I am looking for a couple players for a Phaseworld based "gears in the machine" campaign . . .
The CCW - Consortium of Civilized Worlds - is backing a colonization fleet. A planet that supported the Free World Council (FWC) vs the Trans Galactic Empire(TGE) ( at the behest of the CCW) ended up on the losing end, generating several thousand refugees. Several hundred joined up with the FWC, the remainder sought restitution in a new homeworld. The CCW with information from their Exploration corps found a suitable region beyond the edge of CCW space. Assisted by many sources a colonization fleet is formed up, utilizing "merc" / free-agent spacers, prospectors and the like. The payoff for those helping out are new areas to prospect or the ability to get their foot in the door, or even land. The fleet a'la 80's Battlestar Gallactica - is enroute. This fleet in composition is almost a space going city.
Your role: The group is on a "decommissioned" frigate as part of the fleet getting assignments - being part of an advanced scout mission, defending the fleet vs pirates, or conducting fleet business. You could be piloting a fighter or a shuttle. As the mission develops you might find yourself defending the ship you're on from a boarding party or even manning gunnery, if you're not flying. There will be the possibility of situations that would allow for acts of heroism. You will be responsible for your own destiny.

Thanks, Jim