Feeling a longing to be home again once more before leaving for a potentially long while, Ertryd leaves the chamber and heads toward the main stead. She ponders the events of the day, as she walks the dimly lit tunnels of the Duegar settlement. She feels as though she has gained some maturity after the choices and small adventures of the past few hours, and she is more confidant and has taken away some lessons on diplomacy.

Her father would be proud of what she has accomplished this day. Ertryd craves to hear praise from his mouth more than any other in the settlement, as she has always taken after him, at least where she didn't take after her grandmother. Coming to the well-lit tunnels of the main stead, she feels great joy with a tinge of bittersweet sorrow. She is ready to pass from childhood into adulthood, and she will be away from her family and the comfort of home for longer than she ever has been before. Yet her journey is all-important, not only for the good of the stead, but also to allow her to grow and mature. She can never fully achieve the greatness of her grandmother if she doesn’t come into her own. Thinking on that, she subconsciously strikes upon a greater truth: that she must become her own dwarf, independent of even her grandmother’s image. Her conscious mind does not wrap around this truth yet, but the idea sits and grows within her.

As she comes to the set of rooms that her family lives in, she hasn’t yet resolved the tangle of her thoughts. She puts them aside, however, as she wants her farewell to her family to be meaningful and memorable. It strikes her that her family knows nothing of the events after the council, and the events are almost unbelievable, even to her, as she considers this. She will be leaving home for the first time in her life. That alone is hard to believe.

She once again shakes off the tangled thoughts before entering her home.