3.5ers, our precious fighter is under attack. Forry turned the fighter into a dramatic power channeler, with the help of Tome of Battle, to do cool things like...um, I don't know since I don't play 4.0. But I'm guessing there's crazy knockdowns, bedazzlements, slides, arm severage, bonuses to allies, marks (what the?), and other stuff that 3.5 fighter didn't get in the PHB.

Now our fighter has some cool stuff in addition to really fast attacking (best BAB progression and full attacks). Combat maneuvers are available (disarm, overrun, charge...). Feats, and the accompanying trees are there (whirlwind! Look out!). The best part about this stuff, 3.5 can use these maneuvers as many times as he wants.

But really, it's still just a boring old attack, right? So what if your 4th level fighter just attacked five locathah at the same time? Or he smashed his opponent's trident with one attack, and followed that up with a bloody stab? Is that as cool as it gets?