Only a week or so after dealing with the strange events of the wine and the circle of friends, several people from Providence, R.I., have some chocolates given to them by their friend Robert Ramsden. They find themselves transported to the Dreamlands ...

On April 9, I ran a Dreamlands game (for Call of Cthulhu) for my regular Providence campaign taking place in 1928. This time we played "To Sleep, Perchance to Dream" and "Lemon Sails," two short scenarios from the Dreamlands book.

The role playing journals of the game session can be found here:

Additionally, a playlist of seven videos of the game session and a highlights video can be found here:

Players were:

Ben Abbott as Joell Johnson (Union Activist)
Ashton LeBlanc as Evelyn Fairfield (Photojournalist)
Kyle Matheson as Willie "Skinny Leg" Ferguson (Charter Boat Captain)
James Brown as Frank Fontain (Occultist)
Ambralyn Tucker as Milo James (Alienist)
Katelyn Hogan as Suzanna Edington (Dilettante)