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    Just for a moment lets all do the bump.

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    The party got together and reluctantly eyed the ten foot square raft. Somehow, it needed to get moved into the water. With a sigh, Dorgul and Jax took up positions opposite each other, and Lodal and Marsham moved to help.

    "Keep moving! That ache will go away when we get there and amputate your legs!" arshamSane] 6:28 pm: *pants*
        [MarshamSane] 6:28 pm: "it's too heavy guys!" Illumidan and Pieh struggle to move the boat, but between Jax and Dorgul, they managed to get the
    boat down the worn path to the river shore. dName] 6:32 pm: and Ulgoth sits like a Prince in a Carriage looking down the river, you can see the area becomes considerably more swampy. arshamSane] 6:34 pm: "yuck" he holds his nose to ward away the stronger 'swamp stink' erusedName] 6:34 pm: "AH! Smells just like home I say!" trikereternal] 6:34 pm: "Ready?" sune1842] 6:35 pm: "I hate boats, no where near as good as hard frozen trundra under your feet." MarshamSane] 6:35 pm: "as I'll ever be..." [strikereternal] 6:35 pm: Dorgul clambers into the boat[Pieh] 6:35 pm: "This shit is nasty"      [OverusedName] 6:35 pm: "Come, old grouchy Ladies await us, then, adventure!' they get in. Slowly but surely, the boat starts to move down the river strikereternal] 6:38 pm: "I'll steer" sedName] 6:38 pm: I'm just going to stand at the front like a Viking Leader, one foot on the edge of the boat,
    my hands at my waist, staring ahead. MarshamSane] 6:39 pm: I sit in the very middle
    [Pieh] 6:39 pm: Lodal is near the back, peering into the murky water
    [Jayzilla] 6:39 pm: As the boat slowly travels the middle of the river, you see that the river slowly widens. The growth on
    the riverbank becomes more and more thick until it's like a curtain of green At the same time, there seems to be more and more animal and insect life around you verusedName] 6:41 pm: "Beware of Swamp things. I hear of creatures that reach into a boat and pull out
    travelers, then feast on their bones." It seems liek as soon as you say that, the boat begins shaking
    [Jayzilla] 6:42 pm: Something starts pulling on the big oar that Dorgul is using to steer with
          [OverusedName] 6:42 pm: I jump away from the front of the boat, towards the middle. "Damn you foresight!" arshamSane] 6:42 pm: "I hate you so much right now."Pieh dars his crossbow and points in at the end of the oar verusedName] 6:42 pm: "I hate myself right now too." Dorgul curses sharply Jax stands, carefully, and pulls out his axe.
    [Jayzilla] 6:43 pm: The oar is jerked harder, almost out of dorguls reach (the boat is 10 feet by ten feet)
    [Pieh] 6:43 pm: "What are you doing Jax? Sit down!"
    [Jayzilla] 6:44 pm: (pieh, want to do an acrobatics check to grab the oar?)
    Pieh just barely manages to catch the oar before it is jerked into the water by an unknown creature. pieh keep his hold on the oar, but cannot wrest it from the jaws/claws/arms/ of whatever is
    underneath them Illumidan takes hold of Lodal I clamber towards the back of the boat, and aim towards were the Creature seems to be.
    "Everyone look out!" I say, then use Lance of Faith [Whenever I can use it, so whatever]
        [MarshamSane] 6:47 pm: noooooo [strikereternal] 6:48 pm: Dorgul continues to curse
    [Jayzilla] 6:49 pm: Ulgoths' lance of energy shoots into the water, releasing a hiss of steam
    YOU DONT LET GO!" The boiling water, screaming, and shouting manages to frighten away whatever it was, and for a
    moment, calm returns to the water trikereternal] 6:51 pm: "We'd better row fast"Pieh pulls the oar in and hands it to Dorgal
    Jax moves to the front of the boat to counter balance everyone else moving to the back, and
    keeps his eyes out to see if he can see anything moving in the water near the front.
    [Jayzilla] 6:52 pm: The raft continues down the river rikereternal] 6:53 pm: "Did we lose it?"
    [Jayzilla] 6:53 pm: the next few hours are rather uneventful, except for a lightly claustrophobic feel that pulls over the
    group. edName] 6:54 pm: "Ahh, I'm not good with Small spaces."
    [Jayzilla] 6:54 pm: (lol)
    [strikereternal] 6:55 pm: "Ah, hah! That's a good one!"
    [Jayzilla] 6:55 pm: Suddenly the bottom of the raft starts dragging on the bottom of the river as it appears to have gotten
    very shallow. The raft jerks unhappily to a stop, and threatened to dump the party into the water.
    Illumidan is thrown out of the raft and lands in the water. Soaked, he struggles to stand and finds
    himself waist-deed in the murky water      [OverusedName] 6:59 pm: "Now we smell about the same." Fortunately, the rest of the party manages to grab teh parcels of food and supplies to prevent anything essential from water damage trikereternal] 7:02 pm: "Hmph. We've run aground." Pieh] 7:03 pm: "What do you do to a boat when it runs aground?" OverusedName] 7:03 pm: "You pick it up" strikereternal] 7:03 pm: "Well, *you* probably don't pick it up..." he chuckles[Pieh] 7:03 pm: "OK. Big guy and Bigger guy. Do that, please." Jax and dorgul climb into the rather warm water. footprints in the river bottom release a rather mossy scent as they both strain to lift the boat of of the sandbar
    rikereternal] 7:08 pm: "MAybe you guys should get out"
    [Pieh] 7:08 pm: "Nah, we're ok in here."
    MarshamSane clings tighter
    [Jayzilla] 7:08 pm: Their staining pulls the boat forward a few feet, shaking it dangerously
        [MarshamSane] 7:08 pm: "nuh-uh." trikereternal] 7:08 pm: "The damn thing is going to flip" Pieh lays down      [OverusedName] 7:08 pm: "Get out you two lazy suckers." MarshamSane clings MarshamSane] 7:09 pm: its wet and smelly, and I am just now clean.
    [strikereternal] 7:09 pm: The goblin doesn't add much to the weight, so he can stay Pieh] 7:10 pm: "I cant get these boots wet, it'll ruin them."
    [strikereternal] 7:10 pm: "By the Hells, you two are a couple of babies"
    Pieh is actually rather well-dressed strikereternal] 7:10 pm: "Then stand on the damn sandbar" trikereternal] 7:11 pm: hahah
    [Pieh] 7:11 pm: "Sand... is wet,.."
    [Pieh] 7:11 pm: "OK OK," starts taking his boots off
    [strikereternal] 7:11 pm: Dorgul sighs and glares at the drow. "Take your boots off, hold them up and get out"
    MarshamSane fumes on the sandbar Pieh takes off boots and socks, rolls up pantlegs, and gets out The boat, considerably lightened, moves several more feet. Only the tail end is still caught on the sand bar. itsune1842] 7:14 pm: "After this, I am gonna need a bath. A very long one."
    [strikereternal] 7:14 pm: "Once more.." The boat glides off of the sand bar. suddenly the current seems to strengthen Jax trys to jump into the boat as it is caght in the current
    [Pieh] 7:18 pm: So does Lodal, from the side      [OverusedName] 7:16 pm: "Help!" rikereternal] 7:18 pm: "Damn it, I was afraid that would happen"
    [Jayzilla] 7:18 pm: Jax shakes the boat dangerously, but Lodal's counterwight on teh other side prevents the boat from
    [strikereternal] 7:18 pm: Dorgul leaps for the boat as well MarshamSane tries, knowing he will just faceplant, though Once Jax and Pieh clamber onto the boat, Illumidan and Dorgul try. The wizard clumsily coems
    close to tipping the boat with his jump, but dorgul prevents it from flipping before climbing on himself With everyone back on the boat, floating in the water, the boat continues down the river. Dorgul, newly soaked in swamp water, wipes sweat off his forehead and takes up the oar again The party sees a dim plume of smoke through the dense plant life As teh party floats around the bend in the river, you see a sturdy-looking peir sticking out about 10
    feet from teh bank. Another boat is tied up with a rather leavy-looking rope. strikereternal] 7:28 pm: "Lodal, want to do your thing?"
    ieh] 7:29 pm: "I - Oh, right. That thing."
    [Pieh] 7:29 pm: "Sure" As the boat passes the dock, lodal manges to grab it. strikereternal] 7:33 pm: "Uh, wait" trikereternal] 7:34 pm: "Oh"
    [strikereternal] 7:34 pm: "Never mind, well done" strikereternal] 7:34 pm: Dorgul climbs out and goes for the rope on the pier ayzilla] 7:35 pm: Lodal takes the end of the rope, and tries to pull the boat toward the dock, with Dorguls help MarshamSane is staring at them in fear of them fliping the boat
    [Jayzilla] 7:37 pm: Working together, the two of them manage to get the boat safely teid to the dock
    The party carefully took their packages and gear out of the boat and put it safely on teh shore
          [OverusedName] 7:41 pm: "Ah, Solid wood under my feet."
        [kitsune1842] 7:42 pm: Jax makes a snorting sound, and claps his hands together to kill some bugs MarshamSane is greatful to be outa the boat You cqan see the witch's hut at teh top of the overgrown dirt path Dorgul checks to make sure the supplies are all in order, and then starts up the path
    The party climbed the path, single file. dorgul in the lead, followed by ulgoth and Lodal, with Illumidan
    and finally Jax. The group came to the top of a hill, to what seemed like a natural clearing. However, the surrounding
    plantlife seems to hum with a faint trace of magic Suddenly a huge fireball shoots by teh party, following a very unhappy-looking dear
    [Jayzilla] 7:50 pm: you hear a battle-screech and suddenly a short, old woman with an angry-looking grin pops out of
    the trees, "Come back here you rat!" verusedName] 7:52 pm: "Is she hunting it?"
    [Jayzilla] 7:52 pm: With a screech, the animal is enveloped by flame and falls to the ground, evoking a triumphant cry
    from the old lady. "Ah HA! Kills em and starts cookin' em too." "But compleatly ruins the hide for other uses.
        [kitsune1842] 7:52 pm: Jax says deadpan.
    She walks by the party without a look. "Hupm. Skins. Do I look like a Drood or somethin'?" she
    mutters. After somehow picking up the entire deer, she starts walking to her hut. "Well, comon' in, you brutes, have a
    nice home cooked meal." MarshamSane follows her
    [strikereternal] 7:55 pm: Dorgul shrugs, not about to turn down the offer of food, and follows the old woman into the hut Jax follows as well, he has delt with crazy old women, he knows she is gonna be safe enough as long as your polite and don't contradict her.Pieh shrugs and follows
    Ulgoth folows, keeping his already small body as low as posisble, not wanting to have
    his face burned off As they all pile into the hut (20ftx20ft), the old lady already has the animal mostly skinned and is
    cooking with mage hand at the same time "Illumidan, Mam." ieh] 7:58 pm: "I am Lodal"
          [OverusedName] 7:58 pm: "I am Ulgoth, Madam." "I'm Dorgul. A friend of your nephew Theonath's." he explains, as she doesn't appear to
    recognize him "I am Jax." OverusedName] 8:01 pm: "Yes Auntie.
    [Jayzilla] 8:01 pm: And she smiles a crack-toothed grin "So, my good for nothing nephew sent you over?" And she lets out a cackle. "He always did like
    disturbing his old auntie with visions and visitors and the like. ieh] 8:03 pm: "We heard you requested us, uh, Auntie."
    [Jayzilla] 8:03 pm: At this point, she appears to be done cooking the deer. "Here you go, boys, take some food."
    "But we can talk business after this fine meal"
        [kitsune1842] 8:04 pm: "Thank you Auntie." JAx glares at Lodel and whispers, "Don't contradict, and stay polite."
    [strikereternal] 8:04 pm: Dorgul wastes no time in digging in
    [Jayzilla] 8:04 pm: With a nother cackle she says, "Requested you, eh? Is that what he told you?" she sniffs and says,
    I told him to send the 'weapons'" OverusedName] 8:04 pm: Ulgoth nibbbles at his food slowly
    Pieh digs into the warm meat, letting it push out the swamps chill
    [Jayzilla] 8:04 pm: When she mentions weapons, you see a spark of intellect and maybe... hunger in her black eyes
    Dorgul chews that one over for a little bit in his mind, while he chews the deer meat. The auntie picks up a chunk of meat and takes a few bites. After the party is done eating, she leaves the hut quickly motioning for them to follow her. "Come on, you, we've got work to do."
    arshamSane follows quickly.
    Pieh follows slowly
    [Jayzilla] 8:27 pm: "Come on, you, we've got work to do."
    [General Chatter]: Marley117 has entered at 8:27 pm
        [kitsune1842] 8:27 pm: Jax follows slowly, praying to the spirits that the woman did not poisen the Goblin's food.
    [Pieh] 8:27 pm: "Work? What kind of work?" His voiced tinged with suspicion
          [OverusedName] 8:27 pm: Ulgoth follows, praying that the woman didn't posion Jax's food.
    [Jayzilla] 8:27 pm: "If you're really going to try to get the third weapon, which.. you should want to, you're going to need
    some experience!" "Third weapon?"
          [OverusedName] 8:28 pm: [O really don't want to play anything more tonight, I'm really tired and am probably
    goinmg to bed after this.]
    [Jayzilla] 8:28 pm: I've done all teh foresight and such, and i'm sorry to say, but you just aren't in the right condition to
    go challenge that foolish young'un of a King
    [strikereternal] 8:28 pm: Dorgul looks to the others, a little confused
        [kitsune1842] 8:28 pm: (Jax and the Half Orc are hearty fighters, can dealw ith poisen, and the Drow...well Drow do
    that thing all the time so he has to have some kinda resistance. Only one to worry aobut is the Goblin)
    She pauses for a second. "You cads' didn't explain to Dorgul here about the weapons?"
    [strikereternal] 8:29 pm: "What have I gotten into?" Dorgul mutters under his breath
    [Jayzilla] 8:30 pm: With a grating sigh, she explains the basics. "They've found a few legendary weapons that should
    really be in a set of three."
    [Pieh] 8:30 pm: "It didn't come up, auntie"
        [kitsune1842] 8:30 pm: "Oh yeah, Dewgong friend, we found two of a set of three artifact weapons of some anchient
    [Jayzilla] 8:30 pm: "When you bring'um together, Something.. good happens. DOn't ask me what, but that's all the
    prophecy said." Dorgul shrugs. "Wouldn't mind gettin' my hands on a new weapon."
    [Pieh] 8:32 pm: "You're gonna have to kill a king for yours."[Jayzilla] 8:32 pm: "It's one of those blastedly vague ones that make you want to stab someone."
    MarshamSane] 8:32 pm: "woah, cool. an epic quest!"
    [Jayzilla] 8:32 pm: Anyways, I happen to know where a menelothian castle ruin is
    [Pieh] 8:32 pm: "Is it in the swamp?"
    [Jayzilla] 8:33 pm: "right in teh middle of the blasted swamp, if you can believe it."
    [strikereternal] 8:33 pm: "Heh."
    [Jayzilla] 8:33 pm: "Those menelothians really knew how to build. We couldn't do half the things they did nowadays
        [MarshamSane] 8:33 pm: "ugh..." : "Anyways, the place was built to contain some kind of a rift of some kind. Evil demons and planes
    and such jank." "Demons, Gods....Spirits is nothign ever simply this far south?"
    [Jayzilla] 8:36 pm: "So, since the keep was made at around the same time, I figure you can go in and figure some stuff
    out, you know, get a grasp on the situation." She cracks another wicked grin. "And if you could sesal up that rift while
    you're at it, well, that'd be blastedly convienent." "rift?"
    [Pieh] 8:37 pm: "Wizards, you listening?"
          [OverusedName] 8:37 pm: "Quite." [strikereternal] 8:37 pm: "Well, it's a far cry from kobolds." [Jayzilla] 8:37 pm: "It's a crack into some unhappy place. Don't worry about it, the Menelothians really managed to get the thing sealed up: to this day it isn't often something diabolical comes out."
    [Pieh] 8:38 pm: "With out luck we will arrive just before it's dinner time."
    [Pieh] 8:38 pm: *our
          [OverusedName] 8:38 pm: "One of these 'Diabolical' things wouldn't happen to be an Aquatic creature that can pull
    an Oar from a Half-Orc's hands, would it?
        [MarshamSane] 8:39 pm: "oh lord, this should be interesting"
    [Jayzilla] 8:40 pm: "Anyways," she continues while walking, ignoring the groups comments, "If you go in there and do
    me a favor sealing that thing, I'll make it worth your time. I've got all kinds of nice magical tidbits collected up over the
    years. And wheile you're at it, you can find out more about the guys that made those two weapons."
        [MarshamSane] 8:41 pm: "sounds damn decent."      [OverusedName] 8:41 pm: "Don't Swear!"[Pieh] 8:42 pm: "Sounds worth it"
    : "So how do we seal it?" Jax says as he steps a distance away from the Goblin just in case.
    [Pieh] 8:42 pm: "Probably a virgin sacrifice"
    [Pieh] 8:43 pm: "OR is that how you Open portals?"
    [Jayzilla] 8:43 pm: "well, it's not really how you seal it.... It's pretty sealed right now. The trouble is, some fool of a kid
    got convinced that he'll get a huge reward if he lets this demon back into the world."
    verusedName] 8:43 pm: "Then we go kill the kid?"Jayzilla] 8:44 pm: "That's exactly the idea. My, you kids are fast thinkers for such young'uns."trikereternal] 8:44 pm: "Oh, great."tsune1842] 8:44 pm: "Kill the kid? I thought vigin sacrafices were out? verusedName] 8:45 pm: "What is it with you and Sacrifices?"
    THe party goes over a hill, and suddenly you see ruins in the distance Pieh] 8:47 pm: "Where did this kid coem from? Is he a swamp dweller, or what?"
    [Jayzilla] 8:48 pm: "Well, I think what you city-folk would call him is a 'cultist.' don't ask me why though"
    [Jayzilla] 8:48 pm: "The damnfool is trying his hardest to open that gate, and he hasn't gotten wanywhere in weeks!
    Still, he's having enough of an effect that it's been disturbing the swamp-life. Pieh] 8:49 pm: "Is there just one? Cultists usually come in Cult.."
    "Maybe it's not a very popular cult"
    [Jayzilla] 8:50 pm: The Auntie cackles, saying "Well aren't you a funny one. He's got help, though I couldn't tell you of
    what kind or how many. I'm sure you five young'uns have enough energy to kill'em all though."
    [strikereternal] 8:51 pm: Dorgul nods itsune1842] 8:53 pm: Jax nods, "A few young cultists should not be too bad."As the party gets closer to the castle ruins, you see that great piles of shattered stone blocks and
    scorched timbers dominate the clearing, sprawling out from it's center to the edge of the swamp. no plants grow among the ruins or within the clearing, which is no small feat in the middle of the
    swamp. In fact, the ground here doesn't even seem wet. The ground is bare dirt, and although the forest has encrouched
    on the path leading here, it has not intruded on teh ruins of the ancient castle. However, someone or something has clearly tampered with the ruins. In teh center of the debris,
    stone blocks and timbers have been gathered into a pile. SOmeone has cleared a path through the rubble
    [Jayzilla] 8:59 pm: and pulled aside the wreckage to reveal a stone staircase. The staircase decends into the darkness.
    verusedName] 9:00 pm: "Into the Belly of the Beast."
    [strikereternal] 9:00 pm: Dorgul unsheathes his sword as they get ready to enter
    [Jayzilla] 9:00 pm: "Well," says the Auntie, "You guys go do your thing. I'll be back doing auntlike things and counting
    my gold." MarshamSane] 9:00 pm: "let roll." ieh] 9:01 pm: "Sounds good." And with a snap of her fingers, she disappears in a move that reminds you very much of her nephew
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    Dungeon crawling time!

