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  Click here to go to the first special guest post in this thread.   Thread: 4e campaign looking for DM and a few more players

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    4e campaign, Rara Avis

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    Hullo everyone, I've given up on SW RPG PBP for now (*tear*), and I'm looking at getting a group together for some 4e. Right now the players I have (and their characters) are as follows:

    Rara Avis
    Pieh as Lodal (drow rogue)
    overusedname as Ulgoth (goblin cleric)
    kitsune as Jax (minotaur berserker)
    Marsham (human wizard)
    Striker (half-orc fighter)
    Jayzilla (DM'ing)

    NOTE: no longer looking for a DM. I'm doing it

    Andrale is a farming valley around the great Eodreth river, primarily human, and ruled by a wise old king, Eodred. The surrounding land is hilly and sometimes even mountainous, and is owned by several loosly-allied city states.
    These city states are much more flexible toward multiple races and movement along caste, while Andrale tends toward a heavily regimented feudal system. However, even though these communities are fundamentally different, there has been peace between them for nearly 3 decades, owing mostly to the terrible war that preceded this time.

    Now, Eodred has died, and the Prince, Andonath, has decided to go to war. While being an over-eager youth, he has been smart enough not to openly display these plans, as he desires to catch the Outer Cities with a surprise attack.

    Kit and Pieh were living at a Wizards' tower on the borders on Andrale. Pieh was called in by the wizard, who was getting a bit suspicious of the new King Andonath. He wanted pieh to spy on the King's army. Kitsune was living in the small maze nearby the wizards' tower.

    The King's army attacked the tower, and it was a totally unexpected massacre. When Pieh was fleeing the attack, ran into the maze, and Kitsune led them to the hidden entrance that led down to the catacombs. Theonath's tower was apparently built ontop of a series of catacombs and natural caves.

    The story begins with Pieh and Kitsune at the catacomb entrance. You can hear the burning tower and the human army looting the area. The Minotaur, being slightly familiar with that area, led, followed by Pieh. They found themselves in a room 25 feet by 25 feet, with skeletons all over the walls in crevices some places, stacked against the walls in others. The room has been obviously ransacked.

    Hearing the sounds of combat, and the smell of fire Jax slips his very large executioner's axe into his hands and takes a second to work out which direction it is comming from before heading that way. "Something
    is wrong, follow me." There was only one exit to the room, a tunnel that leads downward at a slight angle. As they moved along the tunnel, you can feel the walls on either side become more and more damp. You hear the noise of water dripping quietly as you decend. Suddenly, Kitsune stops short. Ahead of you are a set of ragged skeletons somehow stuck to the walls.

    Jax notices that it looks like the theives were caught in a trap, but there is no loot among them. Pieh can tell that the trap the skeletons are has been sprung and is not harmful. "The skeletons, there is something wrong with them." Jax turns to look at Pieh, hot breath steaming from his nostrels, "I /Fear/ nothing little one." Jax makes a hmph like sound and passes by carefully before continuing onwards.

    As they continued down through the tunnel, you can tell that it's starting to spiral and become a bit more steep. "Watch you step, big guy. The bigger they are the harder they fall." Suddenly Pieh notices a bit of suspicious metal glitter in Jax's lamplight. Jax looks at the metal. Not sure what he is looking at. "Damn, is it a trap?" Upon closer inspection, the metal is the tip of a spike. Pieh suspected it was rigged to a pressure
    plate. "Hmm, yeah, if you step in front of the spike, the spike goes into you," he said. Pieh's artful skill allowed him to thorw a dagger onto the exact right spot to trigger the trap. "Well, big guy, you first."

    As you continue down, suddenly the tunnel stops its decent and levels out. Suddenly you have more room, and cannot touch the walls with both hands. Jax's lantern shine's out forlonely into the distance. using the dim light, Pieh's Drow eyesight spotted the outline of a doorless doorway, with a faint glow behind it. As they moved closer to the doorway, the steady greenish glow became pronounced. Pieh managed to stop Jax immediatly before tripping the tripwire strung along the doorway. He studied the wire, but couldn't figure out what it was designed to do.

    Carefully weilding his short sword while holding the wire, Pieh manages to cut the wire without any immediate effect. With deft fingers, the drow manges to tie the lines against the doorway to keep them taunt. "Looks safe, let's go." "Yer the one with the good eye for traps. You first this time friend," said Jax slowly.

    Immediately noticeable are a series of golden statues, ringing a circle in the middle of the floor ancient runes are carved into the floor along the ring these ancient runes are glowing softly green-white. The group saw alcoves in the walls. "Little one, I hit things with my axe. You have a better chance at figuring out this than I do," said Jax.

    Pieh slowly made his way along the wall to one of the alcoves. As you get closer, you can clearly see the funeral casks located inside. The casks have runes identical to the green ones in teh center. As soon as Pieh places a hand on wall near the cask, the casks start to glow with the same greenish light, and the center runes glow brightly. all the sudden, sparks of firery magical energy shoot from the ring, right where it was damaged.
    The casks slowly float from their alcoves to the center of the room then drop to the ground, and the ground begins to shake. The whole floor collapses because of the disrupted magical energy. Jax falls though, there seems to be bit of a long fall and Pieh fallows. Pieh manages to deftly slow himself by sliding along the edge of the cavern. Fortunately, there is something on the ground to break Jax's fall. Goblins!
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    Looking good so far. Can't wait till you get to where the Goblin starts riding the Minotaur.

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    Jax, laying on top of a soft pile of Goblins that broke his fall, bellowed at Peih, "What in the Name of The Great Bear did you Do!" Pieh, rather shaken from the fall, muttered "Where in the Abyss is this? Me? You're the one sitting on a pile of locals!" Ulgroth turns to the creatures that fell through the roof and crushed his distant relatives. "Here please!" He says, banging on the bars of the cage. "Please let me out!" Several of the stunned goblins stand on wobbely legs. Pieh looked at the caged goblin, and said, "Why is that one in a cage?" The goblins slowly turned to peer at the Drow's outburst, and one of the stammers, "Who are YOU?" in very broken Common speech. "Yes you!" grunted the annoyed minotaur at Pieh, ignoring the goblins' query. "You go poking around things and suddenly we are falling through the floor. Who do you think is going to be at fault?" Jax stands up, towering above the Goblins. "You could at least have warned me."

    Looking around, Pieh and Jax noticed that there were two exits to the chamber. One was a huge set of double doors that looked ancient and scarred. The other was a simple doorless tunnel. From the tunnel came a dim ray of sunlight. However, the chamber itself looked as though it was a warzone. Rocks from the ceiling had fallen onto a full tribe of goblins. many were buried, injured, and unconcious. The fires of the tribe had been extinguished by the rubble, and a thick, choking rock dust fogged the air. A large cage stood in the middle of the chamber. somehow it hadn't been crushed by rock. Inside Pieh saw several less-than-alive corpses, and one very shocked-looking goblin.

    Not really caring much about the goblins he landed on, Jax stalked over to the cage, "YOU! Why are you in there and which is the way out?"
    The locked-up goblin refused to be intimidated. "They locked me up because I refused to follow their God!" he explained, "Why should I tell you the way out?" Ulgroth mutters, pointing at the less alive occupants of his cage. "If you can't tell, I'm probably going to be in here awhile. If you let me out, I'll show you the exit."

