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January 23, 2007: Stakeholder Feedback

My thanks to everyone who gave feedback, in the forums or elsewhere, on the Report to the Stakeholders.
The recurring questions were:
"OMG what if Munchkin is just a fad?" Well, its sales pattern so far has not been that of a fad. It didn't become our top seller overnight; it built up over the course of years. That's a far more comforting pattern for the long run, and makes us feel confident that, even if it peaks tomorrow, there won't be a rapid decline. And so far there's no sign of peaking (cue cheers from the audience). But, at any rate . . . if Munchkin sales slow down, we'll put more time into other things. Truly, not a problem.
"PDFs just aren't as nice as hardbacks." This has not escaped our notice. Nothing that we publish generates as much "Oooooohhh!" around the office as a shiny new GURPS hardback. But it IS nice to be able to release a lot of GURPS material despite the constraints of hardback production.
"Will the Report to the Stakeholders be on a Fnordcast?" Yes.
-- Steve Jackson