When a sick young boy goes missing from the tiny northern Alabama town of Sanguis, the other children in town set out to find him. What they find, instead, is death and horror. Something has come to the town and is preying upon its citizens.

On January 21, 2018, I ran an original Call of Cthulhu one-shot called "What Rough Beast ..." for my regular Call of Cthulhu group.
The role-playing journals for the session can be found here:


Additionally, a playlist of nine videos of the game session (and a highlights video tomorrow) can be found here:


Players were:

Kyle Matheson as Theodore "Teddy" Sanderson (future author)
Austin Davie as Michael Slayton (future boxer/wrestler)
John Leppard as Richard Messer (future military officer)
Yorie Latimer as Billy Hicks (future gangster)
Ambralyn Tucker as Ella-Marie Slayton (future athlete)
Ben Abbott as Jebediah Pleasant (future antique dealer)