    At this point, Pieh decided to continue talking to the injured goblins,"Who am I? I am an Avatar of Maglubiet in disguise, I have come to tell you it is ok to have differences in opinion. You must embrace you underground brothers, be they the drows of lolth, or other goblins of other gods! So, I have come from above to show Mablubiyet's displeasure!"
    The Goblins look at you, scratch their heads, and one of them says 'Avatar of Mablubiyet?' Jax just evily grins at the goblin in the cate at the Drows story. "Stand back little one." Jax does not give the Goblin much time as he hefts his very very large axe in one hand and reaches with the
    other to see if he can remove the chain. Pieh continued, "Yeah, you know, that guy who made you?" Then one of the surprised goblins looked down and squeaked; "You dirty minotaur, you're standing on my brother!" The three aware goblins readied themselves for combat.

    Ulgoth made a few wild swings with his arms, managing to cast a Sacred Flame on the Goblin nearest him. It hit, causing the smell of toasted goblin to waft through the haze of rock dust. Jax chopped at the cage, ignoring the goblins attacking him like a man ignoring insects. The goblin viciously speared the Minotaur, evoking a growl of anger. Slyly flourishing, Pieh masterfully severed the distracted goblins' spine and also removed his weapon arm. The goblin fell to a bloody heap on the ground.

    The party suddenly heard a loud BANG from somewhere on the other side of the rocks north of them, followed by wimpers and scratching. The minotaur turned from teh small goblin corpse, and bashed the side of the cage, freeing its' occupant. Ulgoth scampered on the bars of the Cage, then jumped onto the Minotaur's off-hand shoulder. "Aim for that one." Ulgoth says as he uses his Lance of faith spell on the nearest goblin. Ulgoth's lance of light shot through the goblin's leg, evoking a shriek of pain.

    As the Goblin shrieked in pain Jax moves on him taking his axe in both hands and howling as he brings it down. The already injured goblin is smashed into peices by the angry barbarians' swings. The barbarian continued his swing into the next goblin, and the goblin was chopped into two ragged peices with a single brutal chop. Ulgothsighed and turned to the Minotaur "I thank you Very much for letting me out."

    Suddenly the party heard the same banging and scratching noise from the north. They investigate and soon discover a concealed, goblin-sized door. Pieh's skills quickly opened the hidden door, the weakened door swings open, several of the boards turning into dust. You see a worg. a runt of the litter (worg are usually large, this one is medium) The green markings and white fur of the warg caught them by surprise.

    The noises of the door opening managed to awaken a near-dead goblin. He pulled out a small carved horn, and blew with all his might. The rather high-pitched horn echoes loudly throughout the cavern. "Oh no," Ulgoth says, crouching lower on the Minotaur's Shoulder and trying to hide behind it's head "Thats not good." The worgs howled quickly and beckoned the group. Jax moved to follow him. "Where the hell are you guys going?" yelped Pieh as he thought about the obvious treasures left in the goblin's cave. Unsurprised, Jax explained, "Following the white worg, he obviously has need of our help. Are you comming or not?"

    The worg slowed down a bit, hoping the people would keep up with him. Reluctantly, the rogue turned to run after them. "I'm coming back for this stuff later," he grumbled. "Guys, you know my race isnt usually one for sunlight, but there was some behind one of those doors... that means an exit to this unfamiliar cave complex..."

    Suddenly the party found itself at the edge of a huge pit. "We really shouldn't be following this- Whoa. A pit." Ignoring the drow, the warg seemed to indicate down into the pit. "This wolf is gonna get us killed!" complained Pieh. "I am starting to doubt this Worg." Ulgoth says, looking at his minotaurian mount. Suddenly the party heard surprised cries from in the pit. "HELP! HELP! PLZ SOMEBODY HELP ME OUT!" Shaken, the goblin made the obvious statement, "I think he fell." THE GOBLINS TRAPPED ME DOWN HERE! SOMEBODY UP THERE?!" came more cries from below. Looking around, Jax noticed an alcove on the side of the passageway inside it is a simply made rope ladder, along with a ring for a torch. Jax leans over the edge of the pit, pulls a sun rod out of his pack and snaps so that it will activate and drops it in the direction of the voice. "A sunrod?" "Someone did hear me! HEY! HEY! CAN YOU HELP ME OUT?! WHOEVER YOU ARE?!" "We are here. We are going to get you out. Stay Calm." Ulgoth says. The voice anxiously replied, "WHAT?! I CANT HEAR YOU?!" Ulgoth jumpped off the Minotaur's Shoulder, and tossed the Ladder down "Don't let it hit you in the Head," he called. As the ladder dropped down, JAx bellowed, "DEPENDS! HOW MUCH WILL YOU PAY US AND IS THIS YOUR WORG UP HERE?" The scraggly prisoner climbed up the rope slowly. "Thank the spirits. And hi!" After seeing their rescuee, the minotaur straightened up and grumbled, "I have been hanging out with the damn Drow too long." The human ran up to the Worg like a child to his family pet. "oh worgy! you are safe! you are such a good worg, who's a good worg? you are! yes you are!"

    Ulgoth Smiles. "Then I believe you owe us a Debt, does he not?" He asks the Minotaur. Blydden was busy handing his worg a piece of elven-made jerky. He looked up pitifully, "Doesn't anyone just help out others just because it is the right thing to do anymore?" Pieh grunted, "We dont need a reward if he will help us carry a few of those heavy golden statues." "Then he has just been enlisted as a Laborer." Ulgoth replied, climbing back up onto the Minotaur. Seen up close, Blydden looked a little frail, yet weathered, as though he carried some great weight. Pieh realized this, and muttered, "He's too weak to carry much... Human, what is your trade?" Blydden put his finger to his dirt-covered chin for a ssecond and quickly stated, "Alchemy." "Then, Human. I beleive you have been recruited into our Ragtag group as our Potion-Maker." Ulgoth says, as he turns to the Drow, looking for confirmation. "Do we need a potion maker?" the Drow efficently replied. Blydden started laughing, so hard he nearly falls back into the pit. The worg pushs him onto the floor instead. After he wiped the tears from his eyes, the human said, "I am an adept shaman you know. I do more than make potions." Unheard, the golbin continued, "We could always use the Wong as another Fighter. I'm not much for it myself, too small."

    Jax, mostly ignoring this dialouge, found another alcove near the exit back to the goblin's chamber. In it the minotaur happily finds a small cache of coins, rather edible food, and a weathered-looking rod pushed into the back of the alchove. "Shaman, eh? So you're probably going to tell me its a bad idea to disturb the wealth of the dead?" said Pieh, carefully examining the shaman out of the corner of his eye. "No," the shaman sighed. "I dont believe in the afterlife. They are dead, not like they need things anymore. If they become undead, better they dont have anything to fight with." At this, the Drow elf gave a surprised bark of laughter, "My thoughts exactly!" Jax caught enough of the humans words to turn and give him a look of surprise. "A shaman that....does not believe in the after life? Were you dropped often on your head as a child?" The Drow muttered, "I thought Shamans communicated with spirits, you know, from the afterlife.." "Is it any odder then a Small Cleric like me riding on the Shoulder of you, a Minotaur that just killed many of my Kin?" Ulgoth asks the Minotaur. He grunted, and started wiping away what looked like years of grime from the rod he'd picked up. It had a golden filgree and seemed to be rather well-made.

    The shaman looked longingly at the glint of gold, and said, "Those dead like it when they still feel useful after death." Pieh replied, "Ok then, let's get to looting." Jax didn't feel like letting the conversation go, and continued, "It is odd to me, small one. One can hate his own kind with ease, but a shaman leads the tribe in the ways of the spirits, and prepares the dead for the other side.. Drow!" Jax walked over to the drow and hands him the bag and the rod. "You hold my share till I need it." The party crept up to the remains of the once disguised door.
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    Good game so far, keep it up.

