open a store, you have to be in an area with a massive need for it and no competition. you generally need to be the only gaming store for miles around with access to at least 100,000 population & up, up, up.

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