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    4e reminders before major dungeon crawlage:
    There are two types of rests: extended rests and short rests. Short (5 minute) rests recharge encounter powers and allow you to use a healling surge. You cannot perform any action during a short rest, and if you don't take a short rest after using an encounter power, you do not get to use that encounter in the next encounter. Extended (6 hour) rests restore all hps, healing surges, and any used daily/encounter powers.
    entering a square with 'difficult terrain' takes 2 movement points.
    using an action point give you an extra standard, move, or minor action. You get another action point at the END of every second encounter.
    normal cover gives the person in cover a +2 situation bonus to all defenses, superior cover gives +5. In this dungeon, any unsecured bads and tables can be flipped over to grant superior cover.
    bull rush is a standard action, str vs. fort, pushes one space. If you successfully push someone next to a ledge, they get a saving throw immediatly.
    Jax stops as he reaches the dry dirt. He leans down and digs intot he gorund a little with his
    right hand before standing and letting the dirt he picked up blow away in the wind. "The spirit of the swamps does not
    like this place, or is kept from it by some force. This is not right, come we have a job to do and something to slay."
    Jax waits on the others, choosing to take up the rear as he is good on a charge and the Drow tends to be better at
    dealing with traps that may lie ahead of them.
    Striker Well, considering the rift inside this place.. I'm not surprised"
    "Unless its a landslide." overused
    [strikereternal] 8:10 pm: "The drow and I should go in front. Lodal, maybe you could go slightly ahead of me, keep an
    eye out for traps an' such."
    Kinghappo] 8:11 pm: "no, thats when mother nature decides something should not be wondering around...."
    Pieh] 8:11 pm: "Yeah. I'll go, let me deal with traps."
          [OverusedName] 8:11 pm: "I shall go in the middle. There are less traps designed for the person in the middle, more
    for those in the back of front!"rikereternal] 8:12 pm: "No, I think Illumidan in the middle."
    [strikereternal] 8:12 pm: "Standard doctrine. Mages in the middle always."
    [Pieh] 8:12 pm: "You're very wise for an ugly goblin."reternal] 8:12 pm: "Aye, he's right, but the mage is the one who needs such protection the most."
          [OverusedName] 8:12 pm: "Are you saying that all Goblins are Stupid!"ieh] 8:13 pm: "Just most" He says and turns back to the hole into darkness
    [Kinghappo] 8:13 pm: "Hey, I resent that... i can protect myself very long as i don't get hit..."
    [strikereternal] 8:13 pm: "That's the whole point."
    [Jayzilla] 8:14 pm: (so the order is Lodal (pieh) next to Dorgul(striker) followed by Ulgoth (overused) and
    illumidan(kinghippo), with jax in the rear?)
        [kitsune1842] 8:14 pm: Jax laughs, "Actually, I know of a rather good one that deals with the middle. Rather easy
    too, all it takes are a couple of large logs and a few ropes. Whom ever is up front trips the trap, and the logs slam
    together a few feet behind him right into his supoport...probably easy to do something like that with falling stones."kereternal] 8:14 pm: (Yes, except I want to stagger it slightly, so Lodal will be one square ahead of me.)
    [strikereternal] 8:14 pm: (so I'm one square back and to his side.)
    [Pieh] 8:14 pm: (What? No way! Lodal is behind you looking for traps)
    [Pieh] 8:15 pm: (I dont go as much as a full square ahead)
    [strikereternal] 8:15 pm: Dorgul sighs
          [OverusedName] 8:15 pm: "If it was logs, they would simply fall above my head, stones are more worrsime, but I
    doubt you would let me die."] 8:16 pm: "Alright then, we'll go side by side.."
    [Jayzilla] 8:16 pm: The morning turns slowly into afternoon. Standing in the clearing is becoming unnerving. No normal
    forest sounds, like insects and small animals can be heard.
    [Jayzilla] 8:17 pm: Even the trees nearby seem to be unnaturally still, and a chill settles into the adventurers bones.
    [Pieh] 8:17 pm: "Ok. let's go on in."m: "Ok. let's go on in."
    [strikereternal] 8:17 pm: "Time is wasting, we'd better get going if we want to stop this stupid cult."
          [OverusedName] 8:17 pm: "We could keep arguing all day."
    Pieh checks for entrance traps
    [Kinghappo] 8:17 pm: Looking around at the silence he starts to get nervous... "um guys... whatever the order, let us be
    rid of the dangers of the wilderness": After studying the staircase very carefully, you determine that there are no traps. The stairway
    decends roughly 25 feet and you observe dim light at the bottom of the steps.Pieh notices a goblin (j-11)- The goblin seems very well fed and strong for his kind. He's currently busy biting off the head of a rat,
    and not paying much attention at all to the front door.
    verusedName] 8:28 pm: I walk up to the Goblin "Hello, Brother." 8:29 pm: The goblin starts into attention, obviously suprised to see anyone apporaching him. zilla] 8:30 pm: "Hey," he squeaks in very rough common, "Wot are you guys up to?? Wot's the pass phrase! erusedName] 8:31 pm: I stare back dully rikereternal] 8:32 pm: "Wouldn't have lasted a week in the army..." trikereternal] 8:32 pm: Dorgul mutters under his breath edName] 8:33 pm: "Yes, we are, We are here to see Kalarel."
    verusedName] 8:34 pm: "And what if we are coming to see him to GET the Passphrase?"
    [strikereternal] 8:35 pm: (well, I mean is he looking at any of us that I can tell from watching his eyes)
          [OverusedName] 8:35 pm: "Then we will return and give you the passphrase after we get it." trikereternal] 8:37 pm: Dorgul waits for the goblin's response, hand on his sword
    [Jayzilla] 8:37 pm: The Goblin says, "They'll torture me if i let you past without the phrase!" he seems rather upset. he
    turns and yells behind him, "Oi! You lazy gits! People'r here!" OverusedName] 8:37 pm: "Happy now Dorgul? Proving that, like you said, all Goblins are stupid."
          [OverusedName] 8:38 pm: "Also, other Goblin, Dorgul is that one that was staring at me ernal] 8:38 pm: Dorgul hisses. "No time for your stupid games" as he starts to charge the goblin
    26 striker
    15 overused
    11 goblin warriors
    11 kit
    8 pieh
    7 goblin sharpshooters
    5 illumidan
    rats readied Dorgul followed quietly behind Ulgoth, stopping about 15 feet behind. as he readied for combat,
    suddenly the floor fell out underneath him, tumbling him into a pit!
    [Jayzilla] 8:50 pm: (make a saving throw dorgul tumbled into the pit. It appears that the squares with the pillars were a cunningly
    constructed pit trap.all squares with a pillar are now an open pit The pit is the home to a large number of rats. Surprised at the sudden objects tumbling from above, they swarm to a defensive position. Dorgul rose steadily, having been through much worse tumbles in teh past. Seeing the animal threat,
    he immediatly sprang into action before they could harm him. He leaped as high as he could, catching the rough walls
    of the pit and crushing a few rats in teh process strikereternal] 9:01 pm: Dorgul draws his sword with a growl
    Ulgoth quickly shot a lance of divine flame at the goblin, who sreiked and pressed himself against the
    damp wall. :07 pm: The goblin warrior, still shrieking, moves forward and attempts to push the goblin into the pit. illa] 9:11 pm: Ok, ulgoth falls prone.
    Jax grins as it becomes apparent that the fight is on. He grips his axe tight as it seems to
    grow thorns along the handel digging into his palms before letting out a blood curtling howel and charging the Goblin.
    Ending to the right of the goblin he swings, and in a feat of skill strikes at him agian with a recuporating attack. (Minor
    action activate axe's at will power to take 2 hp damage, Charge ending with a howling strike instead of a basic melee,
    ending at K-10, spend action point to take The goblin throws his spear out and finally stops squealing as teh slash slices across his chest
    Lodal masterfully steps behind Jax, and draws the attention of the goblin with a series of masterful
    strikes and stabs, slowly backing the goblin to the edge of the precipice.
    [Jayzilla] 9:31 pm: The goblin, seeing his doom near, throws himself onto the ground flat at jax and Lodal's feet Another quarrel flies out from teh darkness zilla] 9:37 pm: There appears to be another goblin crouched around the conrer in square i15
    po] 9:39 pm: Standard: Bad little goblin! [Empowering Lightning, Vs
    Reflex] It's time that you learn the error of your ways! 16 dmg : The goblin throws a grimy hand in front of him and steps back, nearly overcome by electricity.
    "You guys take care of that one." Dorgul hefts his greatsword and, ignoring the prone goblin,
    moves into the hallway to deal with the newcomers hits, 10dmg The goblin staggers from teh force of the blow, and looks very disconcerted.
    erusedName] 9:52 pm: I cast Lance of Faith again 12 ] 9:56 pm: The flame sears through the goblins' chainmail and blisters the things ugly head. (bloodied0
    Suddenly another goblin armed with a spear comes around a corner from the east, screaming a
    similar war cry, something about a demon. He stops at square m-8 and lets loose a javelin at jax.
    The goblin, who has obviously recieved some skirmisher training, hits jax for 5 damage The prone goblin quickly jumps to his feet and stabs his spear at jax. Wildy flailing, the spear does not connect.
    Jax takes an arrow at his shoulder and roars in anger, containing his rage he once more
    activates the power of his axe and then strikes again at the Goblin he has been fighting with an avalanch strike raining
    blows on him. : The goblin's blood sprays as jax throws aside his week defense and hacks repeatedly. The goblin
    slides to the ground with the minotaurs axe still embedded in his throat. Jax lets out a roar and uses the momentum of his strikes to propell him along to charge to M9 and attack the other govblin The goblin, not expecting the sudden assault, barely managed to move his spear into a guard
    The crossbow gob crits on Dorgul, and he gets stabbed for 8.
    "Hmm.... " Looking at the flanked goblin he believes that guy is covered, as a minor he charges
    his wand (+4 from empowering lightning effect, plus wand of accuracy +2) "Looks like it's time for the loooong bomb..."
    Eyeing the goblins way down the hall. The wizards burst of light sears both ranged goblins, bloodying one and surprising the other who
    thought he was safe behind cover. e1842] 10:30 pm: (ZZZZOT!)
    striker deftly stabs both goblins with a single swing. The bloodied goblin seems to droop as he
    looses his life-blood, but he still manages to hang onto life. Dorgul slits his eyes, calls upon a hidden reserve a power, and the slashes his sword right down the creatures' chest, cutting him open. reternal] 10:44 pm: "Cleric! I could use some help!" [OverusedName] 10:44 pm: "No."
    The goblin warriors head seems to be spinning with all the moving around Lodal was doing. He
    made a few futile stabs with his spear and finally committed to a blow as lodal took a second to stand still. hits for 4 dmg, Pieh] 10:57 pm: "You cut me! You little son of a turd pile, you will rue the day!"
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    11 goblin warriors
    11 kit
    8 pieh
    7 goblin sharpshooters
    5 illumidan

    the goblin looked off balance and did't focus on the huge minotaur standing next to him... an unfortunate
    mistake for him. Jax's sudden and vicious swing caught the goblin in the shoulder, opening up a gushing wound. The goblin screams as Lodal strikes a particularly vicious blow. The goblin crossbow grunt sees his friend being hurt and cry out at him. The goblin grunts at his compatriot and stabs at dorgul. Dorgul, enraged and bleeding from yet another location, chops wildly at the goblin's back as he turns to flee. The goblin squeals and runs to the east of his location. You hear a door slamming shut
    (I move to P7 with fluffy following me so i can keep an eye down that hall) You see a door to your east and a hallway going south with a long tattered curtain blocking your sight[Jayzilla] 7:48 pm: Through the scraps of rags you can see what looks like crates. Yeah, i hate curtians, scourching burst located centered on the curtain)
    [Kinghappo] 7:50 pm: "come out Come out, wherever you are!" ::with a snap i send hotfire towards the fabric
    [Kinghappo] 7:50 pm: ::
    [Jayzilla] 7:51 pm: oes that take an attack roll?
    [Kinghappo] 7:51 pm: it does a burst one so i'm just making sure there isn't anything i need to roll behind it
    [Jayzilla] 7:52 pm: Hmm, ok, your blast of fire hits the curtain easily, scattering rags and ash. The smell of scorched
    rags in the air is rather unpleasant. pm:
    Dorgul briefly considers the idea of pursuing the little bastard that just nicked him, but thinks
    better of it. Instead, he moves to rejoin his companions and take care of the remaining goblin. Dorguls reaping strike fells the goblin
    [strikereternal] 8:01 pm: Bleeding from several wounds and breathing heavily, Dorgul takes a moment to inform his
    companions that the other goblin fled to the east. Jax for a moment looks disapointed that he did not get to kill the goblin. "Well, then lets go
    and cut him down!" No." Ulgoth says, looking at him and Dorgul. "You will all sit down and let me
    administer proper care to your injuries." "Who is most wounded?" Ulgoth asks, going from combat to nurse mode, looking at
    them. "And don't stand, it makes your blood rush out faster, sit sit sit."
        [kitsune1842] 8:09 pm: Jax takes a moment to rest, let his blood cool and spends tow healing surges to regain 22 hp.
    [strikereternal] 8:10 pm: Dorgul glowers at the goblin, but holds off on delivering the tirade that he was going to deliver.
    Instead he just says, "Next time check with the group before you try to parley with the enemy."
        [kitsune1842] 8:10 pm: (Unless someone else has us dow somethign else or I get a couple of heals yeah)
          [OverusedName] 8:10 pm: "Except that without said Parley, we would have all been bunched up and have to charge
    at him, wihich would have ended with us all falling into the trap." "It doesn't change the fact that you ran off to do something without checking with the rest of the group. And had he noticed the rest of us, he would have sounded the alarm anyway." "Except that you don't know that, because he might have thought that you guys were also part of the group had the lie worked."
    Dorgul spits at the ground. "A drow, a half-orc, and a bloody minotaur? Likely."
    [Pieh] 8:14 pm: "Dorgul, no harm done. We got them all and we're still alive. Ulg has a point, if we tried to sneak, we
    would have fallen into the pit and alerted him anyway." OverusedName] 8:14 pm: "This is a Cult, not a Goblin Meeting."
    [strikereternal] 8:14 pm: "You think this was some kind of party? Like you'd just walk in and say we're not on the guest
          [OverusedName] 8:14 pm: "And you think the best way in was to just cut a bloody, gorey, swath through everything?"
    [strikereternal] 8:15 pm: "By the Hells, you're daft. I don't care about that. What I care about is you acting without the approval of the unit."
    illumidan It's not like alot will be changed, we could of walked in here bound and with the goblin leading us as if he captured us.... [OverusedName] 8:16 pm: "I can't Argue with Simpltons!" [strikereternal] 8:16 pm: "My old commander would've had your hide for that stunt."  [OverusedName] 8:17 pm: "Well I don't see him around, do you?" [strikereternal] 8:17 pm: "No, but if you pull something like that again I will damn well act in his place."
        [kitsune1842] 8:17 pm: "He is no warrior,, he is a preist. They work in words the way we do blades. He can't be
    exptected toa ct like a warrior." OverusedName] 8:18 pm: "Then you can try to get through this cult of blood-thirsty fighters without someone to heal you!"
    [strikereternal] 8:18 pm: Dorgul gets to his feet and turns. "Let's go hunt down that goblin, if he hasn't already ran back to his comrades."
    kitsune1842] 8:19 pm: Jax sighs, "Running off to do as he did without saying what he was doing was a foolish thing,
    but by no means desertion. We are people, not machines so let him think for himself. Now yes, lets go kill the bastard
    that got away."
          [OverusedName] 8:19 pm: "Agreed." Ulgoth says, pointedly staying several feet away from Dorgul
    [strikereternal] 8:19 pm: looks at the minotaur and said "At least one of you has a bit of sense."
    Jax moves to the door as quiet as possible and listens to hear
    you can't hear anything distinctive, it sounds like goblin voices in a large cavern
    [Jayzilla] 8:24 pm: when you're standing at the door, you can look down into room one c
    [Jayzilla] 8:24 pm: and you see some kind of a rustle
        [kitsune1842] 8:25 pm: Jax looks to teh others, gestures at the dead goblins and then mimics talking using his hand
    before giving a questioning look and nodding at the door. Dorgul nods, then gestures toward the room to the south and makes a throat-slashing motion.
    [strikereternal] 8:26 pm: He looks questioningly at Jax.    [kitsune1842] 8:27 pm: Jax grins and nods, gesturing tos ee if Dorgul wants to go first.
    illumidan ::grabs his wand and makes the "want me to make it go boom" international motion:
    [strikereternal] 8:27 pm: Dorgul nods and looks to the others, then begins to creep as stealthily as he can manage into room one c jax follows, Ulgoth sneaks silently behind Jax, holding his symbol in his right hand in square K-4.
    Ok, dorgul, you peek around the corner in time to see the door at f10 slam shut. He starts to move toward it, avoiding the rubble.Going to listen for any sounds on the other side, espeically goblin voices
    Jax moves to follow behind Dorgul staying just behind himJayzilla] 8:40 pm: Dorgul has his ear up to the door when he suddenly hears a loud scraping noise directly from teh other side. "Barricade" Dorgul whispers to the others, and looks to the minotaur. Jax grins and gestures to the others if the want him to break the door? I'm taking the dor off
    [Jayzilla] 8:44 pm: the hinges are on this side ;p
    [Kinghappo] 8:44 pm: ::after hearing some scuffleing behind him instantly he turns around::: Company!!! ::launches a thunderwave towards the scuffleing:: the explosive magic frightens the injured goblin enough that he prostrates himself and creis 'please don't killll meeeeee' kitsune1842] 8:51 pm: (Hmm, I can double move and end up at L-10....hehe stand looming over him.)[Kinghappo] 8:52 pm: (wand trained on him and i will approach to make sure he doesn't get too far)
    trikereternal] 8:52 pm: "Maybe we should have the cleric interrogate him."[Jayzilla] 8:53 pm: "nooo, nice oo-mans no hurt mee......" his squeals are nearly unintellegable. rikereternal] 8:53 pm: "We've got other threats running about right now, though... I don't know if we can afford the time
    to deal with him."
          [OverusedName] 8:53 pm: Ulgoth shrugs at Lodel and waves goodbye, then trudges his way towards the Half-Orc.
    "Did you call me?"
    [Jayzilla] 8:53 pm: The party approaches the goblin while Illumidan watches him with his wand ready
    [strikereternal] 8:53 pm: "If they are aware of our presence they may be organizing a counter-attack."
    ULGOTH! GIT IN HERE!" Jax bellows out as he realizes its time for words not cutting
    things into small peices. "And you! Who do you think your calling an Ooo man!"
    [strikereternal] 8:54 pm: Dorgul turns to Ulgoth. "Got you a friend." The goblin is overjoyed to see one of his own kind and starts bawling erusedName] 8:57 pm: "What are you doing in this horrible place little one?" Jax just growls a little at being called human and plays bad cop to Ugoth's good cop.
          [OverusedName] 8:59 pm: Ulgoth gestures Jax away "Not neccesary, hes already scared enough. What is Balgron doing?"
    Were were all happy, living in a cave like goblin should, and suddenly dark stranger came and gave
    balgron a huge gem.... then he force us all to leave to this dark scarey place."
    [Jayzilla] 9:00 pm: (what room are you looting pieh     )
          [OverusedName] 9:00 pm: "I can forgive no one that would force you out of your caves. I am sure you liked your
    Caves a lot didn't you, and you want to go back, right?"
    [Jayzilla] 9:00 pm: "Dark guy gave balgron gem so he'd guard this stupid room....."
    [strikereternal] 9:00 pm: "Where's the drow off to?" 9:00 pm: "Dark guy gave balgron gem so he'd guard this stupid room....."
    [strikereternal] 9:01 pm: Dorgul returns to room one-C and goes to rejoin Lodal, so he's not by himself in case anything happens
    Lodal pockets the gold and gem quickly and walks up through to room one with the flask
    [Jayzilla] 9:02 pm: The goblin continues crying, "Me jsut want to go home to cave and eat rattsss.. don't kill." Ulgoth"Did Balgron take your whole Group with him from the cave, or did some of them stay behind?" The little goblin sniffs and wipes his nose. "No, not all.. the old one stayed. Balgron only brought the
    young and greeedy goblins usedName] 9:05 pm: "Then why don't you hurry back home?"
    [Jayzilla] 9:05 pm: the goblin nods and runs toward the door as fast as he can
        [kitsune1842] 9:05 pm: "Where isBalgron, and where is what ever you were guarding?"
          [OverusedName] 9:05 pm: "But, before you do, you need to draw us a Map, and give us any passwords this place
    might have, okay?" Pieh] 9:05 pm: Walks into Room one "What's up, guys?"
    [Pieh] 9:06 pm: from the south he stops and points to the west. "Tha was balgron.... and torture." He points to the east. "That way
    for digging, gems." he points to the south. "That ways where the dark man went.. you doan wanna go there."
        [kitsune1842] 9:07 pm: Jax looks at Pieh and shrugs, "Gobs forced here by fat one, bribed to keep guard. Find any
    shinies?" OverusedName] 9:07 pm: "Alright, you can go, and make sure to tell your people not to accept any jewels from
    strangers anymore, okay?"[Pieh] 9:07 pm: "Nah, nothin, just this flask"Pieh swishes the liquid around. verusedName] 9:08 pm: "May I see? Also, Jax, you and Ladel should go to the East, there seems to be a Mine that way, probably plenty of Shinies." Ulgoth says, looking at the liquid.
    trikereternal] 9:09 pm: "What did he say about the west and the south?" Dorgul asks, having noticed the goblin
    pointing in those directions[Jayzilla] 9:09 pm: the flask is pitted and scarred glass, but appears full and without leaks OverusedName] 9:10 pm: "West is...Balgron and Tourture, and the South is 'The dark Man', the one who pulled them out of the caves in the first place. Apparantly, they don't go that way."trikereternal] 9:11 pm: "Balgron?" OverusedName] 9:11 pm: "He was their Cheif. He was given a Large Jewel, and told to guard...Something. Only the
    Young and Greediest of the Goblins are here."
    Pieh opens the flask and sniffs the liquid
          [OverusedName] 9:13 pm: "DON'T DO THAT!"[Pieh] 9:13 pm: "Huh?"      [OverusedName] 9:13 pm: "What if its posion you fool?"[Jayzilla] 9:13 pm: The flash smells like a strong alcohol.[Pieh] 9:13 pm: "I'm not gonna DRINK it."verusedName] 9:13 pm: "Do you have any IDEA how many chemicals there are that can kill you in a single
    Breath of it?"[Pieh] 9:13 pm: "Well, it's just booze." [Pieh] 9:14 pm: "Illumidan is our booze expert, wanna try it, Illum?"
    [Kinghappo] 9:15 pm: ::gives the fonzy pose::: Ehhh...... i'm always game for a drink...
    [Jayzilla] 9:16 pm: You think it's a strong dwarven drew
    [Jayzilla] 9:17 pm: probably several centuries old and valuable to the right collector
    trikereternal] 9:12 pm: "No doubt we have a meeting with this dark man, but I think we should check out whatever he's guarding first. It must be important."
         Kinghappo] 9:13 pm: Comon, goblins guarding something important? this says wrong any many languages to me guys...[ [OverusedName] 9:14 pm: "Goblins are very good Guards, Thank you. If you give us rats to eat, we will guard just about anything."
    OverusedName] 9:17 pm: "It would be wise to split our group. Jax and Dorgul can come with me to speak to the
    Goblins, and Ladel and Illumidan can go check out the mine, then we could meet back up and inspect the rift."
    [Pieh] 9:18 pm: "Why are you taking the heavy hitters? I want Jax with me, we work well together."
    [strikereternal] 9:18 pm: "We shouldn't split the group."
    [Kinghappo] 9:18 pm: ::smiles and recaps it:: It's.....alright... ::memorizes the taste so he can use it with
          [OverusedName] 9:18 pm: "Because your going to a Mine, we are going to a guarded area."
          [OverusedName] 9:18 pm: "If we do not split, we are increasing our time by two."
    [strikereternal] 9:18 pm: "If the goblins are more numerous than they were here, we could have a tough fight on our
    [Pieh] 9:18 pm: "Alright, Illum, let's load up on gems," Jax snorts, "Why not jsut sto the dark man and dealw ith the rift then clear everyone else out
    when we are done. Shinies and all." strikereternal] 9:19 pm: "Because I want to know what these goblins are guarding."
        [kitsune1842] 9:20 pm: *Why not just stop the dark man and dealw ith the rift.... red at 9:20 pm
          [OverusedName] 9:20 pm: "Jax, while I agree your plan is good, we don't know what taking down the rift might do. It
    might collapse this entire temple down onto our heads, and then we wouldn't get any Shinies." itsune1842] 9:21 pm: "Fine, then lets take teh gobs, then the mine, then if the damned wizard has not opened the
    rift yet kill him."      [OverusedName] 9:21 pm: "Alright. Then we won't split up."[strikereternal] 9:21 pm: "Agreed."[Pieh] 9:21 pm: "Fine with me."inghappo] 9:22 pm: The more meatshields that i have in front of me the better...
          [OverusedName] 9:22 pm: Ulgoth motions to the West, then starts walking. "Try to stay out of site as much as
    possible. I want to see if we can't get through without having to kill every member of my species here." strikereternal] 9:24 pm: "Well, considering how scared that goblin was of Balg-whatever, I think they will fight" kitsune1842] 9:24 pm: "Unless we cut the fat goblin in half." Jax grins as he takes up the rear again and follows behind the others. the corridor widens into a long, narrow chamber. Doors are set in the northern and western walls and
    double doors stand to the east. Faint bloodstains streak the floor between the eastern door and teh norrthern door the room ahead is empty and you don't immediatly notice any secret doors, only the bloodstains on teh floor
    . ieh] 9:33 pm:East QUIETLY!
    [Pieh] 9:33 pm: just me and ulg are going
    [Pieh] 9:33 pm: "We will yell if things attack us" lodal and ulgoth creep up on the eastern door from the north your hear a hiss, like steam. ghappo] 9:38 pm: kick that bad boy open and thunderwave the first thing we see, theres nothing here that i'm trying to rescue right? OverusedName] 9:40 pm: "Sounds like steam." Ulgoth whispers to Ladel. "You think we should check it out now or later?" Pieh] 9:42 pm: "Later is fine." OverusedName] 9:43 pm: "Alright., lets head to the east." He says as he slowly ceeps closer to the door. Lodal nudges teh door open, and it slides open without creaking. WHoever made this castle surely knew how to make a good hinge.
    ayzilla] 9:45 pm: You see in front of you a 20 foot hallway
    [Jayzilla] 9:46 pm: that opens into a room you cannot see all of. There's a curtain at the far end
    [Jayzilla] 9:46 pm: 40 feet from you.
    [Pieh] 9:46 pm: Close the door quietly, "leave that one for now"
          [OverusedName] 9:46 pm: "Right. Steam then?"
    [Pieh] 9:47 pm: "yup"
          [OverusedName] 9:47 pm: "Its all yours."
    [Kinghappo] 9:47 pm: :    outs:: ::whispers:: but i wanna burn the curtains! Lodal moves to teh north door, lays on the floor, and peers under the door. You see the glow of a fire and at least one thing moving around. It doesn't seem like it's a goblin. trikereternal] 9:51 pm: Dorgul twiddles his thumbs
    [Pieh] 9:51 pm: "Ulg, go get the group" Lodal says as he hides off to the side of teh door "Right." Ulgoth walks quietly to the group, then waves them over when they can see, motioning to be quiet and sneak.
    Dorgul 24
    ulgoth 22
    Xbows 20
    illumidan 14
    warr 10
    Lodal 9
    Fiend 4
    Jax 3
    Dorgul raises his blade and charges into the room, going after the closest he sees, which is the unfortunate spear goblin standing close to the door[strikereternal] 10:07 pm: Roaring a battle cry, he unleashes a powerful swing, but misses. Ulgoth holds his hand aloft, and bolts of magic shoot from his fingers, towards the Target the Half-Orc attacked. Lodal leveled his hand bow at the goblin but the bolt must have been slighjtly crooked in the chamber,
    for it pinged off the door.
    Jax moves forwards axe in hand around the table straight for the great big fiend. (Ending at
    Q-11) With a howel of rage and violence that sounds almost as if it came from the throat of a great cat instead of a
    Mintaur the axe swings with blurring speed several times as his eyes take on an almost cat like yellow and vertically slit look.
    Dorgul, thrown slightly off balance from his first missed attack, recovers with some quick
    footwork and tears into the goblin's leg with a mighty slash from his greatsword. "Help out the minotaur!" Dorgul yells to the others
    Ulgoth takes a single step into the room, and launches a Bright Lance of Energy from
    his holy Symbol, but it is off on the aim from his step, and whiizes by the creature's head uslessly
    The goblin farthest away, by the cage, aims his crossbow at Dorgul and fires But the bolt lands short and pings off the dull black metal of the iron maiden
    : The goblin near the fiend fires his bolt at the minotaur the feather from teh bolt appears to grow out of Jax's torso and blood begins to glisten on the
    minotaur the third crossbow fires a shot at Ulgoth, apparently frightened by the stream of fire the creature can control. The bolt punches through the goblins armor "OWWW!" Ulgoth screams, gripping his Shoulder. "ALRIGHT! I was trying to help,
    NOW you're all my DINNER!"