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    The group of four apporached the door that led back into the Goblin chamber that had been destroyed by rock. The immediatly notice four Hobgoblins rooting around in the rubble, obviously looking for something. Jax and Ulgoth both noticed that the farthest hobgoblin has a black helmet, and is carying a large scythe, and that all 4 hobgoblins have scythes, but the one with a helmets seems to be very well crafted. The other scythes seemed basically cheap imatations. They do not notice you because their busy digging through the rubble is taking all their attention.

    The party whispered aomng themselves quietly and decided to try a surprise attack. Pieh slipped like a phantom along the edge of the wall: with the rock dust and rubble he may of well have cast invisibility on himself. Then he readied his small crossbow, but his sailed past the hobgoblin without connecting. The goblin looked up and started glancing
    around. Ulgoth called upon his god, but his lance of light shot by the hobgoblin, failing to cause damage. Blydden started chanting. His spear turned blue and expelled a spray of color. The light show hits the hobgoblin but appears to have no effect. He grunted and put his longspear in an attack position; the hobgoblins had a pretty good idea where the enemies were, now, and they were aided in seeing the attack when a huge minotaur suddenly took off at a sprint, headed straight to the middle of the chamber! Pieh sighed at the minotaurs' charge, and fired his crossbow while the hobgoblins were distracted. The excellently aimed shot landed right underneath the shoulder plate and chain mail of the hobgoblin. He grunted in pain, and blood sprayed onto the dusty floor.

    The leader hobgoblin looked up at the minotaur and roars! He charged toward Jax, raising his scythe high, and then connected! fortunatly, the minotaur turned so no vital organs were hit, and the goblin even managed to stay on his shoulder. Blyd continued shooting magic at the hobgoblins, this time wounding the already injured hobgoblin. The creature swayed and nearly fell over. However, the mortallywounded hobgoblin did not give up! he yelled a war cry and prepares to die fighting, which is his cutures' way. He limped over to the worg and with a scream of inarticulate rage, swung his scythe in a vicious sweep. The animal easily dodges as the hobgoblins' strength seems to be seeping away with his life's blood.

    Across the room, Jax suddenly found himself being attack from the front and rear as the last hobgoblin came behind him. The creature pulled a gritty throwing dagger from his belt, and flungs the unclean weapon at the minotaur. Obviously the hobgoblin was well practised, and the dagger hits.
    Jax lets out an almost feline roar of rage as he slams the head Hobgoblin. If you could understand his native tongue, his war cry would have sounded like, "Swift Panther Rage!!" The Hobgoblin leader screams his fury as the minotaur buries his axe into the things lower chest. Blood sprays in a fine mist, painting the dusty chamber with a grisly display, but the fire in the hobgoblin's eyes was not extinguished!!! Across the chamber, watching the exchange, Lodal muttered under his breath, "Minotaurs and their drama..." The dying hobgoblin grabbed onto the haft of the axe and prepared to sell his life with one final attack. Angrily, Jax ripped his axe out of the hobgob's grasp and brought it down onto the hobgoblins helmet, quieting the rage in his eyes forever. He turned his blood-soaked head to the hobgoblin behind him and said, "Run."

    The thock of Pieh's crossbow bolt penetrating the nearby injured hobgoblins' chainmail was loud enough for Blydden to hear. The hobgoblin gapsed once, and then slid to the dry, dusty floor. Meanwhile, Jax's sole remaining opponent, seeing his leader's death has frozen into a statue of chainmail and hate. The goblin perched on the minotaurs' shoulder shot his Lance of Faith at the enemy. The fire shooting from the minotaurs shoulder, combined with the state of shock the hobgoblin was in, snapped whatever mind the grimy thing still had. He turned and started to run, gibbering unintellegably. Jax took this opening to swing his blood-coated axe down onto the fleeing creature. The thing screamed in fear and ran at full speed toward the cave exit. Suddenly he tripped a tripwire. Immediately, four weighted, disguised scythes hurtle toward him, shredding him like a mouse in the jaws of a tiger.

    The scream caused the last Hobgoblin to turn and see his ally sliced into pieces by the trap. This opening was enough for Lodal, who ran at the hobgoblin from behind. throwing his entire body onto his short sword, he managed to punch right throw the creatures armor, deeply embedding his blade in the enemies' spine. It dropped to the ground, defacating himself as his last mortal action. As the Hobgoblin died Jax expends the last of his rage and anger in a final roar of triumph before driving his axe into the corpses' head, cleaving it from the body. With a grim smile, Jax nodded at his friends for a combat well executed and looked around for the caskets that earlier fell through the ceiling with him and the Drow.

    "You minotaurs are so violent, why did you have to cut his head off?" Lodal said, "And don't think I didn't see you fighting the leader, that was gruesome." Jax laughed in reply, "Its not like he was going to need it any more. And do not blame it on my race, I was filled with the Rage of the great panther. I am sure you would rather I cleave his head from his body than attack you, right?" Searching intently, the party discovered ten heavy golden statues dug out of the rubble and a few in the hobgoblins posession. Obviously the gold was what was distracting the enemies so the party could make their sneak attack. Two of the goblins had small pouches with several gems inside. Blydden greedily eyed the items, calculating their value. "I am gonna sing all the way to the bank!" said Blydden laughingly.

    Jax took a closer look at the scythe carried by the hobgoblin leader. It didn't seem to be a hobgoblin weapon, as it was finely crafted and filgreed. The other scythes seemed to be rough copies of the leader's weapon. As the minotaur picked the weapon up, suddenly all sources of light nearby him seemed to dim! "Cleric, if you know anything about magic weapons take a look at this thing and see what powers it contains," Jax muttered. "I will see what I can do." Ulgoth says, as he steps closer to the weapon. As soon as Jax hands the weapon over, the world returns to it's normal brightness. The minotaur could tell that this illusion was only effecting the weilder of the weapon, not the rest of the party, as they seemed not to notice. "Ooh...very interesting sycthe...What is it goblin?" said Blydden. The goblin studied the weapon, and realized it was a rather powerful artifact. "This weapon is a problem child, so so speak. Its original Magic is strong, but, currently, some other type of magic is interfering with it." With his curiosity piqued, Blydden wondered, "Ooh...maybe we can dispell it?" Ulgoth replied, "I would prefer we make sure we know what it does, before we go rushing in with Magics. It doesn't seem to have... problems. I believe the Interfering Magic might be helping it in someway."

    Meanwhile, an uninterested Lodal had managed to unearth the other two statues. He stood for a minute and contemplated the best way to transport the set of twelve heavy statues. His digging Ulgoths and Blydden's conversation continued until they turned to the subject of who should wield the weapon. It was obviously too big for ulgoth, and the minotaur had no interest in the item. With a sigh, the goblin offered the weapon to Blydden. "Just, be careful with it. I wouldn't be surprised if I don't know everything about it. This thing is many years older then anything I have come across in my Studies." Byldden had a scared look in his eye after handling the weapon. He handed it back, saying, "I do not wish to wield it. Maybe we can find someone to resize it for you, goblin." The goblin shook his head and took the weapon, "Very Well."

    Several of the funeral casks had been damaged or utterly destroyed in the collapse. The magic that once surrounded them was now merely a residue. The parties focused searching found several golden coins and a set of destroyed weapons. However, one weapon managed to survive the fall: an embossed short sword. Picking the item up, the lights around Jax seemed to pulse and brighten. Ulgoth looked to the Shaman and gestured, "Would you like to take this one?" Lodal looked up from the statues, "Is that a Short Sword?" Jax shrugged, "Its a bleeding dagger to me, but look at the pretty lights." As you bring the short sword next to the scythe, they seem to attract, or.. resonate.

