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Thread: Superstitions, share them if you got them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hoitash View Post
    Wait, wearing socks to bed isn't normal? Cuz I do that, too.
    I'm lucky with good circulation--knock on wood(wait, is nocking on wood a superstion? ). Even when i am buried with covers on a cold night, my feet are free of said covers in the cold to help me from getting my blood temperature too high. I guess it is fair to say that i am not diabetic--not suggestion anyone else is, of course.
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    I actually read an article a few years back all about this particular affliction (Coulrophodia, commonly used, but not an actual psychological term - thanks Google). It IS suprisingly common and usually stems from a bad childhood experience, in person or on TV. This doesnt necessarily have to be a creepy or evil clown protrayal like Stephen King's IT, Killer Klowns from Outer Space, etc... apparently their oddly painted visage and loud, outlandish behavior can be quite traumatic, especially to small children too young to understand whats going on. Damn that Bozo.

    Oh yeah, and as for a personal superstition (not really, more of a habit I guess) I tend to run up stairs, and when I do walk, I still have to take them two at a time for some reason...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Arch Lich Thoth-Amon View Post
    ...and i always thought we guys got in trouble for that.

    Hate to admit it, but with all i've seen in the world (cloaked entities, ghosts, and UFO's, oh my.), i have never been bogged down with superstition. Lucky me.

    I do have a friend, however, that fears clowns. If he sees one look at him, he believes bad luck will follow. I've never understood the clown thing, but it seems pretty prevalent. Anyone want to explain this to me, then be sure to list a superstition so as not to jack the thead.
    Oops, forgot to quote this at the top
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