    illum notices the iron maden and smiles "I always wanted to see one of those in action!" ::he holds
    his wand up and fires around his ally towards the spear wielder and lets the wand over power toe boy (always ruin my
    fun lol)
    : The goblin, now pushed to the iron maiden, grabs a javelin and hurls it at Dorgul which grazes Dorguls arm.
    Lodal steps into the room and scuffs a bolt straight into the Fiends chest, knocking him to the ground
    [Jayzilla] 10:57 pm: Clad in ugly plate armor, every blreath sends a cloud of steam flying. the demonic thing seems to
    be perpetually smouldering underneath his armor. Dorgul grunts. "Perhaps this rift has already opened a bit..." OverusedName] 10:59 pm: "Auntie mentioend that even though it wasn't completley open, some thigns were still slipping out."

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    Here's the battle-in-the-torture-room-map!
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    The fiend, dripping cinders and ash from a few dents in his armor, yells a strangely
    coherent battle cry, "By Banz's Skull, I'll smash you grunts!"
          [Jayzilla] 7:02 pm: When he says this and stands, you see his armor glow a deep, harsh red. It seems like
    the fiend is burning from the inside out. He grabs a large metal poker from the furnace next to him and the length of the metal
    begins to glow with heat almost as soon as he touches it. He swings the poker with seemingly inhuman speed at Jax
    Jax carefully swung his axe to deflect the heated metal bar, and shards of molten slag flew in all directions as tah bar slammed into the ground Jax laughs at the fiend as it stands and trys to hit him and is deflected by his new magic armors. "By the Great Ice Bear's claws I will see you buried long before I fall!" With that the minotaur
    lets out a mighty roar and unleashes an Avalanch of blows apon the the firey fiend over extending himself a little
    and leaving some openings in his defense. (Avalanch strike) Jax's axe slams repeatedly into the fiend, but his burning anger doesn't appear to dampen
    [strikereternal] 7:13 pm: (think i should go after the fiend?) As the goblin is knocked back from Illumidan's magic, Dorgul sees his opening and
    moves to assist Jax in taking down the big fiery warrior.
    Dorgul's expert strike somehow deflects off the fiends armor as though magic was involved, and the blow fails to do more than annoy the fiend, encased as he is in heavy armor, but he does position himself to keep the fiend from attacking Jax.
    ulgoth I cast Magic Missle at the Fiend, misses
    The goblin crossbowman by the cage continues shooting at Dorgul, the crossbowman in the center of the room, with his sight to Jax blocked by dorgul's
    melee with the fiend, shoots instead at lodal. the westernmost goblin with a crossbow continues firing at the goblin that unnaturally
    throws fire
    Marshams spell strikes in a green blur. The impact of the spell, howeever, seems strangely dampened by some unknown effect. The fiend is somehow resisting incoming damage. It seems like a temporary effect. the goblin warrior sees how the fiend is slowly being swamped by the adventurers, and
    moves behind the half-orc, Effectivly flanking Dorgul with his fiend ally.
    Lodal blinded teh fiend and tehn knocked him into the firepit. Being a creature of fire, the flames didn't seem to damage him very much, but it certainly
    made the creature uncomfortable.
    Seeing his monsterous quary fall in the pit the Minntaur Jax shifts his attention to
    others that require the buisness end of his axe. His hands grip the magic Axe's handle tighter as throns seem
    to grow along it biting into his hands dripping blood on the ground before he lets out a yell that sounds almost
    like the scream of a jungle cat and charges the goblin on the table top swinging at it in a large arc. As the Goblin falls Jax is lifted by his brimming rage and finds himself continuing his forward charge. A second almost feline howl of rage escapes his lips as he seems almost foaming at the
    mouth. Almost forgetting his axe JAx lowers his head and gores the Gobling he sees ahead of him. (Goring
    Charg, and end on S11)
    "Good going, Jax!" Dorgul, once again leaking blood from a crossbow bolt embedded in
    his side, kneels and closes his eyes for a moment, focusing his will. Bellowing a fierce war cry, he yanks the
    bolt free. That done, he looks down into the fire pit, and seeing the blinded fiend's predicament, moves to
    engage one of the goblin crossbowmen. (Second Wind, then move to N11)
    The goblin crossbows, disheartened by the sudden weakening of their forces, seem to
    visibly cringe. Their big advantage was now trapped and blinded in a firepit, screaming incoherently.
    The goblin in the very eastcranked his crossbow hurriedly, and then shot at Jax and his bolt flew true, seemingly sprouting from teh minotaurs shoulder.
    the goblin facing Jax's murderous rage, dropped his crossbow and drew a short sword, determined to sell his life dearly. His panicked stikes somehow got through Jax's guard and sunk home, as deeply as the little goblin could. the goblin crossbowman in the western part of the room also dropped his weapon and
    drew his short sword in what seemed to be a very practised mvoement He slashed viciously at dorgul. Dorgul laughs as he effortlessly knocks the goblin's shortsword aside with his much heavier blade.
    Illumidan continued blasted magic missiles at people... to little effect.
    Lodal He waves his left had ans sling a blot of darkfire at the goblin, msises. crossbow doesn't miss
    The fiend, blinded and prone, is gripping his eyes and screaming in a foriegn tongue. The
    intense heat in the fire pit is slowly melting the thing's armor, embedding him to the pile of coals
    Jax lets out a screamof pain as a crossbow bolt hits home, and the goblin that was at
    his feet shows some willingness to prove he is almost a worthy opponent. "You show some heart little one, now
    I am going to take a close up look at it." The Minotaur takes a deep breath and swings his axe once more,
    letting the blood pound in his ears and the rage in his heart give him strength and stamina beyond his normal
    prowess. (Recuporating strike)
    Dorgul bares his teeth and flashes a wicked grin at the goblin as he slashes for its
    chest, but the goblin proves equal to the task, just barely dodging the fearsome weapon and receiving only a
    grazing wound.
    The goblin by the cage, cranking and loading as fast as he can, fires another bolt at Jax. teh goblin facing jax, after seeing that he could hit the enraged minotaur, stabbed again, trying to slow teh creatures advance and again, he managed to connect. Woudl it be enough to slow the swing of Jax's
    ancestral axe? the goblin fighting dorgul continued trying to strike the half orc, although Dorgul was doing an excellent job parrying the goblins strikes.
    Dorgul growls as the goblin slips a thrust past his guard. "Alright, I'm done playin' around with you..."
    Lodal puts away his handbow and, drawing his sword, moves to n-13 then tumbed to m-12 "I'm here, Dorgul, no need to worry" "I wasn't worrying, but thanks." lodal runs into combat, tumbling around the goblin and sinking his blade into its back.
    Suddenly you hear a shreik from teh firepit.. and tehn the fiend's movement stops. A horrible cloud of smoke rises up, stinking of brimstone, scalded steel, and ash. It appears that even a creature of fire can melt.
    Jax roars at the Goblin in front of him as his first attack misses, and swings his axe
    once more. His eyes almost red with rage, and foaming saliva dripping from his mouth the Barbarian once more
    trys the strike that grants him streangth and power once more. (Recuporating strike)
    : Dorgul utters a stream of curses as the stunty little bastard manages to dodge yet
    another of his attacks. Even with the drow behind him stabbing at his back, he's still getting the better of
    Dorgul. (4 damage again -_- ) The daggers of energy fly from my hands toward the fiend beside the cage....
    aiming for his chest
    After missing twice Jax is near incoherant with rage swinging away at the goblin in
    front of him once more with his recupperating strike. The saliva dripping from his mouth has turned to a pink
    foam tinged with his blood. "You!" Dorgul swipes at the goblin, who ducks under his blade. "Little!" The goblin
    thrusts back, the shortblade clinking harmlessly off his armor. "Bastard!" Dorgul chops at him and he rolls out
    of the way in the nick of time once again!
    M glares at the fiend shooting at Jax and a massive sphere of red lightning
    targets him and his fiendish friend but only seems to effect the shooter.
    lodal takes yet another stab at the filthy little soldier, misses. Jax feels emoldened by the power of his little goblin friend, and lets out a
    frieghtening roar at his enemy. Growling in hatered at the little goblin that keeps managing to survive he his axe
    flashes in a long arc sweeping around him and spraying the blood on it from previous attacks in a wide circle
    around him.
    Dorgul, unable to get past his opponent's tiny blade, decides to try a different tack.
    Sweeping his sword low and in a wide arc, he lashes out at the unsuspecting little greenskin's legs, and is
    rewarded with a strike that finally finds its target.In fact, the blade slices clean through the goblin's leg, and he topples, knocked out of
    the fight for good. "Good effort, little fellow." Dorgul acknowledges his opponent's skill as he moves to
    support Jax.
    The crossbow archer, shaken by the power of the magic coming at him , starts moving
    toward the middle of the room
          [Jayzilla] 10:17 pm: and shoots and Illumidan Jax's opponent, now tiring, is moving toward a more defensive stance "Shut the door" M yells as the one fiend goes into the Iron Maiden.
    Lodal runs over to the iron maiden and slams the door shut, as he runs he sheaths his sword
    and pulls out/laods ther bow You hear a scwelching noise and a muffled cry. blood runs freely from holes on teh side
    of the device and mixes with Jax's
    As yet another stirke misses the rage and anger buliding in Jax hits a breaking
    point. For an instant while lost in the amelstrom of anger he reaches an almost caml platue that sudgests to
    him what he needs is a change of perspective. Moving with speed one might not expect from a creature his size
    he shifts behind the Goblin so that it stands between him and the half Ork while the thorns growing along his
    axe handel bite deeper into his palms staining the wood with his blood.
    As the last goblin goes down the Minotaur lets loose a roar of triumph that leaves
    ears ringing and shakes loose dust from the walls.
    [Pieh] 10:35 pm: OK, first make sure fiendy Mc Steam pants is really dead
          [Jayzilla] 10:35 pm: You hear a quiet shout from the cell block to the west. "So. Who won?"
    lodal starts searching the room, dorgul takes a 5 minute rest, jax opens the door to the cell
    After being freed
    A rather beaten, bloodied and ratty head pokes out of the door and then meanders out
    with a slight limp. "Okay. Where's that amature idiot leader of these sorry excuses for goblins?" She looks
    around the room, nodding at the damage. "My stuff must be in here somewhere..." and she starts wading
    through the refuse.
    Jax says from where he is laying on the table in the middle of the room, "Dead, the
    lot of them. We threw the big on in the pit...pitty that....I kinda wanted his head to hamg from my belt." She looks up at the Minotaur laying on the table, "I'm Ravina. Thanks for opening my cell." Ravina is about 5'9", lithe like most elves (drow or otherwise) and looks like she's been
    through the ringer and rather disgusted about her state of filth. Oh, and she looks like she's just barely keeping
    control of a rather profound temper, but since the people she'd like to kill are already dead....
    Lodal tinkers with the intricate lock, at first miffed by its complexity
    Ravina goes to stand over Pieh and watch what he's doing. "Don't break that lock. I
    think that's where they stashed my gear."
          [Jayzilla] 10:53 pm: after pondering the construction, he manages to pop it open
    [Pieh] 10:53 pm: "Hmm? I'm too good to- Who the hell are- He looks up with fear in his eyes."
           [Lyranis] 10:54 pm: She turns to look at the Minotaur again. "Psh, they were amatures. I've been tortured
    worse for fun by my own family." She shrug and tries to straighter out her rumpled clothing. "I'd just like a good
    [strikereternal] 10:54 pm: "Dorgul." A grizzled old half-orc, carrying himself like one who has experienced war
    and bearing the scars to prove it, nods at the newcomer. On him are the accoutrements of battle -- a
    greatsword and finely made scale armor -- both streaked with fresh blood. He grins. "How'd you end up in this
          [Jayzilla] 10:53 pm: after pondering the construction, he manages to pop it open
          [Jayzilla] 10:54 pm: It's a small container, but somehow when you put your hand in, it seems to be able to
    hold a large quantity of items Ravina looks at Dorgul, "Sheer bad luck on my part. Good on theirs I suppose."
    The first thing you touch is a set of shimmering chainmail
    [Pieh] 10:55 pm: He shakes the fear away, this female drow is nothing like his mistresses past, "Your gear?
    This is my loot."Her attention is rivited to the safe again and the other Drow. "The Hell it is!" Her temper
    is about to burst and she looks like she's itching to hit something. "Look I just want my stuff. You can have
    everything else."
          [Jayzilla] 10:56 pm: followed by a well made longsword follwed quickly by a slightly damaged drum Pieh] 10:58 pm: "A drum, what the hell?"Ravina snatches the drum, "At leas they didn't ruin it completely."
    "Are these yours?" He holds up the chaimmail and sword "Whoa whoa, i can sell this stuff."[Pieh] 10:59 pm: "Thaty chainmail is bound to be at least a thousand gold" strikereternal] 10:59 pm: "Lodal, let her have her things."
    [Pieh] 10:59 pm: "The drum, maybe a few silver, but still, I found it!"
    [Pieh] 11:00 pm: "Listen, Dorgul, you dont know drow women,"
           [Lyranis] 11:00 pm: "You can sell anything that isn't mine." She remains firm on that and goes to snatch
    the chainmail too. "Don't you have any honor at all?" she glares at the Drow and gives a sweet smile to Dorgul.
    [strikereternal] 11:00 pm: "I don't see what that has to do with anything," to Lodal
    Pieh] 11:01 pm: "They're pure evil, she would kill me for this stuff if i was the only one here,."
           [Lyranis] 11:01 pm: "Oh, Drow women is it? Took me 3 years to get out of that hell hole they call the
    underdark only to be snatched by these stupid... things!" MarshamSane aims his wand at the lady, "I agree with lodal."
           [Lyranis] 11:02 pm: Ravina looks like she'd like to hit him, but doesn't look even close to killing anyone,
    aside from the dead bodies that is.
    [Pieh] 11:02 pm: "Why's you want to escape? Drow women have it pretty good where i can from."
    [strikereternal] 11:02 pm: "If you fled the underdark you can't be all bad." Dorgul shrugs. She eyes the drow, "Maybe where you came from. I was slotted for a sacrifice to Lolth, were you?"[strikereternal] 11:02 pm: He glares at Illumidan. "Put the wand down. We aren't going to draw weapons." A hand moves to his sword, just in case.