    Blydden seemed mesmerized by the interplay of magical forces, "Oh my...lord..." Ulgoth, not as stunned, imagined all kinds of possible harm. "Thats interesting. Jax. Put that down. Something is happening, and I don't want you caught in it." It seems to the trained eye that the short sword is somehow related to the scythe: crafted by siblings perhaps. Where the scythe has been altered to cause darkness, this sword has been conveted to brighten lights. It also is a moderately powerful weapon.

    "I can't wield short swords," Blydden sighed. "Who wants this? I cant use it..." Ulgoth concentrated his thoughts on the weapon. "I think I understand. The Scythe brings darkness, and the Sword Shows Light..." Lodal volunteered, "I would love to have a new short sword, if no one else is going to take it." Ulgoth agreed, "Drow, take the Sword, it would probably serve you best." Hearing the exchange, the burly minotaur burst out laughing. "The only short sword weilder amongst us is the one that is likely to hate light!" Slightly miffed, Lodal replied, "I'm different than most Drow."

    Ulgoth, as with a bit of a smile on his goblin face, turned to business. "I will take this Scythe for now, and hope to find a Wizard to enchant it. I can not weild it as it is." Byldden turned from teh group and abruptly wandered away, "Where too no...where is worgy?! He whistled, seeming totally lost without his companion. "Worgy? Oh Worgy?"

    Steadfastly ignoring the shaman, Lodal agreed, "I will take the sword." Picking it up, he yelped, "Whoa. Those lights are bright."
    Blydden continued his search, "Worgy?! Worgy is missing!" Jax glanced over at Blydden, then growled, "He is a spirit companion is he not? Cant you know...summon him back?" Ignoring him, Blydden hastily ran into the door on the left."
    Unshaken, the goblin was amusing himself by dropping the scythe, watching everything return to normal, and then picking it up and darkening things. "I would prefer if we found some place to store this scythe," he said, "I can not see very well with it, and it is simply dead weight to me."

    Blydden ran alone down the long corridor through the double doors. He traveled down the corridor, surprised as the air became heavy and warmer as he went along the tunnel. After travelling a good 200 feet, he came do a single, weighted door. Perched by the door was his heavily panting Worg. Blydden grinned, and ran to his headstrong pet. After a minute or two of petting and comforting, the shaman peered into the next room. His expression turned from delight to horror as he observed a heavy forge with several goblins and hobgoblins running about. "Oh...*censored*," thought Blydden surprisedly, "Cmon worgy, we have to get outta here."

    Meanwhile, Lodal decided to check out the exit cave where the trap went off. Carefully looking around, he saw what looked like a defensive cave, altered from a natural cave. Someone, or something, had dug out a deep pit and filled it with rusty spikes, leaving only a thin two-foot ledge to pass on. The idea, supposed Lodal, being that it would be easy for smaller creatures to cross, but difficult for larger intruders. There's a trap back here, kind of," he called to Ulgoth and Jax.

    Suddenly the shaman appeared out of the shadows. He walked next to Lodal, took one look at the 'bridge,' and said, "Hmm. Let me try." With a laugh, Lodal replied, "Careful, Shaman, I'm not digging you out of another pit." The shaman, rather surprisingly, walked without trouble across the ledge, even pretending to fall at one point. His animal companion made a big leap, as if he was walking on air, and went to Blyddens' side. Ulgoth stepped across the bridge easily, it was much wider for him then the others. "Be careful you two, I don't know Raise Dead yet," he called back into the darkness.

    Lodal figured it was his turn then, and he began to carefully make his way across. However, he managed to hit a snady patch and for a moment completly lost his footing. "Careful Pieh!" yelled Byldden with a concerned look. The Drow managed to catch himself before falling in. He ended up laying on his belly on the bridge. "Whoa! That sure is narrow," he called to his companions so they'd know he wasn't in danger. "This is so undignified, but.. it's the safest way." he muttered as he crawled slowly to the other side.
    Jax looked at the others and gestured to them to make way. "Move to the sides if you dont mind!" Seeing what the minotaur had in mind, Ulgoth dived for cover "If you land on me, I'm never fixing your wounds again!" Once everyone is out of the way the large minotaur moved fifteen feet back to take a running start before attempting leaping the pit.

    Jax flew through the air, but fell short of the safe ledge. With a feat of agility surprising in one the size of a minotaur, he managed to rolling on the two-foot ledge, and continued onto saftey, ending up flat on his face. Stunned, Jax laid there for a minute cathing his breath. "Damn small creatures," he huffed, "Never coulda walked that... but jumping? I can do that." The party sat for a minute and enjoyed the light of actual sunlight. Blyds worg started sniffing the ground by the exit to the caves, and drew Blydden's attention. He noticed a cleverly-disguised pit trap. "Guys! Don't MOVE!" he shouted with surprise, "There is a pit trap, plain and simple."

    Lodal managed to see the signs of the pit's 'lid.' "The goblins came in and out this way, there must be a by-pass," he said. with the trained patience and care of a skilled rogue, he started examining the trap and the surrounding area.
    "Ah, here we go." He reached out and pulled the small lever on the inside of the cave. It appeared to disable the trap as a clicking noise came from the pit-trap. It sounded rather like a board moving into place to seal the
    cover. "Well," said Lodal with appriciation, "it seems goblins are becoming more and more innovative." Jax gestured at the others to cross the trap first, "That or they took over a kobold clan's cave."
    "Yeah, would I expect this stuff from kobolds." Blydden nodded in agreement. "Prejuidiced Largeys" Ulgoth muttered, stomping across the trap.

    Jax shrugged. "No one said you were stupid, just not used to Goblins using sofis...sofi...complex traps." "Yeah, Little dude," agreed Lodal, "We know You're smart."
    "I am nothing if not Petty, so all is forgiven." Ulgoth said with a short goblin chuckle. "To be fair, I don't care very much about my own race, I was in that cage for quite a long time."

    Jax waited till he was the last one to cross the trap, just to be on the safe side, before he crossed. "At least you little one have met your own kind." said the minotaur with a frown. "All I know of my race is stories and myths."
    As the party left the cave, they were surprised to see themselves exiting a doorway that looked like one from a burial ground, coming out of a set of rolling foot-hills on the opposite side of the mountains from where they came into the tunnels. Lodal noticed a group of ragged refugees further up the hill that he seemed to recognise as people who once lived in the tower that he had fled.

    "Ah. Light..." sighed Blydden. Witha grimace, Lodal replied, "Yes, it burns. Come this way." He waved at the group of ragged refugees and started traversing the grassy hill.
    "Ahh! Smell that fresh air. Now, where do we go so I might carve my revenge for the loss of our home out of the hides of those that attacked us?" As the party approached the refugees, Lodal saw that they seemed to be watching something, something not immediately evident.

    "What about me, Jax?" asked Ulgoth, "Do I not get revenge for the weeks I spent in that horrible cramped cage?" "Was that not revenge our crushing the goblins and thier hobgoblin leaders back there?" answered Jax. Suddenly a rabbit appeared in midair, and the refugees burst into applause. Blinking repeatedly, Lodal said, "What the web? a rabbit?"

    "True." Ulgoth says, then shrugs. "I have nowhere else to go, so I suppose that I will keep following you, however." Blydden's pet Worg snarled half-heartedly at it. Then the rabbit disapeared, and the party heard someone snapping their fingers. "Its a Wizard," Ulgoth Mutters. "Hes probably using a Spell."
    Lodal shook his head, "It appears to be a magic rabbit. Let's get a closer look." All the sudden, the familiarpersonage of the tower wizard, Theonath, appers in front of you.
    "Hey," said Lodal, "You're alive. I have much to report." Blydden's worg started chasing a nearby brown hare. "THEONATH!" cried Jax, "My heart swells to learn you survived!"
    "Well of course I survived, Jax." replied Theonath with a half-smile, "Those scum that call themselves warriors wouldn't know an invisibility spell if it kicked them in the.. erm, head." "But," said the laughing minotaur, "What is the fun in kicking them in the head when much more painful places remain to strike?"

