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Thread: Character creation

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    Character creation

    We will be playing 2E not 3.5

    I am allowing any type of character, however any non-standard race or class must be approved by me. To roll up characters use 4d6 dropping the lowest number. I want to approve all final stats before you start detailing out your character. We will be starting at lvl 1.

    Don't know 2E? Don't worry. I can convert characters to it. I will be all the work and calculations, Your job is to have fun.
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    All characters must have a reason to be out adventuring and a driving goal.

    What made you hit the road?
    Why are you doing it?

    I would like you to have an end goal too, but it is not necessary.

    Where do you see your character in 5 years?

    do not post your character concepts.
    I don't want anyone to know what the other is playing.

    Use any standard 2E character sheet. Hit points will be maxed at 1st level. You may either Roll your money and buy your equipment or write up a minimum equipment list and take 10gp. You armor and weapons are free. All equipment is subject to my finial say.
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