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    Pieh] 11:03 pm: "That is a great honor, you should have accepted it."
        [MarshamSane] 11:03 pm: "so now we're against stealing when the person is in front of our eyes?"
           [Lyranis] 11:03 pm: Ravina smirks. "Apparently I wasn't mean enough and didn't deserve to live because I
    refused to torment the less (lost the word)."
           [Lyranis] 11:04 pm: Fortunate [Pieh] 11:04 pm: "You seem pretty damn mean to me." strikereternal] 11:04 pm: "What the hell are you talking about?" to Illumidan [Lyranis] 11:04 pm: Ravina scowls at the male drow. "Oh. So you think I should have just rolled over and let
    them kill me in the most painful humiliating way possible?  [MarshamSane] 11:04 pm: "you don't know? some of our jucies items were stolen, frien  [MarshamSane] 11:05 pm: **juciest
    "You think death by sacrifice is humiliating? If you were born male youd have had it far worse." Pieh] 11:06 pm: "Living for the women's pleasure, their sickening pleasure, the things they get off on turn my stomach." MarshamSane] 11:06 pm: "don't forget that you're a cutpurse at heart lodal. though its one of your best
    qualities in my opinion." Ravina shrugs at the other drow. "At least you weren't in danger of dying painfully. From
    the state of the males where I came from, I'd rather be one of them." She rolls her eyes at the male drow. "I
    see.. aristocracy? Well. I'm not. I was branded to be a priestess and Lolth makes me sick."
    strikereternal] 11:07 pm: "By the gods, I'm enlisted in a band of bloody thieves." MarshamSane] 11:07 pm: "yeah. most definitely." Dorgul looks at Illumidan incredulously, and then starts to laugh. Lyr "I'm sorry if I don't take pleasure in causing pain and death to others. Or in using
    [Pieh] 11:08 pm: "Well, fine, take your crap and get out of here. Let me find your crossbow, i would hate to hold
    you up."
        [MarshamSane] 11:09 pm: "mam, if compasion is your sole redeeming feature, it might be better if you leave
    adventuring behind..."
    Pieh continues searching
    MarshamSane lowers the wand and helps lodal search
    [strikereternal] 11:09 pm: "I see your point, but there's no need to rob her at wandpoint."
        [MarshamSane] 11:10 pm: "I did worse to join this mery band, friend"
          [Jayzilla] 11:10 pm: Then next object you find in the odd safe is a small striped bag that jingles
    [Pieh] 11:10 pm: "Theres a shiny longsword here, if any wants to use it. Otherwise it's going to the market when
    we get out of here." arshamSane] 11:10 pm: "I can't really use swords that well..."
    [Pieh] 11:10 pm: jingles like money?
           [Lyranis] 11:10 pm: Ravina shrugs into her chain mail and looks closely at her drum. "At least they didn't
    ruin it. I don't know what I'd do without my music. I think I'd rather die first." she looks at the male drow. "Oh, I'll
    leave all right, after I go dig up that bunch of gold I saw that bastard fiend bury."
    [strikereternal] 11:10 pm: "A longsword? Bah... I prefer a heavier weapon."
    [General Chatter]: RagetoEmpire has entered at 11:10 pm
    [Pieh] 11:11 pm: "Oh? Bunch of gold?"
    [Pieh] 11:11 pm: "And where might he have buried that... maam?" 12 pm: Ravina puts a hand on her hip, "Thats what I said. And wouldn't you like to know? Why
    should I share what I suffered for with an honorless theif like you."
    [General Chatter]: PURE_GoNzO13 has entered at 11:12 pm
        [MarshamSane] 11:12 pm: "because we killd the things that put you in here and might just do worse to you if
           [Lyranis] 11:12 pm: "I'm no princess. I'm a Bard."
    Pieh looks in the jignly bag
    [Pieh] 11:12 pm: *jingly MarshamSane] 11:13 pm: "and for casprina the friendly elf you seem kinda...ungreatful"
           [Lyranis] 11:13 pm: she turns to look at (whoever Marsh is) and shakes her head. "Oh no you didn't. these
    were just the underlings. Not even difficult to tell you the truth."
          [Jayzilla] 11:13 pm: the bag has a bunch of little platinum statues in it
        [MarshamSane] 11:14 pm: "glad to hear you say that safe from your cage"
    [Pieh] 11:14 pm: "A Bard?" Lodal laughs. "No wonder they wanted to kill you, I bet youre music is horrible."
    [Pieh] 11:15 pm: Lodal pockets the bag os statues and ddigs deeper She smirks at Marsh. "I would have loved to help you. In fact, I'd even help you take out
    the big baddie just to keep other innocents out of his hands."[Pieh] 11:16 pm: "Big baddie? It's just a punk kid whos in over his head," you come up with a handful of dusty coins
          [Jayzilla] 11:16 pm: made of copper.. but obviously very old
           [Lyranis] 11:17 pm: She eyes Lodal, "That's what you think is it? You don't know this bastard. What I
    suffered from him is nothing to what your own people put you through. Look, I'll give you the gold if you'll just let
    me come with you and get a little justice from that bastard." Pieh] 11:17 pm: "What can you do?" Ravina laughs. "Don't you know what a Bard is?"
    [Pieh] 11:18 pm: "A travling musicial?" Lodal pockets the coins as well
    She shakes her head. "No. For lack of a better explaination, what I can do for you
    would have made it twice as easy to take these guys out than it did."
           [Lyranis] 11:20 pm: "Besides. I know some of the legends of this place. I just didn't know I was that close
    to it when I got jumped."
    [Pieh] 11:20 pm: "Yeah, you make a lot of noise and it's suppose to help us. I dont think so, we like it quiet."
    [Pieh] 11:21 pm: He draws his short sword, "You know what this is?"
    [Pieh] 11:21 pm: It's glowing light illuminating his fface
    "Noise? Hardly." She shrugs. "A glowy sword. Very pretty. I'm sure it's very special.
    About as special as my crossbow no doubt." She taps her drum in a complicated pattern and sings a soft song
    then runs across the room... There's not a sound as she moves across the room. "OK, safe's empty, no crossbow," pieh
    She leans against the wall. "That's alright, I think I know where the crossbow is. There's
    a hidden room back there." She waves in the correct direction, "Did I mention there's a spirit of a Paladin here?"
    [Pieh] 11:28 pm: "Youre crazy, I'm gonna rest now" Jax asks, "Is it a good ghost or one we are gonna have to put down?" She shrugs, "Suit yourself." she mvoes back down the hallway where her cell was and takes a look at the area across froom her cell. "He's a good ghost. I know his True name and I think I could get him to tell me the secrets of this place." Jax nods, "THen please, ask him. The spirits have guided us this far, another to
    point the way to our next destination would be a good thing."
    the sword has dwarven runes on teh side, and teh very tip is slightly serrated
           [Lyranis] 11:32 pm: She looks back at Jax, "Surely. Anything to aid in ridding the world of this evil. Legends
    say he's sealed somewhere in the keep. I'm not sure where tho. Can someone help me out there? There's a door
    here somewhere. It's where the fiend kept his special stuff. And most of the gold." "I'll find it later" Lodal calls out
    [Pieh] 11:33 pm: "Just give me a moment."She nods, "Sure." But continues to poke around mumbling to herself.
    Ravina steps down on what she thinks is a foot panel. "Lesse here..."
           [Lyranis] 11:36 pm: (panel, pedal)
          [Jayzilla] 11:37 pm: stepping on it, the wall seems to shift backward an ich, and then grinds open, revealing
    a small cubby of a room, with only enough room for a chest and a strange looking bed: more ofa cocoon amde
    of some strange type of silk. lodal gets up as he hears the door open.
    Inside the chest is a hefty sack of gold with a few gems inside
          [Jayzilla] 11:40 pm: next to the sack of gold is an artisically rendered crossbow
          [Jayzilla] 11:40 pm: along with a quiver full of bolts
    Pieh clears his throat at the sight of the sack of gold
           [Lyranis] 11:41 pm: "Now where is my crossbow?" She starts tossing things out of the chest, completely
    ignoring the gold and then sighs, "Ah, my baby." She takes the crossbow and the bolts and leaves the rest to
    Lodal, really not caring much what else is in there.
        [kitsune1842] 11:41 pm: Jax watches the cocoon to make sure nothing decides to crawl out of it
    Pieh greedily scoops up the sack. "This will guy us some nice gear, guys"
          [Jayzilla] 11:42 pm: Jax notices some ash left on teh cloth, and realizes taht it's probably fire-retardant
    Pieh] 11:42 pm: "I cant wait to get out of here and go shopping again."
          [Jayzilla] 11:43 pm: (lol you and me both)
          [Jayzilla] 11:43 pm: there's around 1500 gold peices inside and at least 3 gems
           [Lyranis] 11:43 pm: Ravina raises her brow at Lodal. "You're worse than a woman. Shopping?!"
          [Jayzilla] 11:43 pm: it's quite a haul. Pieh] 11:43 pm: "I like to keep my friend's well outiftted" kitsune1842] 11:44 pm: "And he is better iwth the money than I am" I say we destroy the cocoon, dont want to risk it hatching flame spiders or anything. Rav chuckles. "I don't think it's a nest. I think that's where the sucker slept." Jax nods in sudden realization, but he continues to watch the cocoon thing, wants to be sure he does not have to worry about fire spiders or anything
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    Good game tonight.