    Blydden bowed, "Pleasure to meet you, I am Blydden, Shaman extrordinaire." Theonath introduced himself to the members of the party who haven't met him, and is particularly respectful of Ulgoth, even speaking the goblins' language. "I like you." Ulgoth says to Theonath. "I see you are far superior to me in your knowledge, so I must impress upon you your help, even though we have just met."

    "It appears that your suspicions were correct," stated Lodal, "but not swift enough. Well, I guess thats not a lot to report.." Blydden jabbed Lodal in the stomach and whispered, "The weapons? Maybe he can help us with those. That seems worth "reporting" to me." Blydden left the conversations as he noticed his worg chasing a poor hare. "Worgy! No! Bad worg! Very bad worg!"
    Turning toward the Drow, Theonath asked, "Ok then my friend, what was taht report you mentioned?"
    "Well," explained Lodal, "It seems your maze led to a burial chamber"
    "Well, I was aware of that." Theonath said quickly, "I had several of my men check it out. They reported no treasure and a few losses, but they claimed that they'd explored the entire cave system."
    Blydden ran around in the background, chasing his pet, "Worgy! No! Bad worg! Stop!"

    Ignoring Blydden's antics, Lodal continued his story, "Yes, but the burial chamber, uh, collapsed. There was extensive water damage, and a goblin cave. It is my conclusion that the goblin cave was seperate from the burial cave."
    Jax cut in, "Did your men mention the goblin tribe, or a hobgoblin with a scythe thaat could create darkness?"
    Theonath turned a stunned look toward the Minotaur. "A Scythe that creates darkness? That sounds most interesting. I've never heard of anything like it. Although, It does bring to mind the famous Menelothian-crafted Short sword, a weapon rumored to control the sun itself."
    Blydden, weezing, cried after the worg, "WORGY! COME BACK!...phew...can't...breathe..."

    "We have both of those things." Ulgoth says, pulling the Scythe from his back and laying it on the ground. "It was actually my Favor I wished to ask. I wanted to know if you could Enchant this Item so that I may weild it."
    "Interesting, I have this," Lodal said, drawing the short sword. "It makes thing brighter, and easier to see, what is this about controling the sun?"
    Theonath drops to one knee and examines the sword as though it were crafted by gold. "W-w-where did you find this? It cannot be a forgery..."
    After a pause, Theonath continued, "It looks as though you've located two of the Three Meneothian Glories."
    With a surprised look, Jax said, "Oh? What is the other one?"

    Blydden falls to the ground, exausted from the running.
    "The legends say," explained Theonath, "that the Menelothians were a set of triplets, three children rumored to be the best craftsmen in the history of this world. In their lifetimes, they only crafted three weapons, one by each member of the family."
    "How could the goblins acquire such legendary treasures?" exclaimed Lodal.
    "You got this weapon from a Goblin??" said Theonath with a surprised look, "It seems as though it had been kept cleaned and cared for since it was made"

    "You misremembered, Pieh," said Ulgoth. Jax nodded in agreement. "You found this weapon in one of the Tombs." continued the goblin from his perch on the minotaur's shoulder. "The Scythe was on a Hob Goblin. Is it one of the three Treasures, or is it something else?"
    Theonath pondered the statement, "Caskets? Hmm... They were supposed to be sealed away into the tombs of their creators, at least, according to legend." At least, the Scythe and the Short sword. The Third weapon, of course, remains in use by the monarch on Andrale."
    "Right, I remember now," said Lodal, "They also resonate when brought together. Watch.." Lodal brought the sword next to the scythe. "See how they ebb and flow with power, it sure is neat."
    Theonath studies carefully as the weapon are brought together. "Hmmm... That's not right at all. It's almost like the two weapons refuse to exist when that close to each other. I wonder if it has to do with the Menelothian Sealing?"
    "See, it was dangerous to bring those two that close," said Ulgoth, "You should be more careful with the Magical Aritifacts you pick up, I can't bring back the Dead yet."

    Lodal, mesmerized by the interplay of magical forces around the weapons, looked up suddenly. "Menelothian Ceiling?" he said "Like the one we fell through?" Jax sighed and took a second to look around beforre taking a seat on the grass. "This is gonna be a long story isn't it Theo?"
    "Great, Jax," prodded the Drow, "you broke the Menelothian Ceiling..."
    "I broke it?" huffed the minotaur, "You're the one that touched the caskets and made the floor fall in."

    Blydden started to snore and rolled over, completely asleep. Ulgoth hopped off the minotaurs shoulder and took a seat next to Jax. Theonath continued telling his story after the adventurers had absorbed that last bit of information. "The makers created these weapons in order to protect their Kin... One day when the Menelothians were devling into an ancient tower looking for a rare component for one of their works, they came upon a Lich. This lich enchated one of the brothers, who, while charmed, stabbed and killed his brother."
    "SEALING, as in, protection." Ulgoth says with a sigh. "Not Ceiling."
    "But Ceiling makes more sense," said Lodal while chuckling, "we didnt break any seals!"
    "That act somehow damaged or sealed the great powers of these weapons. It seems that the enchantment on them required a promise of the makers, that if they did not harm their kin, their weapons would have
    great power. When the enchatment was broken, the weapons weakened, and their makers aged much faster than is natural."
    "The weapons were buried with the brothers, except for what is now called the Sword of Andrale, a broad sword said to shimmer with the light of the ages."

    Lodal suddenly looks horrified, "Will I age faster for weilding one?"
    Theonath, with a twinkle in his eye, chuckles. "A good question, my friend! No, the weapons were linked to their weilders. Whatever curse was on them, died with the owners."
    "Oh, good."

    "Hmmm.." hummed Theonath, "This ripple effect that happens when they come near each other.... I wonder what would happen if the third weapon was brought into contact with the other two? I would suspect that the weapons would become more powerful! That, or... explode. But I'm relatively certain that the resonation would strengthen the weapons. You might have quite a treasure in those two weapons." Blydden, suddenly wakening, nods. "I agree with the idea of a massive arcane explosion. It would probably destroy the weapons...and the wielders."

    "Here, Let me show you my map," said Theonath. He waved his hands in the air, and a huge portrait of Andrale and the surrounding area appeared floating in mid-air. "Take these two weapons to my Great-Aunt Messari, she lives, here, is the swamp near Kolgnathi. If anyone on this world knows the correct course, she would."
    Ulgoth looked longingly at the scythe he carried, and asked, "Then is it safe to Enchant one farther?"
    Jax said, "Hmm, is there a way to alter the size of the weapons, make the Scyth smaller so that our little goblin friend here can weild it without risking cutting his own head off?"

    Theonath nodded, "Oh, certainly! These weapons are very flexible. He waved his hand over the scythe, pulled a bit of
    some arcane plant from his robe and concentrated on the scythe for a few seconds. It seemed to shrink, milimeter at a time. Blydden amazedly watched the sycthe shrink. "Here you go," said Theonath, "That should be the perfect hieght for an angry goblin."
    "I thank you Very much Theonath." Ulgoth says, as he takes it, the dimming sensation covering his eyes again and making him feel better. "I never was one for the Light, and this Scythe is like a nice bit of
    Shade right over my eyes."
    "So," continued Theonath, "If I were you, I would travel to and get a guide who can take you to Messari in the swamp. She'll be able to give you some good advice on the weapon." As he marches over to the refugees, you hear him mutter, "She did tell me everything I know about
    the Menelothians, after all. Good luck."
    As Theonath left the group, Lodal muttered, "I just wish it didnt make thing so bright, but that is the nature of the magic."       