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    Ravina just stares at Jax, "Why are you doing that? That could be useful."
    [Pieh] 7:01 pm: "Ulgoth, my favorite goblin, may i speak to you aside for a moment?""Of course."
          [OverusedName] 7:01 pm: Ulgoth says, stepping near to him.
    Pieh leads ulgoth away and shows him the rings "what do you make of this?"
    [Pieh] 7:02 pm: *Ring
        [kitsune1842] 7:02 pm: Jax looks over Ravina, "And it could well be a danger. Beter a destroyed lot of
    threads than a danger we leave at our flank." Ravina shrugs, "Up to you. I was gonna take it with me, but, whatever."
    Dorgul stands with his sword in the ready position. After a brief warmup, he practices
    his swordplay, unleashing a frantic series of strikes against an imaginary opponent. The careful observer will
    note some new motions incorporated into his deadly dance, and what's more, there is a certain quality of --
    precision? sharpness? -- to his strikes that was not so apparent before.
    Ravina hikes her backpack, which was sitting outside her cell, onto her shoulders and
    places her crossbow on her belt. "I can't tell anything about this ring. I have been in a horrible slump lately, if you
    have not noticed, and can not tell you more then it is Magical." "You think it's cursed, or safe to wear?"pieh : "It should be okay to wear, but it is hard to tell." Pieh slips the ring onto his pinky finger "maybe itll bring me good luck"
          [Jayzilla] 7:14 pm: When you put the ring on, your pack feels a bit lighter and your legs seem a bit more swift.
    And so the adventurers finished their searching of the room, and could shoose only
    between opening the mysterious door in the Fiends' lair, or going back to area 2
    Ravina looks at the door. "Think we should try this?"
        [kitsune1842] 7:19 pm: Jax makes sure the fiends bed is good and destroyed. "THere, now....what is this
    extra door? Let us see what lies behind it we can destroy."
    [Pieh] 7:20 pm: Ulgoth and Lodal rejoin the group, Lodal looks to be lighter on his feet that usual, "Go ahead,
    open it, see what happens."
    The door slides open on its disguised track totally sinlently under Ravinica's hand. the room the party looks in on appears to be the supply room in area 2 and crouched next to the door in square h6       [Jayzilla] 7:24 pm: is a graceful, almost feline being, peering through the crack in teh door
    Ravina sticks her head in the door and does a double take. "Aurora?" Aurora noticed the door cracking...she knew that that voice sounded familair. she lowered
    her chain "Ravina? Is that really you?" she got more calm and relaxed. Ravina steps in all the way, "But, I thought you were all dead..." she blinks a few more
    times. "How'd you get down here? An yes, It's me." Aurora wasnt wearing much armor, she was just in a shirt, a vest, and some pants, all torn
    up and stuff "well i thought you were dead too, they kinda split up in half when they attacked... i have been
    scouting around the area alot.. hoping i could find what we came here for... or anyone else..."she grins and steps
    towards her" im happy to see you. strikereternal] 7:31 pm: "What's this about, Ravina?"
    [Pieh] 7:31 pm: Lodal sighs "Have we picked up another useless creature?" Ulgoth smiles. "At least they look nice." Pieh] 7:32 pm: "Looks can be decieving, Ulgoth"
    [strikereternal] 7:32 pm: Dorgul grins a bit at Lodal's comment, resisting the urge to make a snide remark.
          [OverusedName] 7:33 pm: "Thats why I said Look, instead of Are." Ravina gives Ulgoth a slight smile. "Thanks. I think." She shrugs, "Anyhow, Aurora must
    have somehow gotten away when I got knocked out and then I woke up here and no one else was here and I
    thought they were all dead."
    [istoaufrien] 7:33 pm: takes her hand, "So these are the folks who got you out huh?" notices the odd asortment
    "Well odd group.."Glares at the male drow a bit "ugh one of them?" Dorgul scoffs. "Who you calling odd, catwoman?"
          [OverusedName] 7:34 pm: "I think she means you Ladel." "By Lolth's unholy web, what the hell is that suppose to mean?"
           [Lyranis] 7:34 pm: Ravina shrugs at Aurora, "Yeah. A real piece of work too. Seems to think I'm going to try
    and eat him or something." She chuckles at Dorgul, "Pot calling the kettle black, eh?" :
    ulgoth "Ladies, Please, I am the only one who engages in Canabalism around here,
    which reminds me, the Goblin meat will go bad if we leave it out too long." growls a bit at Dorgul "dont call me catwoman." she bursts into a little laugh" Well i
    wouldnt put it past you. Pieh] 7:36 pm: "Guys, let's get out of here, we will have to explore the east passage."
           [Lyranis] 7:36 pm: Ravina actually cracks up laughing when Ulgoth speaks about the dead goblins, "At last.
    Someone with a sense of humor. Where you been all my life little man?"
    strikereternal] 7:36 pm: "Don't call me odd." He sends a look of disgust Ulgoth's way after his comment, then is
    back to sizing up this new... companion?
          [OverusedName] 7:37 pm: "In a Cage eating the dead corpses of Humans and Goblins my tribe decided to
    give me."
        [kitsune1842] 7:37 pm: Jax snorts a little at the comment about the new people looking nice, "Nice? They
    look breakable."
    [istoaufrien] 7:37 pm: she shakes her head " if you do you will run into more of them goblins, their stronghold is
    back that way" hikes her thumb over her sholder, towards the east" ulgoth "Everything is breakable to you Jax."
           [Lyranis] 7:37 pm: Ravina snickers at Jax and nods at Ulgoth, "Good answer. So, who's leading this circus
    anyhow?"OverusedName] 7:38 pm: "Ladel, usually."
    [strikereternal] 7:38 pm: Dorgul laughs at Ravina's question. "Nobody, as far as I can see."
    Jax looks at Lodal as they are asked who is leading them. Sure he will lead a charge,
    but he knows enough to know that even a great cheif is not the one in charge, just the one that gives orders.
    The person in charge is the one that does the thinking.
    [istoaufrien] 7:39 pm: "If you dont want to mess with more of them, there is another way around i think?" She
    points to the room they just came out of" there is another path leading to some undead, im suprised you cant
    smell them
           [Lyranis] 7:39 pm: Ravina nods, "So, which one is Ladel?" "That would be me, Lodal." strikereternal] 7:40 pm: "Don't mind him, he's not the best with names" Pieh] 7:40 pm: "My Men respect my skills, and graciously allow me to guide them."
    Ravina sighs, "Well, lead on then, good sir." She makes a flourish with her hand then
    looks at Aurora, "I thought I smelled something rotten, but the fiend was smelly enough anyhow."
    [strikereternal] 7:40 pm: Dorgul barely manages to hold back a fit of laughter.
          [OverusedName] 7:40 pm: "That would be me. Too long in a cage does that to people."
    [strikereternal] 7:41 pm: "Ah, that's rich, my friend." Pieh] 7:41 pm: "Can we just lock them back up and leave them? I'm sure some other band of heroes will come by and save them." OverusedName] 7:42 pm: "They are nice to look at, and they don't smell as bad as I do, why would you
    want to lock them up again?"
    Pieh] 7:42 pm: "They. Annoy. Me."
    [istoaufrien] 7:42 pm: Aurora tries to hold back alaugh as well " well if you feel like more goblin killin, then go
    ahead. Im telling you, the other way may be safer you male drow. If you keep going your gonna hit the goblin
          [OverusedName] 7:42 pm: "And I don't?"
    [Pieh] 7:42 pm: "Not as much as.. females..."
           [Lyranis] 7:42 pm: Ravina narrows her eyes at Lodal. "I wouldn't try that if I were you. Leader or not, I'm
    going going nicely back into a cage. One of those goblins gof off a lucky shot and knocked me out otherwise I
    wouldn't have been here." She smiles at Ulgoth again. "You are a sweet one, aren't you."Pieh] 7:43 pm: "Let's go guys,Let's see if we can convine the goblins to leave."  [OverusedName] 7:43 pm: "I am more, unwilling to not accept help where it is offered. Plus, if you live in a
    cage for a long time, you end up wanting to see something of the oppisite sex, even if it isn't the same race."
    Ulgoth says.Pieh] 7:44 pm: "We have killed their torturer, youre brethren can go free, Ulg"
           [Lyranis] 7:44 pm: (where the heck is marshmallow)
          [OverusedName] 7:44 pm: "Not without getting rid of their leader. He is the one causing the problems."
    [strikereternal] 7:44 pm: Dorgul nods in agreement with Ulgoth. Perhaps this goblin had a lick of sense about
    him after all.[strikereternal] 7:44 pm: "Balg-what's it." "Something or other"
          [OverusedName] 7:45 pm: "He has lead the goblins here from their caves, and they probably won't leave
    unless Balgron is a bloody pile of giblets on the end of Jax's Axe."
           [Lyranis] 7:45 pm: (would I know that name, Jay?)
          [Jayzilla] 7:45 pm: (yeah you've heard the goblins mention it)
    [istoaufrien] 7:45 pm: "I dont think its gonna be that easy. They are pretty well fortified that way. I figured from
    what our little goblin friend seems like, it would be easier to blast the undead away, i know there is a way
          [Jayzilla] 7:45 pm: (the gems he hands out are the reason teh goblins follow him)
    [Pieh] 7:45 pm: "Fine, we need to hunt adn kill Balgoon"
           [Lyranis] 7:45 pm: Ravina growls, "Balgron must die. So, decide mr leader man. Which way we goin?"
    strikereternal] 7:46 pm: "Not to mention, there's still this business of the cult to deal with. Or do you forget so easily the reason the witch sent us here in the first place?" Dorgul asks, addressing lodal
          [OverusedName] 7:46 pm: "If we cut off the source of the gems, they will be less likely to stay here after he
    dies." Pieh] 7:46 pm: "You are very wise, my goblin friend." OverusedName] 7:46 pm: "Dewgong, when you are having to take down a building's roof, do you
    immediately rip it off? No, you take it apart piece by piece. We take down the Goblins, that will
    weaken the Cult." [Pieh] 7:47 pm: "Dorgul, heed Ulgoth's words. He seems to be thinking more clearly than I at the moment." strikereternal] 7:48 pm: "You misunderstand me, Lodal seemed eager to leave, and shop or some such
    nonsense." strikereternal] 7:49 pm: "Ulgoth's plan is sound."
    she shrugs and stands aside "well mr drow, go ahead then, ill let you go. Ill cover you..
    your gonna need it. I guess you dont really care about the sneaky way around" she leans up agaisnt the wall
    [Pieh] 7:48 pm: "I am agitated by the newcomers, I wish to be rid of them."
           [Lyranis] 7:48 pm: Ravina shrugs, "So, we followin the Ulgoth now then? I don't care who leads as long as
    we start going somewhere." She looks aroudn the store room, "There anything useful in here anyhow?"
           [Lyranis] 7:48 pm: (I'ma search aroudn the room)
    [Pieh] 7:49 pm: "Sneaky is good, Feline. Show us the way."
    The many boxes scattered around the room contain enough food for an army of goblins to
    last for a good length of time, but it is barely edible
           [Lyranis] 7:54 pm: (so I find anything?)
          [Jayzilla] 7:54 pm: and you find nothing of value after a quick check. Ravina scowls at the room. "Just more garbage. So which direction are we going then?
    And WHO am I following?"
          [Jayzilla] 7:56 pm: (no one else wants to roll? the last room like this had that valuable dwarven whisky)
    [Pieh] 7:56 pm: "Your cat friend seems to know a secret entrance, she will lead the way."
    [strikereternal] 7:56 pm: "If it wasn't apparent, we don't have a damned leader."
          [OverusedName] 7:56 pm: "We follow whoever seems to be in the best posistion to lead. if Ladel can lead
    better, we listen to him, if I need to, it would be me." "And under no circumstances do we listen to me." Dorgul chuckles at his own joke.
    Aurora smiles" i just know its this way" points east " i dont know where the door is, but its
    somewhere that way.
    [Pieh] 7:57 pm: (maybe i can win your respect with my skills)
          [Jayzilla] 7:57 pm: Lodal searches around a bit and finds a box containing three elegantly crafted glass
    bottles, apparantly filled with red wine
    Ravina chuckles at Dorgul. "Just along for the ride, eh?" she waves, "I'll go last if no one
    minds... I'm more useful at the rear." "Not so much that, it's just that no one ever listens." dorgul Sarcasm, y'see."
    Aurora smiles "well just keep an eye out for what looks to be a secert door. and be queit!
    there may be other folks around" Jax sighs, "This bores me, if no one else will choose I will. Follow me we will slice
    through the undead and take down the one that leads the goblins."
    After searching the area around the entryway, you find nothing indicative of a secret
    passageway. Repeated searching still turns up nothing, although your heart jumps when you
    accidentally dislodge one of the stones used in the wall. After an invasive and planned search, Isto comes to the conclusion that the secret
    entrance is not in this room.
    Before the party went east, Lodal wanted tehm to check the door where the goblin guards
    had been quartered he swung the door open, and immediately saw a set of stairs decending into the gloom with no lights and a damp, earthy, dead smell.
    Ok as you go east, you go through a door and then down a short set of stairs. Ok, at the bottom of the stairs, Lodal feels a slight draft. "Stop," He says quietly "I sense a door"
    [Pieh] 8:26 pm: "Search for the trigger" Dorgul puts a finger to his lips and looks at each of the others in turn, hoping they get
    the message. Jax stops quietly behind Ravina, though large as can be he is at least good on his feet
    and understands the nature of stealth even if he hardly ever uses it.
          [Jayzilla] 8:29 pm: The seam where the door must be is rather obvious when pointed out, but it's still a well
    made door. You don't think you'd have found it without the earlier tip after feeling around on the wall, strikers accidentally pushes in the stone that held teh
    doors catch and the door slid open silently
    Pieh] 8:30 pm: "Good work, whoever did that."
          [Jayzilla] 8:31 pm: inside you see only a 10foot wide hallway that leads to a few stairs and then another,
    closed door
    [strikereternal] 8:31 pm: Astonished, Dorgul looks at the stone for a moment, then at the door, then shrugs and
    quietly unsheathes his greatsword. Ravina detatches her crossbow from her belt and holds it ready, tho not loaded, no
    sense risking accidental shootings. the party slowly advances through the hallway. Aurora pulls out her chains and tightens a bit around her wrist to she can strike when ready Jax slowly closes the door behind him to cover the groups tracks The other door had a large stylized platinum dragon engraved next to it.
    over, "The Tail of the Dragon is a handle." Ravina speaks quiety, "And you're sure it's not an actual dragon?" OverusedName] 8:40 pm: "The door is begging to be opened Ladel, you should open it." Lodal very carefully moved to the handle. The party grumbled as they were stuck in a rather small space. Pieh] 8:43 pm: "You want to pull that, Dorgul?" "If you're not going to do your job.." Dorgul shrugs and slowly opens the door My job? Since when is it My job to rull on random objects without know what they do?" And so the door swung open silently. The party immediatly noticed a huge tapestry of the
    same platinum dragon hanging from teh ceiling. "My job? Since when is it My job to rull on random objects without know what they do?" It appeared that they were in a small room 40feet by 10, with a bed
    [strikereternal] 8:45 pm: "Aye, that's your job description"
          [Jayzilla] 8:45 pm: on the bed was a loudly snoring very fat goblin. A chest lay at the foot of the bed
          [OverusedName] 8:46 pm: "That must be whats his face." "Shush"
        [kitsune1842] 8:46 pm: Jax says very quietly, "Are you going to argue till it wakes up or are we going to do
    something about the fat goblin?" "Ladel, go cut its head off, you are the quiestest. and bring the head back, we
    might need it later." Ulgoth Whispers
    [istoaufrien] 8:47 pm: Aurora files out "Well ill be danged... these goblins wouldnt worship this dragon would
    they? that doesnt make any sence"she whispers to herself a little outloud) Pieh takes out him menelothian shortsword
          [Jayzilla] 8:47 pm: (the goblin is helpless and so a "This place is a Menelothian ruin" Dorgul whispers to Aurora "guard the exists, this might get load, I'm going to torture him for info"
    [strikereternal] 8:48 pm: "Wait. Shouldn't we interrogate him? If this is the leader?" Ulgoth shakes his head at Ladel as the Drow begins his plan Lodal softly stepped into the room. As he did, he noticed that there were no walls behind
    the tapestries and he could very well be in a larger room
    [Pieh] 8:49 pm: "hmm." "New plan," he whispers "check behind tyhe tapestries" Ravina takes aim at the fat goblin and waits until she needs to actually shoot.
    Aurora goes and checks a tapestrie
    Pieh makes sure there are no weapons near the goblin There's a crossbow and a club sitting on a shelf above the goblins head Dorgul waits by the door, not wanting to risk detection in his cumbersome armor.
          [Jayzilla] 8:52 pm: Aurora careful tips the edge of a tapestry and see the large room
          [Jayzilla] 8:53 pm: and the location of the secret door is t-16
          [Jayzilla] 8:53 pm: there's a fat goblin sleeping on the bed and a guard near him on the other side of the
    tapestry at square R-11
    the guard is sitting on the edge of a bed, and seems rather unalert
           [Lyranis] 8:54 pm: (Can I shoot at the guard?)
    [Pieh] 8:54 pm: Lodal steps next to the bed and takes the weapons off the shelf
          [Jayzilla] 8:55 pm: the smaller fat goblin is on the bed at square q-10. you could only shoot the guard if you
    went next to a tapestry and pushed it aside.
    Jax prepairs an action for if the Fat Goblin's eyes open knowing he will be the first
    thing it sees. "Jax, he has no weapons and we dont want to kill him outiright. Your effort would be better
    served beyond the curtain." Jax shook his head quietly, pointing at the goblin
    Lodal presses one of the small daggers into the side of the goblin's fat neck until he wakes up.then smiles and says "shhh"
          [Jayzilla] 9:12 pm: the goblin awakens with a squak and you see fear in his eyes. "Youre going to tell us aaall about this place, Balgron. If you want to live, that is" Jax Looms over the fat Goblin and Lodal holding the very large shiney axe and just holds a finger to his mouth in the most intimidating way possible.
    Aurora mutters something along the lines of "your gonn die goblin boy" (using the oath of emnity power...)
    Ravina fires and misses as she's distracted and curses quietly, the arrow thuds into the headboard of the bed the goblin is sitting on.
    Pieh] 9:37 pm: "My friend's are dealing with your guards, please wait a moment while I help them, the minotaur
    will keep you company." The goblin glups and nods. Lodal steps away,taking the dagger with him. He moves into Ravina' sqaure (still prone?) and
    moves aside the curtains to shoot
    [Pieh] 9:38 pm: he draws his bow and pts away the dagger on the wy there. "This doesn't mean i like you," he whispers down at her Ravina whispers back, "Noted."
    Lodal's shot for the goblin's face took a l;arge chunk out of his head near the forehead. with Aurora pulling the tapestry aside, Dorgul sights a goblin guard and quickly moves into action. Raising his greatsword, he charges into the room, and, catching the goblin unawares, quickly feints high
    and then brings his blade downward to slice into the goblin's right knee, cutting through flesh and bone.
    Aurora seems to walk through the curtains and besides teh gobby, chains whipping around her head. After one mighty whip she hits the bed, tearing some sheets, the other shot came back and went behind her. Ravina shoots again and this time the arrow thuds solidly in the gobbers arm, she
    curses again because that shot wasn't good enough for her.
    Ulgoth stands still as teh group moves, still unconvinced that it is the right thing
    to do to attack such creatures, before slapping himself. "Why in the name of Sacred Ioun am I being so
    unconvinced? I was never like this before. This is so stupid." He says, before rushing towards the curtain I step to the curtain, in the nice warm folds of it, if at all possible, and shoot my Lance of Faith, but I close my eyes and hop on one foot whiel I do so, hoping to make it a million to one chance of hitting and thus hit because all million to one chances hit. and he misses. "Next time, someone needs to hit me in the groin while I cast my spell."
    The Bolt sears past the Guard's head, leaving Ulgoth hopping on one foot and
    [General Chatter]: Chris Sims has entered at 10:10 pm
          [Jayzilla] 10:10 pm: Balgron whimpers on the bed, a truly pitiful sight as liquid seeps out onto his grimy face.
        [kitsune1842] 10:11 pm: Jax stays where he is standing over the Fat Goblin and licks the very long edge of
    his massive Axe. As he does so he carefully watches the Goblin giving him a look as if he were saying, go
    ahead and move I want to see if I can cut off one of your arms with only one swing.
    The guard finally turns to see his attackers
          [Jayzilla] 10:15 pm: with a surprised look on his face, he knows there's no way he'll survive the many foes
    that are attacking him
          [Jayzilla] 10:16 pm: He tries to flee to the exit (which is the heavy double doors to the west. isto and dorgul both respond with lightning reflezxes, striking at the opening left. Dorgul takes a quick step back as the goblin turns to flee, and then lunges forward
    with a downward chop, taking the goblin in the back and leaving him crumpled in a heap next to the half-orc's
    feet. the goblins dying scream is uncomfortably loud.
    Lodal quickly loads his bow and pulls the curtain aside[Pieh] 10:23 pm: He takes a shot of the awakened goblin. Lodals bolt hits the bedpost
    Marsham steps forward into the room. "Well, it seems like this situation is well-handled
    already. I'll watch the door." The unfortunate goblin has barely awakened when a blade longer than the goblin is tall
    cleaves right through his flimsy cleaver and into his neck, silencing him with a soft gurgle and dampening the
    ragged sheets that cover the bed.
    "Tell them, youre fine and they need to go away" Lodal grows at the fat goblin. Jax shows his teeth, or possibly grins, at the Fat Goblin noding as Pieh tells him what to say. [Pieh] 10:34 pm: "Anything else, and you lose a leg."
    [strikereternal] 10:34 pm: This done, Dorgul turns to face the door, steeling himself for more foes.
          [Jayzilla] 10:35 pm: With a very pained look, the goblin stands and calls out to his follower. "Oh, I'm fine,
    thanks." He clears his throat. "Don't worry about me." Lodal listens for a reply The shaking of the doors stops, and one of the goblin (or goblins) on the other side say, "Ah... ok."
    "Now," Lodal says as he walks back over to the goblin "are you ready to talk? Or do I need to
    take the knife out again?"
    [istoaufrien] 10:37 pm: Aurora looks at Lodal and points to teh hidden entraced we used... also loooking at the
    fat goblin, trying to tell him we should take it back with us to interigate maybe
           [Lyranis] 10:37 pm: (that'd be Marsh LOL)
    Jayzilla starts rolling some dice: (1d20+5)
    Jayzilla -> 1d20 (18)+ 5 (5) = 23
          [Jayzilla] 10:38 pm: Marsh whispers, "Hmm, they bought it for now but i think they suspect something."
    [strikereternal] 10:38 pm: Dorgul shakes his head at Aurora.
          [Jayzilla] 10:38 pm: "We should probably ske'daddle."
          [Jayzilla] 10:39 pm: Balgron turns and looks at lodal. "What are you going to do to me.. Let me go and I'll
    give you the key to that chest."
           [Lyranis] 10:39 pm: Ravina stands up and brushes her shirt off and then looks at the chest. "Who needs a
    [Pieh] 10:39 pm: "I don't need the key to that chest"
    [strikereternal] 10:39 pm: "If they come back to investigate and he's gone, they'll raise an alarm for sure," Dorgul
    whispers harshly.
          [Jayzilla] 10:39 pm: slightly miffed, the goblin grumbles, "You would if you knew what was in it." strikereternal] 10:40 pm: "And we are going to need the chest" Pieh] 10:40 pm: "That's fine, we plan of freeing the goblins anyway, I want to kieep this one alive if possible"
    "Ravina, use these tools, theyre magical, make sure i get them back and wahtevers in the
    chest." Ravina kneels down by the chest if she can get near enough to it and tries to open it.The lock is very well built and obviously not goblin made. Even with Lodals well-made tools, the female drow couldn't get the lock to click open.
    : Ravina shrugs. "No go. You try, Lodal?"
    [Pieh] 10:42 pm: "I'll try later, if we dont ge tthe key"
           [Lyranis] 10:43 pm: Ravina hands the tools back to Lodal. "I need practice I think."
    [Pieh] 10:43 pm: "The chest isnt important at the moment." : The encredibly fat goblin looks confused. "You're going to free them?" "We would like to Balgron"
    "Oh. I almost forgot. You. Balgron, you stop being an idiot."
          [Jayzilla] 10:44 pm: "What are you going to free them from? they're here of their own free will."
    [Pieh] 10:44 pm: "We want you to give us information about whats going on here, then leave."
    [Pieh] 10:44 pm: "They are here for your shiny gems"
          [OverusedName] 10:44 pm: "You really think the guy is going to keep paying you? Our race is constantly
    being used by those who think they are smarter then us, as labor, then they throw us away. You think he is any
    better?" Aurora moves to a postion close to the door. She will try to listen in and be prepared just
    in case if they try to come in. Her chains at the ready.
    [Pieh] 10:45 pm: "We already took care of the torturer, you will be nothing, take the gems and leave"
    [strikereternal] 10:45 pm: Dorgul sighs. "This is a fool's errand," he mutters, mostly to himself.
          [Jayzilla] 10:45 pm: For a moment, the goblin looks very lucid and intellegent. "You should see the size of
    the gem he gave me.."
    [strikereternal] 10:45 pm: He keeps both eyes on the door.
           [Lyranis] 10:45 pm: Ravina goes and leans against the wall opposite the western door with her crossbow in
    one hand and her wand in the other.Until she notices the desk that is and goes to investigate it.
    "Can it keep you alive if the Orc over there decides he wants to see how fast he can cut you in half?" Pieh] 10:47 pm: "The minotaur is also very good at cutting, but he i more patient that the orc." Dorgul slowly turns toward the fat goblin, and gives him a menacing grin, flashing his
    fangs. "There is foul magic at work here."
    [strikereternal] 10:49 pm: (well, tusks)
    [Pieh] 10:49 pm: "Where is the gem, Balgron?" Balgron points toward the chest
          [Jayzilla] 10:51 pm: He whispers, "it's i n there." "Watch hi"
    [Pieh] 10:51 pm: *him : Ist, you can't hear anything from the other side of the door at all. you find 1 small pouch of platinum with the dead guard, Balgron pays his personal
    help very well it seems, and you find a small bottle, half empty, of the firey dwarven whisky) Lodal tries the chest "yo want to see the gem? Here." he throws Pieh his key, from a hidden pocket on him "What kind of foul magic are we talking about here?"
    [Pieh] 10:53 pm: "Everyone, if I start acting like this guy, break the gem."
          [OverusedName] 10:53 pm: "The kind you should probably take several steps back from."
    Pieh opens the chest : "Gem first, then the Goblin. I can see which one splits into even halfs better."
    The chest pops open
          [Jayzilla] 10:54 pm: On a nice sized bag of gold is nestled a gem the size of your fist Lodals' eyes suddenly glaze over and his arms go slack
          [Jayzilla] 10:58 pm: he appears to be hypnotized. "I guess that kind of foul magic" Aurora smiles at the drow and whispered to herself "ah charama is a *****" strikereternal] 11:00 pm: "I'm not sure I could stand up to that kind of magic..."
          [Jayzilla] 11:00 pm: (that's fine, nothing is happening yet) strikereternal] 11:01 pm: Dorgul focuses his attention on the doors, desperately trying not to look near the chest OverusedName] 11:00 pm: "So....Who wants to smash the gem?"
    "I guess I'll do it then." Ulgoth says, summoning another bolt of Energy. "When I
    throw this, I want you to kick me in the head as hard as you can to knock me off balance, I will be hopping on
    one foot, facing backwards, and shouting random nonsense."
           [Lyranis] 11:02 pm: Ravina calls out. "Someone close their eyes and grab the gem and put it in a pouch so
    you can't see it! But don't touch it."
          [OverusedName] 11:02 pm: (I can try my Energy Bolt from here, right Jay?)
           [Lyranis] 11:02 pm: Ravina says, "Then you can smash it at will."
    [istoaufrien] 11:02 pm: Aurora takes a few steps back and whispers "put it in a bag" she tosses a free bag
    towards Ulgoth, hitting him in the head
          [Jayzilla] 11:03 pm: Balgrons shreiks, 'NO! DON"T SMASH IT!"
    "Usually, I wouldn't listen to you, but, for all I know, you are right, so why don't
    you tell me why not to smash it."
    [General Chatter]: KayeoticNeutral has entered at 11:03 pm
          [Jayzilla] 11:03 pm: the goblin dives onto the chest and covers the gem with his body
          [OverusedName] 11:03 pm: "And if you say 'Because its pretty', then the Orc will be wearing your Innards
    as a Hat."
           [Lyranis] 11:03 pm: Ravina mutters, "I still think they should put it in a sack."
    [strikereternal] 11:04 pm: Dorgul moves closer to the doors, listening for an enemy reaction (move to P13)
          [Jayzilla] 11:04 pm: Lodal snaps out of the spell as soon as it's covered
    [istoaufrien] 11:04 pm: (does he hold it and call it his precious?)
           [Lyranis] 11:04 pm: (See I told you!)
    [Pieh] 11:04 pm: "OK. That didnt work."
          [OverusedName] 11:04 pm: "Oh, Hey, you're awake. Welcome Back Ladel."
    [Pieh] 11:04 pm: "Thanks, Ulgoth."
    [Pieh] 11:04 pm: "Now, we need to break the gem."
          [OverusedName] 11:04 pm: "So...Smash the gem?"
    [Pieh] 11:04 pm: "Without looking at it."
    [Pieh] 11:05 pm: scratch that
          [OverusedName] 11:05 pm: "Why don't you just strangle the Goblin from behind, then shut the box?"
    [Pieh] 11:05 pm: "Save the gem"
    [Pieh] 11:05 pm: "The gem isnjt doing any harm"
           [Lyranis] 11:05 pm: Ravina repeats herself. "Put it in a bag."
          [OverusedName] 11:05 pm: "...Keep talking Ladel, I'm not following your logic."
    [strikereternal] 11:06 pm: "Make up your bloody minds"
    [strikereternal] 11:06 pm: (Can I hear any activity beyond the doors?)
    [Pieh] 11:06 pm: "I... need the gem"
          [OverusedName] 11:06 pm: "You want to pick up the fat Goblin and look at it? No? Then be quiet while we
    [Pieh] 11:06 pm: "I cant explain why right now, but i NEED that gem"
           [Lyranis] 11:06 pm: Ravina groans. "Someone hit the damned drow over the head and mash the gem."
          [Jayzilla] 11:06 pm: you hear feet moving quickly and the suddenly heavy pounding on teh door
          [OverusedName] 11:06 pm: "And....Ladel's still possesed by the Gem."
          [OverusedName] 11:07 pm: "You aren't making much sense Lodel. We saw what the Gem did to you
    goblins have stopped pounding on the doors. Balgron is drolling on teh ground,
    completly hypnotized by the gem. Ulgoth and Lodal are doing tug of war ulgtoh has the gem, covered by the bag that lyr threw at him and Lodal is desperatly trying to take the gem from ulgoth
    Ulgoth picks up Lodal by the shirt and throws him completely over his shoulder,
    slamming the drow into the ground with a massive burst of strength
           [Lyranis] 11:16 pm: (roflmao)
          [OverusedName] 11:16 pm: (wee! I WON!)
          [OverusedName] 11:17 pm: (WHOSE THE BADASS GOBLIN!?)
    [Pieh] 11:17 pm: You sure are strong when you want to be
    [Pieh] 11:17 pm: like throwing marsh out of the boat
          [OverusedName] 11:17 pm: T'was...For a friend!
    [istoaufrien] 11:17 pm: (*hands Over a ribbion and a cookie*)
          [Jayzilla] 11:17 pm: Ulgoth, gripping the bagged gem tithgly with both hands, tears the gem from lodals
          [OverusedName] 11:17 pm: (Mine with the bodyslam was better :P)
           [Lyranis] 11:17 pm: (LOL)
          [Jayzilla] 11:18 pm: (    _
          [OverusedName] 11:18 pm: okay, countinuing
    [Pieh] 11:18 pm: well damn
           [Lyranis] 11:18 pm: Ravina nods at Ulgoth, "Now smite the gemstone, Mr. Strongman."
          [Jayzilla] 11:18 pm: Ok, now i need strikes to do a grab roll on lodal
    [Pieh] 11:19 pm: (Did you guys know theres no Disarm in 4e?)
          [Jayzilla] 11:19 pm: str vs fort
          [OverusedName] 11:19 pm: I Smash the Gem with my Obviously Supergoblin Strength Muscles, like I was
    tearing paper
    [strikereternal] 11:19 pm: ok
    [istoaufrien] 11:19 pm: Smiles back, hearing the crashing of the drow "I like this goblin. need to stay on his good
    strikereternal starts rolling some dice: (1d20+6)
    strikereternal -> 1d20 (19)+ 6 (6) = 25
           [Lyranis] 11:19 pm: (Nice strike)
    [Pieh] 11:19 pm: my fort is 13
    [istoaufrien] 11:19 pm: (ouch...)
          [Jayzilla] 11:20 pm: so DOrgul is gripping lodal tightly (too bad kit sin't here for this)
           [Lyranis] 11:20 pm: (No kidding!)
    [strikereternal] 11:20 pm: I was going more for a football tackle where he ends up on the ground
          [Jayzilla] 11:20 pm: and now you can do whatever you want ulogth (lol!)
    [strikereternal] 11:20 pm: and possibly knocked out
    [strikereternal] 11:20 pm: but that's cool too
    [Pieh] 11:20 pm: "GIVE ME THE GEMMMMM!"
          [OverusedName] 11:20 pm: I smash the Gem using my Superstrength Muscles
          [Jayzilla] 11:21 pm: well, i figured that would work
           [Lyranis] 11:21 pm: (I'd like to help Over smash the gem)
    [strikereternal] 11:21 pm: Dorgul grabs the drow's arms and, with his superior strength, shoves him away from
    the goblin with perhaps a bit more force than is stricly necessary.
    Ok, that sucked."
    [Pieh] 11:24 pm: "Why is dorgul on me?"
           [Lyranis] 11:24 pm: Ravina sighs, "Sorry, Lodal. I had to do something."
    [strikereternal] 11:24 pm: "You were possessed by the gem."
    [Pieh] 11:24 pm: "Gem?"
    [strikereternal] 11:24 pm: "I had to hold you back, while Ulgoth did what you told us to do."
    [strikereternal] 11:25 pm: "..Ugh."
    [Pieh] 11:25 pm: "Balgron's gem? Where is it?"
          [OverusedName] 11:25 pm: "We had a, Who will he wake up to in his bed contest involving you."
           [Lyranis] 11:25 pm: Ravina snickers and points at the bag with the shattered gem in it.
    "Hmm... Why did you break it? And REALLY, why i Dorgul on me?"
           [Lyranis] 11:25 pm: (I thought that was Kit's Cha 19 bard..._)
    [strikereternal] 11:26 pm: "Ulgoth, well done." He grudgingly compliments the goblin on his quick action.
    [Pieh] 11:26 pm: "Oh right"
    [istoaufrien] 11:26 pm: Aurora has a big smile of content on her face, trying not to laugh "dang i think i liked it
    better when we were beating on him.
          [OverusedName] 11:26 pm: "We Broke it because we didn't like the color."
    [Pieh] 11:26 pm: "I said to do that , didnt i?"
           [Lyranis] 11:26 pm: Ravina, "Well, if we didn't break it, you would have stayed controlled and irrational. Not
    that you're rational to begin with."
          [Jayzilla] 11:26 pm: Balgron rolls over, muttereing in Goblin
    [Pieh] 11:26 pm: "Wow, I'm smarter than i though."
    [strikereternal] 11:26 pm: "Don't make me think you're still possessed. I might have to knock you out."
    [strikereternal] 11:26 pm: Dorgul grins, and releases the drow
           [Lyranis] 11:26 pm: *(how much plat, Jay?)
          [Jayzilla] 11:27 pm: seeing the people all around him, he switches to Common. Where in Lolth's name am I/
    [Pieh] 11:27 pm: "Please, no more hitting."
    "Lolth's name?"
    [strikereternal] 11:27 pm: "Oh, the hitting, Ravina was the one who did that" Pieh] 11:27 pm: "Balgron, you, and i, were possesed by a gem" yeah, the last thing I remeber," explains the goblin, "I was standing outside our shrine,
    worrying about the tithes those filthy drow wanted. And now i'm here."
    [Pieh] 11:28 pm: "You have treated your goblin people cruelly, and now much redeem yourself."
    [ "Pah!" curses the goblin. "No more cruelly than I'd been treated myself. Now, explain to
    me where I'm at, you filthy drow."
    [strikereternal] 11:29 pm: (      )
           [Lyranis] 11:29 pm: (LOL)
    [strikereternal] 11:29 pm: "Maybe Ulgoth should explain."
    [istoaufrien] 11:29 pm: Aurora stalks over to the goblin "Not only to your own kin, but my and Ravina's
    comrades! there is a high price to pay!" She growls and holds her chains tightly
           [Lyranis] 11:29 pm: (Jay, I'm digging in the open ches tnow)
           [Lyranis] 11:30 pm: (while everyone else is busy)
          [Jayzilla] 11:30 pm: (lol.... non-hypnotized balgron is kind of a fun charachter)
    [strikereternal] 11:30 pm: "Back off and let his kin talk to him."
    [Pieh] 11:30 pm: "Get out of there, Ravina, i called dibs on that."
    [strikereternal] 11:30 pm: (see?!)
    [Pieh] 11:30 pm: "Besides, you couldnt open it"
    [strikereternal] 11:30 pm: (he calls dibs on everything and you give him extra money      )
    [Pieh] 11:30 pm: (lol)
           [Lyranis] 11:31 pm: Ravina eyes Lodal. "You had to use a key. It's not yours, it belongs to the whole party."
          [Jayzilla] 11:31 pm: (inside the chest you find a bag of 536 gold, a large, silver and platinum dagger, and a
    set of robes that seem rather brightly colored
          [OverusedName] 11:31 pm: "Yeah, makes sense." Ulgoth mutters as he catches the Platnium coins. "Hey,
    everybody calm down, it does not do for Women to get stressed, you will wind up with unsightly wrinkles." He
    says, then turns to Balgron. "Now, my Friend, I have much to explain. Let's start with the begining. How did you
    come into possession of that...Item?"
    Dorgul shifts his gaze alternatively from Balgron to the door, ready to step in for some
    intimidation if necessary.
    [Pieh] 11:32 pm: "Ravina, Dorgul, let me explain"
    [istoaufrien] 11:32 pm: she keeps an eye on the gobby, tightening and loosening her chain "but when your done
    he is mine"
          [Jayzilla] 11:32 pm: Balgron rolls over onto his rump. "Well, now that I think about it, I'd just gotten word of a
    messenger from some human cultist."
           [Lyranis] 11:32 pm: Ravina speaks up, "Okay wizzie, get over here and figure out what these are. They
    could be magical, but hell if I can tell!" She takes the gold and starts deviding it evenly as possible."
    Pieh] 11:33 pm: "I have been the treasuerer for my friends, I'm used to taking all the loot upon myself and using
    to best benefit my friends."
          [OverusedName] 11:33 pm: "I will deal with that in a minute, this comes first. and both of you stop arguing.
    You sound like a married Couple."
    [Pieh] 11:33 pm: "I do not do it because i want it all for myself, simply because I'm the best with money"
          [OverusedName] 11:33 pm: "And he promised to pay your taxes to the Drows if you came with him?" Ulgoth
    Asks, turning his attention from the two
           [Lyranis] 11:34 pm: Ravina raises an eye at Lodal. "And you share it equally?"
    [strikereternal] 11:34 pm: "But there's nothing stopping you from pocketing a few."
    "Yes, i do."
    [Pieh] 11:34 pm: "Dorgul, I pocket it all and my friends never have to worry about their money."
           [Lyranis] 11:34 pm: Ravina shrugs and tosses him the gold and her 7 plat. "Alright. Just make sure I get
    my fair share."
    [Pieh] 11:34 pm: "I pay for everything."
          [Jayzilla] 11:34 pm: "All i rememebr is him offering me a 'gift."
          [Jayzilla] 11:34 pm: "and then I was here."
    [strikereternal] 11:34 pm: "I don't trust you any further than I can throw you. Same with the goblin, but I could
    throw the goblin."
          [Jayzilla] 11:35 pm: "what is that awful pounding noise?!"
          [OverusedName] 11:35 pm: "That would be your Men, I think, Trying to get in, do you think you can get
    control of them?"
    [strikereternal] 11:35 pm: Dorgul looks back to the door
           [Lyranis] 11:35 pm: Ravina smirks at the fat gobber, "The rest of your people trying to get in here to make
    sure we don't hurt you, I think." "my men? I don't have any men. plenty of goblin pals though. Hey you goblins, come on
    in and meet these halfway decent drow." OverusedName] 11:36 pm: "Then...Are you not the Clan Leader?" Ulgoth asks, motioning to Dorgul. "Let
    them in, and for the sake of Ioun, do NOT attack them."
          [Jayzilla] 11:36 pm: (536)
    [strikereternal] 11:36 pm: (over if you missed it he actually paid you a compliment earlier)
           [Lyranis] 11:36 pm: (I don't remember. there was a 5 and a 3 in it.)
          [OverusedName] 11:36 pm: (I know)
          [OverusedName] 11:37 pm: (I thought this was a Back and Forth Insult Friendship >_&gt    
          [Jayzilla] 11:37 pm: "Oh, well, yeah, I was teh goblin in charge. I don;'t think of us as 'men' though, we're
    above all that filth."
    [Pieh] 11:37 pm: (got it)
    [strikereternal] 11:37 pm: (it is      )
          [OverusedName] 11:37 pm: "I like you! A Goblin after my own Heart you are!"
    Jayzilla] 11:37 pm: From the door, a goblin yells, 'hey boss, the doors locked!"
    [strikereternal] 11:38 pm: Dorgul cautiously moves to unlock the door.
    Aurora grips her chains a bit and snarls at the thought of more goblins... "if you werent
    weaked willed none of htis would of happened. " she grumbles to herself
           [Lyranis] 11:38 pm: Ravina goes back to get the whisky. "Anyone need a drink?"
    Pieh] 11:39 pm: "It's tempting Ravina, but we still have our real job to do."
    [strikereternal] 11:39 pm: "Ugh, yes, I haven't had a decent drink in ages. Lodal, can you get this lock?"
    [strikereternal] 11:39 pm: The door is overtaken by thoughts of booze as the half-orc goes to indulge himself.
          [Jayzilla] 11:39 pm: dorgul turns the knob and unlocks the door, and 10 or 15 goblins flood into the room like
    a swarm of locusts
    [Pieh] 11:39 pm: lol
           [Lyranis] 11:39 pm: Ravina tosses the whisky to the striker character cause I can't remember what his
    name is.

    istoaufrien] 11:40 pm: "ugh i much rather be knee deep in undead..... wait a second" Looks over to the fat
    gobby "Do you know anyting about the undead roming around here?
          [OverusedName] 11:40 pm: (I wasn't the one that called you that first, that was Pieh. I've called you Dorgul
          [OverusedName] 11:40 pm: )
    [Pieh] 11:41 pm: "Hey, be careful with that Dorgul, we need you at least a little sober."
    [strikereternal] 11:41 pm: Dorgul takes a good swig, and hands it back to the drowess. "Not bad. Thanks."
          [Jayzilla] 11:41 pm: Balgron waves at his fellow goblins to be still. "My fellow goblins, I have been freed ofa
    curse by these filthy drow and their slaves, who were guided her eby this heroic goblin Ulgoth.
    [strikereternal] 11:41 pm: (oh, okay)
    [Pieh] 11:42 pm: "Thats.. almost right."
    [strikereternal] 11:42 pm: (lol, ulgoth is the hero)
          [OverusedName] 11:42 pm: "It...Wasn't all me..""
          [Jayzilla] 11:42 pm: "And as such I am happy to say we will be returning to our home."
    [strikereternal] 11:42 pm: Dorgul grunts at being referred to as a slave of the drow, but manages to hold his
    [istoaufrien] 11:42 pm: "SLAVES!" *stroms over and holds the gobby by the cuffs "i will be not be a slave to a
    man!. AND ANSWER ME! what do you kknow of hte undead here? anyof you?"
          [Jayzilla] 11:43 pm: Balgron winks at ulgoth. A rather burly goblin steps forward. "You stay away from those
    undead, friend."
    [Pieh] 11:43 pm: Lodal pulls his bow on the kitty cat "chill out cat girl,"
          [OverusedName] 11:43 pm: Ulgoth rushes to (Isto, whose name I forget), and grabs her Arm. "Put. Him.
    Down." He mutters
          [Jayzilla] 11:43 pm: "Kalarel uses them to guard the stairs the lead to his lair\
    [istoaufrien] 11:43 pm: Ignores Lodal" What is beyond them?"
    [istoaufrien] 11:44 pm: (aurora)
          [OverusedName] 11:44 pm: "His Lair." Ulgoth mutters, sighing at Aurora. "He just said."
          [Jayzilla] 11:44 pm: The big goblin turns to Balgron. "What will we do about the hobgoblins? I know they're
    filthy creatures but their basically enslaved by those fiends."
           [Lyranis] 11:44 pm: Ravina just chuckles softly. "I'll keep the human, but you can have the rest, Lodal."
          [Jayzilla] 11:44 pm: The other goblins visibly shrink at the mention of the fiends.
    Her smile grows a bit wicked "I think this gobby and his crew should travel with us to help
    defeat this Kararel.... payback maybe for you all as well?
           [Lyranis] 11:46 pm: (Humans amuse ravina.)
          [Jayzilla] 11:46 pm: Balgron shakes his head. "Grazgrab here is our most experienced war leader. I won't
    have him dying to some demonic fiend."
    [Pieh] 11:46 pm: "This is not the goblin's fight, Aurora."
          [Jayzilla] 11:46 pm: The big goblin nods in agreement. "You all are better off leaving now. Those hobgoblins
    never did much for us."
          [OverusedName] 11:46 pm: "Aurora, Please, let them go." Ulgoth says, still calm. "I don't want to create a
    scene. Put Balgron down, and let them leave in piece."
           [Lyranis] 11:47 pm: "Oh, just let them go. We can do it ourselves."
    [istoaufrien] 11:47 pm: "well you can consider it compensation for what they have done to my compainions..."
    She puts the gobblin down "no honor in this clan" She grumbled
          [Jayzilla] 11:48 pm: Balgron nods. "You filthy drow are smarter than you look. I'll tell you the password to
    the lower level."