    Ulgoth, watching Byldden's pet's antics, asked Jax, "I Wonder how Fried Worg Tastes?"
    With a slight frown, Blydden commented, "I told you already he is half-spirit. and he will only do what I want only if he wants! And I can't de-summon a half-spirit. Worgy does want to be dispelled, so he can't be, at least not by me"
    "We can't Desummon Spirits Either." Ulgoth said, as he walked over and kicked the Worg in the rump. "Quit it." Blydden 's worg relucantly gets off.

    Theonath called from teh group of refugees, "Friends! Beware, an Andralean patrol comes this way! I'm taking these people to Stormscale." He throws a purse of gold over to the group. Here; a reward for your help!"
    "Thank you," said Blydden quickly. He slowly stood. "A patrol? I think we should get outta here..."
    Ulgoth nodded, "It would be a smart idea." Ulgoth says, looking at Lodel. "But you two are the ones who are most involved in this quest, what do you think?" Jax shook his head, "Lets aim twords that swamp Theo mentioned. Maybe we can find an inn on the way so we can have a bit of beer."

    "Do you want to come with to Stormscale?" calls Theonath. "It is in the opposite direction of Kolgnathi, but it is.. a bit safer. It is your descion, but choose quickly!"
    Lodal shrugged, "Let us seek out the swamp witch." Blydden uncertainly shrugged, "What do you think?
    After quickly considering, Ulgoth volunteered his opinion. "I would prefer safe for a night to on the run but less walking anyday." "Bah," said Jax, "a safe life is a boring one."
    "I agree.." stated Blydden. "Maybe we should split up. me, worgy, and jax to the swamp, and ulgoth and lodal with theo."

    "Hmm," wondered Lodal, "I wonder how Stormscale would feel about us 'monsters' running around." Ulgoth shrugged, "It would be best to hurry to Stormscale, we can get rid of our Gold and such, then continue."
    "Oh, Good point." exclaimed Blydden. "Come on let's go!"
    Lodal gave up. "Sounds like a plan, my goblin friend."
    Blydden started looking around fearfully, "We should leave now, I think they are getting closer..."
    "Please Jax?" asked Ulgoth queitly from Jax's side, "They are very close, we should go now. I understand you want to hurry, but we are getting tired." Jax huffed impatiently, "Fine, we will go the safe and boring way first. Lets go to Stormscale and sell some statues and see what we can purchase."
    "Thank you." Ulgoth says as he beings to rush after Theonath. The party joined the refugee group, who were clasping hands with Theonath in the center of the rough circle. "Ok everyone, hang on!" the old wizard said excitedly. He traced a few glowing runes in the air, then suddenly clapped his hands. The sound seemed to echo throughout the hills, and suddenly everything went black....

    Ding level three!
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    and the wiznard Illumidan joine teh party!

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    After the Mass Teleport spell the Wizard Theonath cast, the party finds itself on a hill overlooking the walled city of Stormscale. Once only a defensive border keep, Castle Stormwind had become the center of a burgeoning town and was converted into a city-center. It reminded the group of an old war-horse set out to pasture. The city walls, in fact, appeared swamped on both sides by houses, stores, and tents.

    Theonath waved for the groups' attention."Friends, welcome to Stormscale. I would suggest that you stay together, as there is some kind
    of... danger I had not anticipated in the City." Blydden raises an eyebrow, and his pet worg just "woofs". "danger?" the shaman asked plaintivly "Yes, I can sense some kind of mage-work or spell working slowly, that was not here the last time I visited," replied the old wizard Jax huffed in what was probably a minotaurian chuckle. "As if there is a danger I would fear, old friend."
    Lodal smiled at the minotaurs bravery, "Even you have plenty to fear from unknown magics, Jax."

    Byldden continued interrogating Theonath, "Do you know what it does or is? The old man sighed, "I'm not certain yet, it is going to take a bit of searching. When I find out, I'll let you know." And with that, he snapped his fingers once, and disapeared. Blydden blinked, very surprised. "That is a strong spell." he remarked. Lodal sent him a knowing smile and said, "He is a powerful wizard."

    Several refugees that were teleported with you form a line waiting in front of the city gates. Each person has to talk to the guard before being let in. More than a few are turned away. Other people go out into the part of the city not contained by walls. As the party approached the gate, they noticed talk about 'permits for busking.' The shaman put his finger to his chin and tried to remember what that term meant. "Oh now I remember," he said, "Busking has something to do with entertaining or entertainers. Thank gods we don't have to worry about THAT. At least...I hope we don't." Lodal shrugged, "But we do have to worry about being a band of monsters." He turned to one of the people behind him. "Does this city typically permit drow and goblins?" The man shrugged wordlessly his lack of knowledge.

    "You may worry," said Blydden, "But I do not. I will see if I can fast-talk the guards for us." As your party gets closer to the guards, they heard a teifling guard turn someone away for 'Not having proper business in the inner city.' Jax whispers to the others, "If need be one of you that can lie, tell them we are entertainers, trained mosters, and bribe them into letting us in. I don't 'think' this city is racially prejudiced.... but I am not certain."
    They party became less neverious as they noticed that the guard was a tiefling, and the group ahead of them contained a rather mean-looking bird creature, in robes. "Guys." Blyddden suddenly suggested, "You go infront. I will be a person behind. If they do let you in, I won't need to lie. but if
    they do not let you in, then I am still covered. Whatever you do, I am not assosciated with you..."

    As the group approached the gates after the long wait, the soldier eyed them, looking at the minotaur with a touch of fear, and maybe a hint of respect. "Welcome to Stormscale..." He said, "We'all don't get many meenotars 'round these parts." Lodal extended a hand, with a palmed coin. The soldier shook his hand, palming the coin with practised skill. "So, got a lot of money, do ya?" he queried rather suspiciously. "What's your goal in this here city?"
    Lodal replied casually, "We plan on selling off a few relics we have come across, and spend just as much." The soldier eyed the drow rogue, saying, "Relics eh? I hope they aren't.. you know.. reeligious or anythang. You'd better let me take a look."

    "Of course, they are simply collectors items," said Lodal as he displayed one of the statues. Blydden gulped, suspecting the melethonian gems and statues were most likely religious. As the man saw the glint of gold, his eyes widened. He reached out a finger and touched the statue. "Well.. I'll be... That looks like gould! Where'd a troop like y'all come up with gould like this?"
    With a smile at the mans' surprised look, Lodal explained, "They are from an ancient kingdom, nothing to do with religion. A very dangerous place, we barely managed to escape with our lives."

    The guard noded at a few of his bigger pals, who moved to block the way. "ya'lll'r welcome in this here city..." drawled the guard, "But we're going to need one of them there' statue things as a tax."
    Without even blinking, the Drow offered a statue. "Of course, you are welcome to one" The man greedily took the statue, and waved the group past without another look. As you walk through the gates, the sound of the statue snapping into pieces as the guard split the gold with his partners echos over the wall. Lodal cringed.

    Blydden laughs to himself, knowing his first insincts where true, and walks with his party through the door, "I am with them." As they entered what the residents appeared to call the 'inner city,' they were swept into a thin crowd of people traveling down the main cobblestone road. Jax grinned, thinking to himself that he has a very smart friend. One only of twelve statues, and not only did they buy easy entry to the inner city, but they had bought some good will amongst the guards. The minotaur figured that good will with the authorities was always a good thing for a thief to have. "Whew," Blydden sighed, "Glad I didn't have to lie. I probably would have said worgy was a rare cat.