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    : A little surprised that people are actually heeding his words, Dorgul starts to lead the
    way west
        [MarshamSane] 7:01 pm: (roger)
           [Lyranis] 7:02 pm: Ravina shrugs. "I'll just follow along with the rest of you all."
    [istoaufrien] 7:03 pm: while walking she suddenly remebers "To forwarn you all, the one opening the rift, Kararel.
    He can control undead pretty well.. so the more undead we see the closer we are"
    [General Chatter]: chosenoftzeentch has entered at 7:04 pm
    [strikereternal] 7:04 pm: "..Just how much do you know about this guy? I don't think the witch even gave us his
        [MarshamSane] 7:04 pm: "****ing loverly. any vampires? rape vines? something else fun?" Illumidan is
    almost sulking now.
           [Lyranis] 7:04 pm: Ravina mutters, "Luckily undead can be destroyed"
    [strikereternal] 7:05 pm: "True enough." Jax shrugs, "They died once, not to hard to make sure it happens a second time."
    [Pieh] 7:06 pm: "Bah, he's just a stupid kid. Let's go find him and talk some sense into him"
    [Jayzilla] 7:06 pm: (well, you were with Isto, who was traveling with you but planned to split from teh party to
    attack this castle)
    [strikereternal] 7:06 pm: "The witch acted like he was just some dumb kid." Dorgul spits, a little angry but not at
    all surprised. stoaufrien] 7:07 pm: "just the basics of evil bad guys who summon portals of darkness... control undead,
    summoning and making his followers turning his peons into Vampire spawnlings...
    [strikereternal] 7:07 pm: "I'm more concerned about demons, personally."
           [Lyranis] 7:07 pm: "Sounds like a lovely person. Let's ask him to tea." Ravina smirks.
    [istoaufrien] 7:07 pm: "well looks like this witch isnt as informed as my masters were. or she was in with this
    guy bringing him more food to eat, maybe new vampire spans
           [Lyranis] 7:07 pm: (sarcasm intended.      )
    [strikereternal] 7:08 pm: "I'm sure she knew more than she felt it necessary to tell us."
    [General Chatter]: Solstice550 has entered at 7:08 pm
        [MarshamSane] 7:08 pm: "good times. lets just get there and die trying to stop him already."
        [kitsune1842] 7:08 pm: "Humph, the Witch was older than dirt, she would probably reffer to Pelor as just
    some punk kid God."
    [strikereternal] 7:08 pm: Dorgul's distaste for such behavior is pretty clear from the tone of his words.
    [istoaufrien] 7:09 pm: chuckles a bit "Im glad i found you guys, alot more entertaining then those goblins
           [Lyranis] 7:09 pm: "I don't intend to die." She has her crossbow in one hand and her wand in easy reach.
    [RARA AVIS 4e of awesomeness]: Pieh has left at 7:10 pm
    [General Chatter]: Pieh has entered at 7:10 pm
           [Lyranis] 7:10 pm: (oops Pieh go boom)
    [RARA AVIS 4e of awesomeness]: Pieh has entered at 7:10 pm
           [Lyranis] 7:10 pm: (wb pieh)
    [Pieh] 7:11 pm: (oopsie)
    [Jayzilla] 7:11 pm: (     sounds liek something i'd say)
           [Lyranis] 7:11 pm: (you dinna miss anything)
    [Pieh] 7:11 pm: "Well, lead the way, Dorgul, I'll be right behind you."
    [strikereternal] 7:12 pm: (I've been leading the way)
    [strikereternal] 7:12 pm: (if our dm didn't notice we are moving west)
    [Pieh] 7:12 pm: (Oh, ok)
    [Jayzilla] 7:12 pm: So, quick description of the area your've been in. west takes you to teh torture room. south
    takes you to a corridor: east fro mthere goes to the mines/caves. west in the corridor takes you to the entrance
    of the dungeon
        [MarshamSane] 7:12 pm: "lets get on with it..."
    [Jayzilla] 7:13 pm: You pass the torture room, and go south, and find yourself in the entrance
        [kitsune1842] 7:13 pm: Jax snorts as he follows behind the others, his steaming breath curling around his bull
    like nose. "Death comes when it comes, lets just go stop the evil, stomp things into the dirt, and cut some
    heads off."
    [Jayzilla] 7:13 pm: Then the only obstacle to the catacombs is the wooden door. Creaking it open, you see that
    there are no light sources visible.
           [Lyranis] 7:13 pm: Ravina chuckles. "How right you are, m'dear, how right you are."
    [Jayzilla] 7:14 pm: There's a set of dank, musty stairs that lead down into the blackness. [Lyranis] 7:14 pm: "Don't need one."
    MarshamSane fires off his at wills like its going outa style as he brings up the rear Jax hands Durgal a sun rod. "Use this if ya want light."
    MarshamSane lights Jax's horns
    [Pieh] 7:15 pm: "Me and Ravina will lead the way, someone be ready to spark up if we see something"
    [strikereternal] 7:15 pm: (marsh just cantrip light)
    [strikereternal] 7:16 pm: "I need both hands for my sword, but thanks"
        [MarshamSane] 7:16 pm: "that should solve it.""
           [Lyranis] 7:16 pm: (roflmao glowing Mino!)
        [MarshamSane] 7:16 pm: Jax's horns are now glowing
    [strikereternal] 7:16 pm: (yeah, nice)
    [Jayzilla] 7:16 pm: the party descends into the darkness
        [kitsune1842] 7:17 pm: ((Are the scrimshaw tribal designs glowing a special color?))
        [MarshamSane] 7:17 pm: actually **** that. I just keep casting light 4 squares ahead of us.
           [Lyranis] 7:17 pm: Ravina snaps her crossbow into the holster for it at her hip and grabs her wand, holding
    it out in front of her.
    [Jayzilla] 7:17 pm: (ok, on the excel sheets you're on sheet Area 5)
        [MarshamSane] 7:17 pm: ((scrimshaw? are we in forgotten realms?)
           [Lyranis] 7:18 pm: (stairs from room B?)
        [kitsune1842] 7:18 pm: ((Can I get the link for theSheets, cant save those on the comp.))
    [strikereternal] 7:18 pm: "Hmm.. which way to go"
    [Jayzilla] 7:18 pm: (yup)The party finds themself at a four-way interesection. Behind is teh stairs, to the north
    and west dark passageways
    [strikereternal] 7:18 pm: (what about the south)
    [Jayzilla] 7:18 pm: However, at the end of the hall to the south you see a dim, faint light.
        [kitsune1842] 7:18 pm: ((Scrimshaw as in carved in the horn and rubbed with soot so that the white horns
    have black designs all over))
    [strikereternal] 7:18 pm: (ooh)
        [MarshamSane] 7:18 pm: (**** me FR? really? ****ing mary sue setting)
           [Lyranis] 7:18 pm: (Jay: Link Kit the sheets?)
    [strikereternal] 7:19 pm: "Perhaps the hobgoblin guards?" Dorgul whispers
           [Lyranis] 7:19 pm: (FR?)
    [Jayzilla] 7:19 pm: (working on the sheets)
           [Lyranis] 7:19 pm: (and who's mary sue?)
    [strikereternal] 7:19 pm: (forgotten realms)
           [Lyranis] 7:19 pm: Ravina shrugs, still holding her wand at the ready.
        [MarshamSane] 7:19 pm: (everyone in the forgoten realms is a mary sue. everyone.)
    [Jayzilla] 7:19 pm:
           [Lyranis] 7:19 pm: (ah.)
    [strikereternal] 7:20 pm: (it was changed a lot for 4e, i think they axed or drastically changed many of the uber
           [Lyranis] 7:20 pm: (what's a mary sue?)
    [istoaufrien] 7:20 pm: Aurora grips her chains tightly, waiting for a chance to strike
    [Jayzilla] 7:20 pm: (you're going south then?)
        [kitsune1842] 7:20 pm: ((At least Elmister is now a near powerless psycho man wandering the deserts))
        [MarshamSane] 7:20 pm: (drizzt)
    [strikereternal] 7:20 pm: (yeah)
    [Jayzilla] 7:21 pm: (ok, everyone click on area 7)
    [strikereternal] 7:21 pm: Dorgul starts to head toward the south
    [strikereternal] 7:21 pm: (ooh)
    [Jayzilla] 7:21 pm: (you're at the very top left of the map)
    [strikereternal] 7:21 pm: (so some sort of open chamber?)
    [strikereternal] 7:21 pm: (or still a hallway)
           [Lyranis] 7:21 pm: (H3?)
    [strikereternal] 7:22 pm: (nm i see)
    [Jayzilla] 7:22 pm: The party members in the lead move south maybe 20 feet when they see a chamber open up
    in front of them
    [Jayzilla] 7:22 pm: the walls of the chamber hold hundreds of alcoves, each with a small funeral cask in them
    [istoaufrien] 7:22 pm: Aurora eyes those caskets "I dont like the smell of this"
    Pieh looks in one
           [Lyranis] 7:23 pm: (Oh great, zombies lol)
    [Jayzilla] 7:23 pm: (When you go in the room everyone roll percep)
    [strikereternal] 7:23 pm: "Keep it quiet," Dorgul whispers harshly
    Pieh starts rolling some dice: (1d20+9)
    Pieh -> 1d20 (15)+ 9 (9) = 24
    [strikereternal] 7:23 pm: (I think I'm in the lead, so)
    strikereternal starts rolling some dice: (1d20+3)
    strikereternal -> 1d20 (19)+ 3 (3) = 22
           [Lyranis] 7:23 pm: "Hey guys, the catacombs here are from the soldiers trying to reseal the rift. Careful."
    [strikereternal] 7:23 pm: (booyah)
    kitsune1842 starts rolling some dice: (1d20+9)
    kitsune1842 -> 1d20 (9)+ 9 (9) = 18
    Lyranis starts rolling some dice: (1d20+5)
    Lyranis -> 1d20 (4)+ 5 (5) = 9
    [Jayzilla] 7:24 pm: (you notice that the piles of dust, bones and rags on the floor are moving slightly
           [Lyranis] 7:24 pm: (bah, at least it weren't a 1)
    istoaufrien starts rolling some dice: (1d20+13)
    istoaufrien -> 1d20 (7)+ 13 (13) = 20
    large zombies
    small zombies
    : Dorgul, his sword already in his hands, reacts quickly as the zombie rises from the
    floor, and separates his head from his body with a wicked slash.
    [Pieh] 7:42 pm: btw, there is now light
    [strikereternal] 7:42 pm: (there already was)
    [Pieh] 7:42 pm: (I mean in the room)
    [Jayzilla] 7:42 pm: As the smaller zombies are slain, they emit an odd gurgling noise. The larger zombies fix
    their eyes (or what are left of them) onto the adventurers and move forward
    Dorgul, his sword already in his hands, reacts quickly as the zombie rises from the
    floor, and separates his head from his body with a wicked slash.
    : Axe at ready Jax prepairs to move as undead things start to appear. Hampred
    slightly by his allies crowding the entry to the room he moves with care often not seen in such large creatures to
    get beyond them and charge at the nearest zombie. With little regard to himself he pushes through to an open
    space and attacks the largest enemy with the one weapon he always has at hand, his horns. ((Charge to I4,
    Goring Charge)) (crits)
        [MarshamSane] 7:58 pm: SHOCK SPHERE!!! (kils all the rest)
    Lyr 21
    Isto 17
    Pieh 15
    marsh 15
    strikers 12
    kit 9
    Ulgoth 8
    the small skeletons have nothing on at all, their bones have a kind of unearthly gleam to them
    as if they were individually bleached white
    [strikereternal] 8:20 pm: (british people use the c word all the time      )
    [Jayzilla] 8:20 pm: they weild only rather heavy-looking scimitars
           [Lyranis] 8:20 pm: Ravina points her wand at the skele in J6 and uses viscious mockery on him (cha vs will)
    [Jayzilla] 8:20 pm: On the other hand, the heavy skeltons have leather with metal knobs and large, heavy looking
    [Jayzilla] 8:21 pm: Their scimitars look considerably more impressive than the smaller skeletons' weapons.
    Ravina points her wand at the skele in J6 and uses viscious mockery on him (cha vs will) (darkfire at the the same one) and I'm moving toh17)
    chains whip around Aurora's head as they crash into the skelly infront of her with great percision stirking the center, causing the thing's bones to disingrate "Now whos next?"
    Marsh: force orb, range 20. hits and secondary.
    Lodal comes walking down the hall way "Guys, I found this cool holy symbol, i think we can-
    ATTACKING!" When pieh mentions Bahamut, the skeltons actually seem to freeze for a second! it also seems like the light coming from the east of the room gets brighter for a second..... then it gets darker and teh skeletons continue their attacks. He kills one.
    Dorgul takes care of the skeleton with one quick swing of his sword. He is already
    moving forward as the undead warrior collapses into a pile of bones and dust, ending in front of the next two
    skeletons with his blade on guard.
    The skeletons pushed onto the party like a wave: their blades chopped and skittered on the armor of the heros. Lodal and Lyranis both took hits, but Dorgul expertly fought off the skeletal blades. As the Skeletons appear Jax grins a little to himself, Knowing full well his friends can
    take care of the three behind them Jax rushes forwards twords the larger and obviously more fun to fight
    creatures. With so many skeletons in the way he can not reach them right away, but does manage to move part
    of the way there bringing his axe in an upwards sweep as the blood rushes in his ears. ((Move to K15, uplifting
    all the sarcophogi door pop open and ANOTHER wave of skeletons comes out! Aurora goes" What the.... we need to get through this mess now! before we are swamped! Oi vey)
    [strikereternal] 9:09 pm: (lol awesome) lyr: over trying to turn them?)
    Lodal: just start yelling god anmes until you find the one that deactivates them)MarshamSane] 9:15 pm: "hey skeletons, we serve tiamut, better come kill us!"Pieh] 9:16 pm: "Zeus, Thor, Pelor, Lolth, Jeebus!"
    Ravina shoots another spell, misses, curses, puts her wand away and starts to reach for her crossbow (minor move
    next turn)  [Lyranis] 9:20 pm: "Anyone got any holy water? Now would be the time to throw it around a bit."
    "Now its your turn Big guy "(target skely that is in 15 with Oath of emity)...."Looky over
    there, its a naked female vampire*points off somewhere* (uses Distraction flare... moves full speed invisible.... up
    to n14 and reappears.... rolls Acrobatic c check...hopping that she doenst hit anyting) Lodal looks for the naked female vampire. I'm going to say that you dodge past the smaller skellies no problem but one of the big guys catches you with a lucky sword swipe) stoaufrien] 9:26 pm: You son of a...undead... *****!!knocking into the larger stkelton, She yells "DIE!",strikes the steletion and opens a little space rift aht moves them almost to where Aurora started.
    Marsh bombs and kills a ton of skellies: Lodal dashes through and acrobatically dodges several skeletons, although still gets hit by the bige one before makign it through to the room with the altarsyou notice along the walls, in 10 different languages, it says things like 'give obesance to
    bahamut and he will protect you'

    The light from the dome suddenly becomes peircingly bright and the beam travels along the
    floor into the passageway
    [Pieh] 10:01 pm: (Bahamut drives down from the heavans with his high beams on)
    [Jayzilla] 10:01 pm: whenever it touches a skeleton the thing freezes, and moves back into the sarcophogai
    [General Chatter]: tranc has entered at 10:01 pm
           [Lyranis] 10:01 pm: (from now on I'm shooting until someone gets into trouble. I think Marsh can probably
    go get this soda and milk)
    [strikereternal] 10:01 pm: (lame i was about to kick some serious ass)
        [kitsune1842] 10:02 pm: ((Neo Bahamut comes into Low Earth Orbit, waggles all 6 of his wings, and
    unleashes a Mega Falre?))
    [Jayzilla] 10:02 pm: (I had that encounter pegged for 5 waves of skeletons.. just fyi)
        [MarshamSane] 10:02 pm: (LOL)
    [istoaufrien] 10:02 pm: (jesus... that sucks...)
        [MarshamSane] 10:02 pm: ((thats ok I have unlimited uses of flaming death to skelk spell)
        [MarshamSane] 10:02 pm: )
           [Lyranis] 10:02 pm: (LOL)
    [Pieh] 10:02 pm: (We still get their xp right?)
    [Jayzilla] 10:03 pm: yeah, this isn't wow: you don't have to kil lsomething for XP
    [Pieh] 10:03 pm: (Good to know)
           [Lyranis] 10:03 pm: (LOL)
    [istoaufrien] 10:03 pm: (you get xp when you turn in quests too lol)
    [Jayzilla] 10:03 pm: anyways, after the skeletons are all zapped and return to the sarcophogai, the light returns,
    centers on Lodal, and then moves to the door to the east. Then it returns to the earlier dim glow.
        [kitsune1842] 10:03 pm: ((We just have to get back to the witch after the rift is closed and the ? above her
    head turns yellow))
           [Lyranis] 10:04 pm: (ROFLMAO Kit)
    [Pieh] 10:04 pm: "I think I just got touched by an angel."
    [istoaufrien] 10:04 pm: aurora grumbles a bit "well theres that way. but that was no fun" pouts a bit
           [Lyranis] 10:04 pm: "Or a god."
    MarshamSane uses mage hand to touch lodal
        [kitsune1842] 10:04 pm: "And you did not even get dinner first. Least thats a sign of the way to go."
        [MarshamSane] 10:04 pm: "and now by man"
        [kitsune1842] 10:05 pm: ((Any Skulls of the ones dropped still in one peice?))
    [strikereternal] 10:05 pm: Dorgul kicks a skeleton's skull. "Agreed, Aurora"
        [MarshamSane] 10:05 pm: ((GODDAMNIT KIT!))
    [Jayzilla] 10:05 pm: lol
    [Pieh] 10:05 pm: "You guys should be greatful."
        [MarshamSane] 10:06 pm: "I cleared the way...didn't I?"
        [kitsune1842] 10:06 pm: "Greatful you faked a prayer to a God not your own? Ok, I am greatful, now lets go
    kill something else."
    [strikereternal] 10:06 pm: "We had the situation under control without having to call on a god for help"
    [Pieh] 10:06 pm: "Who knows how many more waves of those were gonna come out, they would have flooded
    the place and we would never get past,"
           [Lyranis] 10:06 pm: "Believe me. I am. Since I couldn't seem to hit those things at all." (stupid dice)
    [strikereternal] 10:06 pm: Dorgul grunts and moves on into the next room stoaufrien] 10:06 pm: chuckles a bit " i dont htink Lotlth is pleased with you" picks up her chains and walks towards where Lodal is. Lodal hangs the Holy Symbol around his neck. Jax crushes a skull under his foot as he moves to the next door ready to move onwards.
    Jax listens at the door Lodal What do the alters look like?
    [istoaufrien] 10:10 pm: (ill roll preceptoin at the door too)
           [Lyranis] 10:10 pm: (Anything else Jay? On the alters? behind the alters?)
    istoaufrien starts rolling some dice: (1d20+13)
    istoaufrien -> 1d20 (12)+ 13 (13) = 25
    [General Chatter]: outrider has entered at 10:10 pm
    [Jayzilla] 10:11 pm: They're 5 foot tall and covered in flowing draconic script. it looks as though they were carved
    from a solid block of grainte
    [Jayzilla] 10:11 pm: *granite
    : Lodal quietly opens the door
    Lyranis] 10:11 pm: (I wanna poke around at the script looks can be decieving)
    [Jayzilla] 10:12 pm: I'll give you a bonus for poking the script: you pop open a small lid
        [kitsune1842] 10:12 pm: ((And if he had a sense of Humor Jax would yell some question about what his Drow
    eyes see while standing right behind Lodel))
    [Jayzilla] 10:13 pm: and inside you find 7 small platinum statues of Bahamut
           [Lyranis] 10:13 pm: "oooh, Look at this." She looks under the lid. "Think it's safe to remove these or is that god going to get mad?"
    [Pieh] 10:13 pm: "Leave bahamut's sacred artifacts behind, he has helped us enough." Lyranis] 10:14 pm: "Couldn't we at least return them to an active temple?"[Pieh] 10:14 pm: "Where would we find one?" Lyranis] 10:14 pm: "It's a shame to see something so beautiful go to such a waste just sitting here. Oh,
    come on, there must be one somewhere." istoaufrien] 10:15 pm: "im sure there would be a better home than here. A temple of scholars would like them im
    sure."[Pieh] 10:15 pm: "Wait.. what the WEB AM I DOING?" Lodal takes of the holy symbol and stuff it in his bag[strikereternal] 10:15 pm: (lol)[Pieh] 10:15 pm: "I cant worship a god, thats ridiculous!" Pieh] 10:16 pm: "Give me those statues, I'll try to pawn them in the next town."
           [Lyranis] 10:16 pm: "Well, I'm taking them and I'll go search for a follower to hand them over to. I'll find one someday."
    Lyranis] 10:17 pm: "Oh, now you change your mind? Here. But I'm keeping one." she hands 6 of them over.
    [Pieh] 10:17 pm: "Damn Gods, Bahamat tried to brainwash me with his holy light."
    [Jayzilla] 10:17 pm: Inside the next room, you see a raised dais with a large, horizontal sarcophagus. Along the
    walls are mostly-empty scroll racks. behind the sarcophogus is a large chest.
    Pieh takes the 6 and puts them in the bag : Inside the next room, you see a raised dais with a large, horizontal sarcophagus. Along the
    walls are mostly-empty scroll racks. behind the sarcophogus is a large chest. Lyranis] 10:18 pm: Ravina pockets the 7th for later. "So, what's in there?"
        [kitsune1842] 10:18 pm: "Ahh there is the real Lodel. Welcome back to worshiping your real god, Wealth." strikereternal] 10:19 pm: "Very safe..." Dorgul eyes the sarcophagus suspiciously. [Pieh] 10:19 pm: "You guys got me all wrong"
    Pieh] 10:19 pm: "Dont I use all my wealth to buy you stuff? I just like to see my friends taken care of." [Lyranis] 10:20 pm: "Just don't go step on any goblin bodies this time..."
    strikereternal] 10:20 pm: "I'll believe it when I see it, Lodal."
    [Jayzilla] 10:20 pm: As the whole party walks into the next room, the heavy iron-bolted doors slam shut.
    [Pieh] 10:20 pm: "Bah, I'm sure this is just the burial chamber of a devout priest, lets see what they buried him
           [Lyranis] 10:21 pm: Ravina gets her wand out again and snaps her crossbow down and moves towards the
    door. She startles when it slams shut behind her and aims her wand straight at that tomb.
        [kitsune1842] 10:21 pm: "Did I say it was a bad idea, or that you were greedy? No, all things that exist, and
    all ideas have spirits and such spirits need someone to worship them."
    [istoaufrien] 10:22 pm: "huh...booby traped." shakes it off and picks up chains
        [MarshamSane] 10:22 pm: what did I miss?
    [strikereternal] 10:22 pm: "What the hell is this"
    [Jayzilla] 10:22 pm: The lid of the sarcophogus slides open and a 6-foot skeleton in full plate stands before the
    group. His sword is easily 3 feet long. he surveys the room with cold, empty eye sockets. Who dares disturb Sir
    Keegan? I lie here, damned, having failed my sworn oath to protect this castle and teh rift inside it. What is your
    purpose here?
    Ravina speaks up. "To close the rift."
           [Lyranis] 10:23 pm: "Our purpose here is to close the rift."
        [kitsune1842] 10:23 pm: "We are here to stop some tosser from opening a hole in reality, you know where the
    rift is to save us some time?"
    [strikereternal] 10:23 pm: Dorgul stands back, happy to let Ravina do the talking
    [Jayzilla] 10:24 pm: The paladin- skeleton steps forward one step. "Don't all talk at once: which of you is teh
    best speaker, choose a spokesman."
    [strikereternal] 10:24 pm: Dorgul looks at teh female drow expectantly
        [MarshamSane] 10:24 pm: "but serriously lodal or that drow chick..."
    Ravina gives Lodal a dirty look. "Let me do the talking." Pieh] 10:27 pm: "Whatever, just do it fast."
           [Lyranis] 10:27 pm: (can I leave and ocme back? I haven't rolled higher than a 5 the last 5 rolls)
        [MarshamSane] 10:28 pm: lulz fain
        [MarshamSane] 10:28 pm: **fail
           [Lyranis] 10:28 pm: (I think my dice are broken)
        [MarshamSane] 10:28 pm: goddamn
        [MarshamSane] 10:28 pm: I haven't spelled better than 5 in the last 2000 words.
    [Jayzilla] 10:28 pm: The paladin-skeleton shakes his plated helm, "Your actions show that you have more in
    mind than simply protecting the world from teh dangers inside teh rift!"
           [Lyranis] 10:28 pm: Ravina gives Lodal another dirty look. "He does. I don't."
    [Jayzilla] 10:29 pm: "You! he says, pointing at the minotaur. For what purpose would a group need such a brute
    than to carry their ill-gained loot!"
    [Pieh] 10:29 pm: "Sir Keegan, I am-" I draw my sword "Lodal, bearer of a Menelothian artifact! Heed my words,
    we come oin a noble quest to seal the rift and learn more out the menelothian legends, stand aside or cut me
    Jax slowly pulls his axe from his back and hlds it a moment before the Skeleton. "I
    am Jax, of the Minotaur clan Minos, raised by the humans of the tribe of the far north that hunts the great white
    bear. I am a warrior of honor not a beast of burden. I wear no ring in my nose, I will not be lead, and you will
    treat me with honor or face my blade."
    Ok, backflips sound like thir worth a shot)
           [Lyranis] 10:44 pm: (I still think my dice are broken)
    [istoaufrien] 10:45 pm: (ill roll backlfips and cartwheels and stuff)
    istoaufrien starts rolling some dice: (1d20+12)
    istoaufrien -> 1d20 (16)+ 12 (12) = 28
        [MarshamSane] 10:45 pm: LOL
        [kitsune1842] 10:45 pm: ((I liked my sudgestion, seemed more Religious type like.))
    [strikereternal] 10:46 pm: (me too kit      )
           [Lyranis] 10:46 pm: "I haven't really thought about it, to tell you the truth, sir. I was taken captive and these
    good beings here freed me. I want to help with their quest and I've only just learned what it was."
    [Jayzilla] 10:46 pm: the paladin nods. "Fine," he says. "You have convinced me that your intentions here are
    [strikereternal] 10:46 pm: (lol convinced by acrobatics)
           [Lyranis] 10:46 pm: (There. LOL)
        [MarshamSane] 10:46 pm: "while the bard smears the rift with butter and tries to sew it together I'll figure out
    how to actually close it."
    [strikereternal] 10:46 pm: (lmao)
    [Pieh] 10:46 pm: (You do one hell of a flip! You must be honorable!)
           [Lyranis] 10:47 pm: (ROFL Marsh)
        [kitsune1842] 10:47 pm: ((It was the triple flip in air while holding sparklers that did it.))
           [Lyranis] 10:47 pm: (ROFL)
    [Jayzilla] 10:48 pm: "I cannot leave this chamber, I was bound here after I killed my own mortal body. However
    this blade, Aecris, was given to me at teh tiem of my knighting by a brave king." He hands the claymore to
    Dorgul. The blade has siver inlay and is beautifully etched.
    [Jayzilla] 10:48 pm: the pommel is crafted to look like the head of a platinum dragon. "This blade will serve you
    well in the times to come."
    [strikereternal] 10:48 pm: Dorgul, taken off guard by the ancient warrior's generosity, holds the blade in his
    hands and admires it for a moment
    [Jayzilla] 10:49 pm: (it's a claymore +2, and has 'daily, free action, when you defeat an undead creature with this
    weapon you may spend a healing surge.')
    [strikereternal] 10:50 pm: Then he nods. "You were a brave warrior. On this sword I swear an oath: we shall
    close this rift, and in doing so, absolve you of your fate, so that you may rest in peace."
           [Lyranis] 10:50 pm: Ravina steps forward, "Is there any way to set your soul at rest besides closing this
    rift? I hate to leave you here in torment while we work. I don't know how long this will take us. Some of us are
    injured and need rest."
        [kitsune1842] 10:50 pm: Jax nods and grins, "We are honored ancestral spirit. Before we go on, is there
    anything you can tell us of the melorians or what we will face at the rift?"
    [strikereternal] 10:50 pm: (****. yes.)
    [Pieh] 10:50 pm: "If he gets the sword, I wouldnt mind peeking ion that chest for a moment"
           [Lyranis] 10:50 pm: (always the rogue LOL)
    [Jayzilla] 10:51 pm: the skeleton seems to smile somehow at the many questions
        [MarshamSane] 10:51 pm: K.arcana for me to figure out who those moronians are
    MarshamSane starts rolling some dice: (1d20+12)
    MarshamSane -> 1d20 (17)+ 12 (12) = 29
           [Lyranis] 10:51 pm: (moronians ROFL)
        [MarshamSane] 10:51 pm: oops shoulda been +14
        [MarshamSane] 10:51 pm: so 31
    [Jayzilla] 10:51 pm: "There are a few scrolls left here, search the words there and you'll probably find out much
    about our history."
    MarshamSane dives into the scrolls
        [kitsune1842] 10:52 pm: ((The mormons are a set of brothers that made super magic weapons that we got 2
    outa 3 of))
    [Pieh] 10:52 pm: (Collect the whole set!)
        [MarshamSane] 10:52 pm: "yall go on ahead I'll study here till you defeat the evil"
    [General Chatter]: Max_Writer has entered at 10:52 pm
           [Lyranis] 10:52 pm: (LOL marsh)
           [Lyranis] 10:52 pm: "I think we should rest."
    [Pieh] 10:53 pm: "I m injured
    [Pieh] 10:53 pm: "
           [Lyranis] 10:53 pm: "As am I."
    [istoaufrien] 10:53 pm: I agree, some healing is nice
    [Jayzilla] 10:53 pm: "As far as I am concerned," said the ex-paladin rather softly, "I have broken my oath, slain
    my beloved and even my own children."
        [MarshamSane] 10:53 pm: "no you all go ahead you'll be fine. I'm exhausted. worked too hard fighting, taxing
    magic and such..."
    [Jayzilla] 10:53 pm: (what other questions did you have?)
        [MarshamSane] 10:53 pm: "quiet lord soth"
        [MarshamSane] 10:53 pm: the last bit wasn't really said
    [Pieh] 10:53 pm: lol Marsh
    [strikereternal] 10:53 pm: (lol)
           [Lyranis] 10:54 pm: "May we rest here, good sir?"
    [Jayzilla] 10:54 pm: the first scroll you pick up is a old guide on building techniques: you notice that several of
    them are no longer practiced and it might be of some value if you can locate an arcitect"
    [Pieh] 10:54 pm: "Youre a pretty sick dude for a paladin, i think it would be in your best interest to provide me
    with the key to that chest, no?"
           [Lyranis] 10:54 pm: (Pieh wants to look through the chest.)
    [strikereternal] 10:54 pm: (lmao pieh)
    [Jayzilla] 10:55 pm: the skeleton nods. "I will hold these doors closed and my skeletal legion will attack any who
    attempt to pass theough the corridor. you are free to rest here."
    [General Chatter]: KayeoticNeutral has entered at 10:55 pm
    [Pieh] 10:55 pm: (I'm willing to just put the whole chest in my bag of holding if you want, Jay)
        [MarshamSane] 10:56 pm: "Lodal, I would very much enjoy studying these texts at length"
    [Pieh] 10:56 pm: "Take them with you."
           [Lyranis] 10:56 pm: Ravina bows to the Paladin, "Whatever your sins may have been, you are yet kind. I
    think there is room for redemption for you yet. Uh... can you let our last party member through? He was left
    behind the room we came from."
    [strikereternal] 10:56 pm: Dorgul is silent at the fallen paladin's words. Apparently he is not so knightly as
    expected. But certainly his soul deserves to be put to rest. Doesn't it?
    MarshamSane] 10:56 pm: "they aren't mine..."
    [Pieh] 10:57 pm: "You can have them, this guy wont mind."
    [Jayzilla] 10:57 pm: "Oh yeah, that rat thing is in your party?" he laughs. "You bunch must be more generous
    than I thought."
        [MarshamSane] 10:57 pm: "wait, we have a pet wererat?"
           [Lyranis] 10:57 pm: Ravina shrugs and chuckles, "Good comes in all packages. Even the most bizarre."
    [Jayzilla] 10:58 pm: The doors open and Ulgoth stalks through.
           [Lyranis] 10:58 pm: (He's talking about the gobber)
        [MarshamSane] 10:58 pm: "oh the gobbo, yeah he prays for the monsters here"
           [Lyranis] 10:58 pm: Ravina looks for a comfortable place to rest and trance.
    [istoaufrien] 10:59 pm: (are we doing anytibng else... cause i have to head to bed
           [Lyranis] 10:59 pm: (that's what I was trying to do for you Isto. LOL)
    [RARA AVIS 4e of awesomeness]: kitsune1842 has left at 10:59 pm
    [Jayzilla] 10:59 pm: "No, my redemption is for only Bahamut to decide. If you would be me only the favor of
    collapsing in a section of these ruins so that I might pray in peace, I would be forever thankful."
    [istoaufrien] 10:59 pm: (oh lol)
           [Lyranis] 10:59 pm: (oops there goes Kit. Is it time for him to go home?)
    [Jayzilla] 11:00 pm: (nope, after this is a 6 hour rest so lets end it after I tell you what Marsham found in teh
    scrolls. Any other questions for Sir Keegan
           [Lyranis] 11:00 pm: Ravina nods. "That we can do, when we leave."
    [istoaufrien] 11:00 pm: (nope.... exp)
    [General Chatter]: IceHedge has entered at 11:00 pm
    [Jayzilla] 11:01 pm: Well, while the party is asking questions of Sir Keegan, Illumidan discoveres a scroll talking
    about the Menelothian weapons.
    [Pieh] 11:01 pm: Or Keegan can just leave...
    [istoaufrien] 11:01 pm: ok.. just give me my exp tommorow. i have to disppaear
           [Lyranis] 11:01 pm: (nigh isto)
           [Lyranis] 11:02 pm: He can't leave, Pieh, he's cursed to remain here
           [Lyranis] 11:02 pm: Jay, did you tell Pieh if he could get into the chest or nto?
    MarshamSane reads the scroll
    [Jayzilla] 11:02 pm: Oh yeah, i'll tell you loots right before XP
           [Lyranis] 11:02 pm: looks like you get your wish, Pieh.     
    [Jayzilla] 11:02 pm: It says "the splitting of the three blades from the one was the pinnacle of our societies
    success with magical manipulation. The mere fact that the weapons can exist so close together is because the
    very soul enegy of the Makers are entwined with the enchantments."
    [RARA AVIS 4e of awesomeness]: istoaufrien has left at 11:03 pm
           [Lyranis] 11:03 pm: so are there two of the menelothian weapons in the party now?
        [MarshamSane] 11:03 pm: so they can combine together again?
        [MarshamSane] 11:04 pm: is that what I'm like getting?
    [strikereternal] 11:04 pm: (yeah, lyr)
    [Jayzilla] 11:04 pm: It continues to speculate on what the 'signle' weapon was or where it was found: "The
    source of the item that the Makers used to split into the three blades is a matter of guessing: the Menelothians
    have never been known to tell anyone why or where they got the thing from."
    Dorgul, lacking any ability to absolve the fallen paladin's pain, contents himself with
    admiring his new sword. "Aecris, huh.."
        [MarshamSane] 11:05 pm: "Hey guys, let me see these Megazordian weapons for a minute
    [Jayzilla] 11:06 pm: "Oh, and one more thing before I rest." says the paladin after handing Lodal the key to his
    chest, "There are some statues in the altar outside this room. Take one with each of you and Bahamut will
    protect you from those trying to open the Rift."
        [MarshamSane] 11:06 pm: "*****ing"
    strikereternal] 11:06 pm: Dorgul shoots a pointed look at Lodal
    [Pieh] 11:06 pm: (So I'm protected Times SIX?)
    [strikereternal] 11:06 pm: (make with the statues *****)
    [strikereternal] 11:06 pm: (      )
    [Jayzilla] 11:06 pm: (lol no stacking buffs...     )
    [Pieh] 11:07 pm: "Oh, these things" Lodals hands them out
           [Lyranis] 11:07 pm: (Ha, good thing we took them and I kept one)
    MarshamSane recoieves one
        [MarshamSane] 11:08 pm: "Come on guys lemmie see those weapons for a second, it might be important..."
    [strikereternal] 11:08 pm: Dorgul pockets the statue happily
    [Pieh] 11:08 pm: Lodal draws the glowing shortsword and shows it to illumidan
    [Jayzilla] 11:08 pm: "Oh," says the skeleton. "You already found them. You sure are.. through for a noble group
    of adventurers."
    [strikereternal] 11:08 pm: (lmao)
    [Jayzilla] 11:08 pm: you can tell from his tone that he'd have an eyebrow lifted if he still had one.
        [MarshamSane] 11:09 pm: "and the other one" he takes the shortsword.
           [Lyranis] 11:09 pm: Ravina sighs. "I wanted to find some of Bahamut's worshipers, if any still exist, and
    pass them on to them. They would serve your god better in an active temple, would they not?"
    [Pieh] 11:09 pm: "Yeah, we're pretty good. We'll get the job done."
    [strikereternal] 11:10 pm: "They'll serve us better keeping us from getting killed"

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    And so the party, well rested and prepared, opened the door to the tombhe shaft of light from the dome above was dim, but the shiny enamel all around the room still maintained a healty glimmer
    The hall in front of the party has a marble floor and is covered with splintered bones and broken skulls

    Dorgul spares a brief glance toward the sarcophagi to reassure himself that there are no more skeletons coming forth, and then leads the way back to the corridor they came from. "So which way are we supposed to go now?"
    Dorgul pauses to look around the large chamber with the sarcophagi"Me move onwards twords our target. That is what we do. Come on the rest of you. On with socks hands know"
    ok, you find a single, large, golden coin it looks very old and possibly valuable. <Ravina> "Whatcha go there, Dorgul? Anything interesting?"

    <Dorgul> "Found a coin"
    [19:18] <Lodal> "I'm an expert in coins"
    [19:18] <Illumidan> "Electrum, Gold, or Platinum?"
    [19:19] <Ravina> "Int'resting"
    "Gold." Dorgul shrugs. "Nothing special, I guess."<Illumidan> "does one side have a jovial face, the other scary, and a hole through connecting the two mouths?" <Lodal> "Looks pretty big"
    <Dorgul> "You think it's magic, Illum?" <Illumidan> "Bah, it just appears to be some damned fool lucky charm" <Dorgul> "A lucky charm, eh?"
    [19:24] <Illumidan> "yeah. one that actually works" <Illumidan> "It allows one a momentary glimpse into the future, and an attempt to change the outcome once per day." <Dorgul> "Well, we'll see how lucky it is"
    Ahead of dorgul loomed a dark, lightless passageway
    [19:27] <Jayzilla> both sides of the passage we covered in ransacked tombs

    <Ravina> "Oh great. More tombs..." <Illumidan> "yay tombs, let hurry on"
    With the light from Jax revealing the dank passageways, you see that you'er at a four way intersection. To the right is the stairway that leads back up, to the left and forward you see only more bones, tombs and such
    <Ravina> "You leading Lodal?" <Dorgul> "Which way?" <Jaxx1842> "Flip the coin, heads we go left, tails we go straight" <Dorgul> "Aye, that's what I was thinking I'd do" Dorgul takes out the lucky coin and flips it
    [19:33] <Ravina> "Good idea. If it's lucky it should point the way." She smirks. <Dorgul> "Straight it is" Illumidan looks back "come on, ****ers."
    [19:33] * Dorgul pockets the coin again

    [19:34] <Dorgul> "Looks like the wizard knows something we don't," Dorgul mutters as he follows.
    [19:34] * Illumidan dislikes underground and is growing more and more manic.
    [19:34] * Ravina has her crossbow out and follows the rest.
    [19:34] * Illumidan shoots scorching bursts out ahead into the darkness as a form of early warning.
    [19:34] * Jaxx1842 taks a deep breath and holds onto his axe, "Starting to feel nice and at home here. I say we take the next 3 rights, and then a leeft."
    [19:34] <Jayzilla> As the party continues forward, after a short distance of maybe 30 feet, there is another branching passageway. your options are left into the darkenss, or straight. There is a glowing rune on the floor if you continue straight
    Illumidan shoots the rune
    [19:35] <Jayzilla>Illumidans magic missle hits the ground where the rune is and makes a small pock mark. No effect is seen.
    <Illumidan> "Hey Rav, I dare you to step on the rune..." Ravina looks up at Ill, "No thanks. I'll pass. I don't like the look of it." <Illumidan> "double dare you."
    Lodal pushes Illum onto the rune
    [19:38] * Ravina smirks, "That's a little childish..." Illumidan smiles and walks onto the rune. Illumidan braces for something. When Illumidan steps on the rune, a load shrieking noise emits from the rune
    When the noise dies down, you hear hungry moans from the northeast of your location.
    [19:43] <Ravina> "And I think we should move FAST."
    [19:43] <Illumidan> if so...
    [19:43] <Dorgul> Dorgul draws his sword and starts to follow.
    [19:43] * Illumidan hides
    [19:43] <Dorgul> "I think he's gone insane"
    [19:43] <Ravina> "We'll have to try to make him sane againt hen."
    [19:43] <Jayzilla> (the rune is 10 feet long and wide, but it no longer glows after Illumidan triggers it. Marsh you're 10 feet ahead of the group
    Dorgul just walks over it seeing as how it's not glowing anymore. The passageway curves toward the northeast. And so the party continued up the pathway until they saw a left turn ahead
    Illumidan stayed put till the party caught up, then calmly stood up and slipped into line in front of jax like nothing happened.

    The party stops as zombie noises came from around the corner. "Why are we stopping?"
    [19:51] <Dorgul> "And what the hell did you run off for?"
    [19:51] <Ravina> "Zombies"
    <Ravina> "Around the corner. There are Zombies." she looks at Lodal "Can you open it?"
    [19:52] <Jaxx1842> "Xombies? Where? I will crush them beneith my hooves!"
    [19:52] <Illumidan> "zombies, where?"
    (Lodal sees that there's a concealed lever right behind the zombies)
    Illumidan, hearing the noise, fires of a blast of fire 'from teh hip'

    25 illumidan
    24 lodal
    19 ravina
    16 jaxx
    15 dorgul

    Illumidan feels his boredom welling up inside, funneling it into raw tallent, he feels a new power awaken inside him, drawing from what he has learned and experienced he unleashes an arcane torrent in the form of the wizard's staple, the fireball. something previously beyond him. ALAS! the energy still is wellijg up within him, in an attempt to siphon it to less dangerous levels he unleashes a slightly smaller explosive sphere of elec
    The smaller zombies are instantly immolated by the shear temperature of the two blasts.
    The remaining two zombies look rather charred but they still move surprisingly fast for such large creatures. They seem like the comglomeration of two of more corpses, and their eyes glow red with unholy energies.

    <Illumidan> "Ravina, Bet you can't do something like that..."
    [20:11] * Illumidan smirks
    <Ravina> "I wasn't planning on doing something like that." she shrugs and gets her wand out.

    lodal backs up so the others can get by and run into melee if they like and then draws his hand bow and pops a shot into biggie #1.

    Ravina aims her wand at the other of the two big daddies and, tapping her food, does something bardish to them. Ravina glares at the zombie as it shudders and then blows on her wand and nods. "There. Maybe not as impressive, but jsut as effective."

    Jaxx1842 's eyes gleam as he sees the undead things. Before he can move they are blasted by the wizzard's power and then attacked by the Drow and the Half-Orc. When he sees his opening the Minotaur gestures with the hand holding his axe upwards, making the deadly weapon move so that he can grasp only the base of the handle before moving in between the last of the standing creatures and swinging wildly in a long arc around himself

    Dorgul steps up, intent on testing out his new blade for the first time, and stabs at the zombie with Aecris. Rotting flesh yields readily to the enchanted weapon, and the zombie, having absorbed a great deal of punishment, at last sinks to the ground.

    The zombie attacked Jax, failed. Illumidan and Lodal kill it.

    And so teh last zombie fell to the ground: The walls vibrate with the impacts of the creatures dead flesh.

    you find that both large zombies have a heavy platinum meaddllion of some kind attached to the back of their head. When you touch it your skin tingles. They loot.

    They magic secret door opens. I mean wall
    [21:01] <Jayzilla> ok. your magic missile passes right through the wall
    [21:01] <Jayzilla> and disappears
    [21:01] <Illumidan> "its a fake ****ing wall"
    [21:01] <Lodal> **** man
    [21:01] <Lodal> Jay youre a tard
    [21:01] <Jayzilla> (damn that took forever you you to figure out)
    [21:01] <Jayzilla> what was i supposed to do, as for insight checks? lol
    [21:01] <Jayzilla> *ask
    [21:01] <Lodal> dont give me this newby fake wall bullshit
    [21:01] <Jayzilla> lol
    [21:02] <Jayzilla> just wait
    [21:02] <Illumidan> lol
    [21:02] <Illumidan> my impatience trumped P's thief skillz
    [21:02] <Lodal> I go through the wall
    [21:02] * Illumidan begins systematically dropping scorching bursts behind the 'wall'
    [21:02] <Illumidan> "NOOOOO"
    [21:02] <Jayzilla> As you pass through the wall (dodging said scorching busrts)
    [21:02] <Illumidan> "Looooooodalllllllll!!!"
    [21:03] <Lodal> "I'm fine, nigga."
    [21:03] <Jayzilla> you find yourself inside a small armory.
    [21:03] <Illumidan> I was using the random burst magic to soften any potential ambush
    [21:03] <Jayzilla> and you are right next to 2 zombies
    [21:03] <Illumidan> "oh, ok cracka"
    [21:03] * Illumidan ceaces the barrage
    [21:03] <Jayzilla> They're on fire from the scorching missiles.
    [21:03] <Illumidan> LULZ
    [21:03] <Lodal> ok
    [21:03] <Lodal> i leave
    [21:03] <Jayzilla> there's 2 other zombies to your left
    [21:03] <Illumidan> for those of you keeping score at home; mage dumbassery 2, thief skills 0
    [21:04] <Jayzilla> of the two next to you, one is in front of you and one is to your right
    [21:04] <Lodal> "zombies. keep shooting."

    22 lodal
    20 illumidan
    19 Jax
    16 zombies
    7 ravina

    Pieh flees. Zombie #1 follows his prey with surprising speed. These zombies with mail shirts and soldier helmets are obviously a different breeed than the others

    Jaxx1842 grins as he once more is called to battle with the unnatural hoards. Once more he hefts his axe so that he holds it by the very end and charges into the thick of melee with the monsters. With one of the Zombies holding an allie at the moment Jaxx rushes in swinging wildly in a long arc around himself like a whirling dervish of death. As the first Zombie dies Jaxx feels an upwelling of power with in him and pulls his axe
    [21:38] <Jayzilla> 2 zombies left.
    [21:38] <Jayzilla> they're next to each other
    Lyr ice blasts both of them.
    Illumidan spins around the corner an orb of force lancing out to strike a zombie, bursting out and slashing the second one with its burst.
    The zombies slam kit. steps forwards to face the undead that still stand, Eyes narrowing he grips his axe as he swings it upwards in an attack that summons the spirits of spring and healing to give him greater power and health.

    Wars are fought for it, but it can't be found in a treasure chest. It trumpets ahead of you, annoucning your presence, and remains alive long after your death.
    [22:18] <Jayzilla> What is it.
    [22:19] <Jaxx1842> "Glory"
    [22:19] <Lodal> Minotaur wins
    [22:19] <Illumidan> "Cocks"
    [22:19] <Jayzilla> (that's close enough to 'reputation')
    [22:19] <Ravina> "Well, that would make sense for an armory...."
    [22:20] <Ravina> (All I could think of when I heard it was honor and that didn't make sense)
    [22:20] <Jaxx1842> ((and makes sense that the Barbarain gets the answer without thiking))
    [22:20] <Ravina> (rofl)
    [22:20] <Jayzilla> The silver plaque disentigrates and the ragged, broken suit of armor magically forms itself into a new, fresh suit of scale mail
    [22:20] <Lodal> Glory makes more sense that reputation

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