    The party came up to a Town Crier, "Hello crier, any news today?" queried Blydden. The man was yelling about some kind of new tax, and seemed like a smart fellow. After catching his breath, he looked at the group. "You guys need some directions? Maybe a tour?" "No tour for us, thank you," said the Drow, "but we are looking for an.. antiques dealer." "Antiques, eh?" replied the crier, "You probably want the local branch of the Purchasers' office. Byldden nodded warily, "Thanks." The man continued, "I could show you the way.. for a bit of coin." Maintaining the wary look, Blydden asked, "How much?"
    "Well," grinned the man, "you hand me some coins, if it isn't enough i'll ask for more." Lodal sized up the man, "You are a shrew-" "What if we give you too much?" interrupted Blydden rudely. His Worg apparently doesn't like the town crier, and snarls at him.

    Miffed, the drow elf turned to the shaman, "Blyd, may I speak to the man? You obviously dont understand how these things work." Undisturbed by the partys' confusion, the town crier continues, "Heh, I've let to be handed too much coin before, my friend."
    After the worg barked a few times at the man, he turned to it and starts, surprised by the size of the animal. "Hey, did those guards let some kind of animal in here?" Now truely offended, Blydden cries, "HE isn't just "some animal!" He is my friend!"
    Jax came up to the seemingly distraut shaman and putout his arm. "Calm down, friend," the minotaur said lightly. Using the opportunity, Lodal "Yes, sir, we will let you lead us. And you will have enough coin. Ignore the beast, is it friendly enough." Blydden glared at Lodal with flaming eyes. Jax turned, and said in his best Minotaur voice, "Yes, ignore the beast, hes just there in case I get hungry and can't find a decent inn."

    Lodal handed the man a couple gold coins. The crier rubs them together, "Ah, that is a sound I like to hear." He turns and walks to the end of the street, where you see a four-way intersection. As the man turned to guide the group, Lodal looked angrily at Blydden. "Next time, perhaps you should let the Drow do the talking, Shaman. You need to calm yourself! This is not some savage wasteland, this is a city!" "Blah blah blah dont savage wasteland blah blah". Blydden whispered in reply to Pieh.

    The group was glad they have a guide as it seemed that traffic picked up
    Taking a left turn, the man leads you down to a cul-de-sac, with a large, prosperous looking office building at the end of it. "Would you prefer to leave our little group?" asked Lodal with an angry tinge to his voice. "I do not recall asking you to follow us." "Personally,' replied Blydden, "I don't even think he deserved 1 gold coin, and I don't mind following you, I just hate following him."
    The crier pointed at the building wordlessly, let out a laugh and began jogging back to his post. Blydden and his worg stick out their tongues at the crier as he runs past them.

    As the group entered the building, they saw the sign on the door has several golden coins next to the rather plain name "Stormscale Branch Purchaser's Office." "You may have cost us valuable information, Blyd," said Lodal as he passed through the door, "Next time keep your mouth shut please."
    The young lady seated near the door calls out, "yess? What can I do for you manly guys?" "Well I will. I just don't think he deserved the gol- whoa." Blydden blinked as he was suddenly in the presence of a pretty girl. Jax simply blinked surprise. He couldn't ever remember being reffered to as 'manly.'

    "Why aren't you a pretty little thing," said Lodal while grinning, "we would love to be directed to an antiques deal-."
    "Greetings, I am Blydden," interrupted the shaman, "and these my companions, Lodal, Jax, and Ulgoth. Oh and my pet, Worgy."
    Lodal was not put off by the interruption. "If you would be so kind," he said with a bow. With a twitter, the lady turned around in her seat and hits a small gong behind her.

    Blydden's worg wags his tail in the presence of the maiden, as Blydden 's eyes flop open and his ears sting. Worgy whimpers and runs around for a few seconds before stopping. The wall next to the group suddenly slid up, apparently on some kind of a track. Sitting in a large padded chair is a balding, older man. He's surrounded by odds and ends, chairs, swords and great swathes of cloth.

    "Daddy," said the young lady, "There are.. Men here to see you."
    "Ah, thank you very much, dearest." he replied. "And what can I interest you gentlmen with?" he calls with a booming voice.
    Eager to please, Blydden said quickly, "We have melethonian relics we would like to trade."
    With a sigh, Lodal corrected him. "He means, Menelothian."
    "That is what I said Melethonian," Blydden continued, "I have a wealth of gems, and my friends here have a bunch of gold statuettes."
    Pieh wordlessly rolled his eyes.

    "Relics, you say? And gems? I should take a look at them," said the rather eager sounding man. Lodal disgustedly motioned for Blydden to continue. "You first, Blyd, I am gettin sick of having to talk over you."

    Jax leans over to Pieh, "He reminds me of someone I knew in my tribe. He was apparently a great warrior till a great white bear managed to hit him in the head several times." Lodal knowingly nodded. "Head wounds are a great equalizer," he said with a chuckle.
    Pretending not to hear, Blydden agreed to go first. He then put the gems on the table. His worg sniffed them, finding nothing unusual, obviously. The procurer picked a few of them up. From some pocket in his vest, he pulls out a jewlers' lens. "Ah, I see: this is indeed a wealth of gems.. And how much are you asking for them?"
    After mulling it over, Blydden suggested, "How about 100 gold pieces for each gem, my good man?"
    The procurer laughs. "A hundred gold piece for each gem? I'd be lucky to sell them for that much! How about this: I'll give you 900 gold peices for the batch."
    "Alright then. 900 for the batch it is," agreed Blydden.
    Without another word the man poured the gems into one of his big pockets and hands you a bag of gold, after dumping some out.

    "Sir, take a look at these fine Menelothian arfifacts, I estimate their value in gold, which they are made of, at 700 a piece," said Lodal, "But, I will admit to you, I am asking more for their historical value. I would appreciate your honest opinion on their value, sir."
    Blydden interjected quickly, "Besides, with the weight in gold at the very least, these statues are worth 750 gp each, not counting the artwork on them."
    Without looking at the statues, the smart looking gentleman said witha chuckle, "Historical value, eh? Laddy, the museum is over that'a'way, and I'm certain that they've emptied their coffers recently. I'll give you 500 gold a statue, and that's a bargain."
    Blydden laughs, "I doubt that. The weight in gold is 750 gp a-"
    Lodal cut in, interrupting Blydden. "These were notmeant to be melted," he said, "These are artifacts, you can easily sell them for 1000 or more." The large man rubs his large waxy-looking mustache and says, "Well, some collector might want a few'of them. I'll offer ya 600 gold peices."

    Lodal shrugged. "I'm looking to get rid of them, I have been carrying them for a while and their weight is aching my back."
    The mans daughter seems to be quite taken with the statues. She leans over to her father and whispers in his ear. Pieh and blydden hear as the girl anxiously asked if she could have a statue.
    "Well, Sir," said Lodal with a decidely chilly tone in his voice, "if you can not offer me at least 9500 for the lot of them, I may have to consider holding onto them for a while longer."
    Blydden squakked, "Lodal!" "Quiet, Blyd!" With a downcast look, Blydden said, "Yes Lodal."

    The man coughs and sputters at the figure. "Nine thousand gold, eh?' he takes a second look at the statues, and seems to be thinking. "Could they be worth that much?" Lodal waited patiently, but seemed agitated. With a shake of his head, the man says, "I don't like your figure, but I can't let such a pretty object pass by. How about this, I'll give you eight-and-a-half thousand gold for 10 of them. I simply don't have enough gold for the full amount on me right now."
    Somewhat relieved, Lodal said, "That sounds fair to me. Sir, you have a deal."
    Blydden let out a relieved sigh, while the man took the staues one at a time, and lovingly wrapped them in a special treated cloth.

    After he has the statues counted and secured, he went into his treasury room and brought back 5 bags. Four were in a red felt bag, while the last bag was shiny and silver. "This last bag is in Platinum, my friend. I hope that is acceptable?" 
    "Yes, Yes it is." said Blydden quickly. "Thank you kind sir..."
    Lodal looked daggers at Blydden. "Ooh blyd, I'm going to hit you."
    "Not if I hit you first when we get outta here," he replied.
    "Why would you hit me?"said Lodal. Looking to the storekeeper, Lodal nodded quickly. "I suppose that is acceptable, Sir"

    The man smiles, and says, "I hope you don't have anything else to sell, because I'm going to need to order more gold from the branch office." Lodal shook his head, "That is all for now, Sir."
    As they left, Blydden whispered, "You took a big risk on that, and he seems like a kind old man, besides you coulda gotten us kicked out." Out in the street, it was mid-afternoon, and the streets seemed to be clearing as the townsfolk went to lunch. Blydden said, "I am happy we made any money from those statuettes at all!"
    Lodal seemed disturbed, "Blyd, relax, you know nothing of the city. We will need this gold by the time we are thrrough here." The group saw a few street urchins, a man with fine clothes and a tall feather in his hat, and the bird creature who you earlier saw entering the town.

    "I know we do," said Blydden, stoically resuming the disagreement but did you have to get it with just a brash method?"
    "Yes, I did," said Lodal, "Now stop questioning me."
    Jax put an arm on Blyddens' shoulder, "That is how things are done amongst these humans. Now," he said, addressing the party loudly, "we need a merchant with magic items and a mage that can enchant weapons." Lodal turned to Jax, "Why do we need a weapon enchanter?"
    Blydden shrugged.

    The street urchins nearby quietly noticed the parties' indecision. One of them scooted over nonchalantly. "Hoy there, sirs. You gents 'alookin' for sumpthin'?"
    Blydden jumped with surprise at the unexpected voice. "so...oh hi! Good day! Yes, yes we do. Do you know anyone here that sells magical weaponry?"
    To answer Lodal's question, Jax explained, "This axe was my father's. He took it from off a gaint used as an executioner long ago, and I will not simply trade it in for a new one. I would like to give it more...power."
    Lodal nodded and then muttered to himself, "are there any good masterwork items aournd here, I wonder? like thieves tools? I could use a nice set of those."
    "Mahjik weapons?" queried the grimy child. "Well, the mage-smith's shop is on the opposite side of town. There's also a Weezard's tower if you go from here, and take two lefts. I could show ya if you buy me a meal,"
    he stateed hopefully. Jax flipped the kid a gold coin. "We need a bit of a guide for the day. There is another one of those at then end for waiting until you are no longer needed."

    "Well, thanks, sir," said the grinning urchin. "Which one do you want to go to first?" "Let us go for the armor first," answered Jax, "does that sound right friends?"
    Lodal grumbled, "Well, we need a general mageware shop. But, armor isnt a bad idea. Ok, Let's go to the mage-smith first." The urchin laughs. "Jervis sells more than just armor! He's one of the best weapon amkes in the whole land! Come on!" The child waves impatiently. Jax followed along behind him.

    As the party approached the mage-forges, they could see it was obviously a unique building. Bellows belched black smoke into the air, and the clanging of a blacksmith at his trades echoed through the area. However, the customers' entrance of the store appeared very businesslike. There were many people browsing wares and being helped by clerks, all overseen by a short, stocky man with a rediculously large mustache. He came up to the group. "Welcome! I am the legendary crastman, Jervis the Stout. And what can I interest you folks in today?"
    "Well, Hello Jervis!" said Lodal. "Well, we are in a bit of a pickle, we need a.. saddle, or sorts," he said, pointing to the goblin on the minotaur.
    "And do you carry Pouncing armor as well?" added Jax.
    Looking up at the minotaur, the craftsman's eyes widen. He approached Jax, and walks around him in a circle. "My Gods, he's perfect! Come here, come along friend!" I've got something to show ya." Blydden, entranced by some shiny object, went looking about the wares, hoping to find very intruiging, and odd, enchanted items.

    Jax followed along with Jervis, "Perfection is something I strive for."
    Jervis led the party to a locked cabinet. As he swung the doors open, the group saw a large, brilliantly polished Greatsword. It looks as though it wieghed a ton, but every inch was covered in destructive-looking sigils. "I made this greatsword for one of my old friends, a Giant!" explained Jervis, "And the damn being had the audacity to die before I could give it to him! I've been looking for someone.... big enough to carry the thing and take it off my hands, but it is no easy task! Here, take it! Tell me what you think!" The greatsword was obviously a fine work, and an incredibly large weapon.
    "Meh, it is a sword." said Jax as he dismissed the weapon with a wave of his hand. "Magic or no, it is not the axe of my father. Instead could you enchant a weapon that has as emotional value?"
    The man's face falls, "Oh... that's a shame. The enchantments I add usually are only onto just-crafted weapons. However, that 'does' look like a finely crafted axe. Let me take a look at it." Jax allows the crafter to take his axe. "It is a prize won in battle by the man that raised me
    and who called me son." said the minotaur, "It is all I have of him or my tribe."

    The man took the axe, examining it with the practised eyes of an experienced craftsman. "Well, hmm... That is interesting. It looks as though it was made, no, designed with an enchantment in mind, but none was added. It would be a simple task to add a few enchantments onto it. I couldn't get as much finesse as the Sword there, but I could supplement the axes' power. "Such a work would cost me, 1300 gold peices in components and time."
    Lodal asked, "What would you put on it?" The craftsman replied, "If you desire, I could add similar powers to sword, though not as powerful. Upon any kill, the weapon would grant you temporary health, and it would strike faster and more accuratly. Or, I could give it an improved rage ability: whenever in a berserker rage, it will act as a +2 weapon. It's up to you."
    "Well," mumbled Lodal, "What do you want, Jax? I would like to buy everyone something,and a few gifts for the party in general."
    "Well, tell you what.." said the Weaponscrafter, a consummate salesman, "if you buy the enchantment, I could give you a discount on my newest weapon."

    "What Newest weapon?" asked Lodal. Jervis waves Lodal over to a small wooden case. Clicking a knob on the front of it, it pops open, displaying a wide variety of weighted daggers.
    "Just take a quick look at this, friend." He picks up one of the weighted daggers. Pieh examines a dagger, tossing it from hand to hand. "It is well weighted, but what does it do?"
    Jervis descrbied the item. "This is a leechcurse weapon, one of the newest productions of my forge. It is a unique magic item. When you stab an enemy with it, it will sap their energies in order to power a strong curse. This curse will paraylze them with magic. They won't be able to move a single bone. The weapon will then slowly dig itself into their body."
    Lodal quickly put the dagger down. "I've heard curses are avenged seven-fold on their user," he said with a tinge of fear in his voice.
    "Heh, that is mere superstition, I assure you. The one penalty with the weapons is that once used, the enchantment is burned, and it no longers works."
    "Hmm.." considered Lodal. "And how much are you asking? With the discount."
    "Well, I'll let you think on that, let me help this minotaur."

    The man turned to Jax. "You said Blood claw?"
    "Yes, Blood Claw I believe was the term used by the old warriors of the tribe." "Unfortunately, while being a strong mage, those magics were created by the family of a specific bloodline. I can attempt to mimic them, but it won't work at full strength. A blood claw enchantment by me would only be one and a half times strong, instead of three times. Is that acceptable?" He handed a note to Lodal while he talked with the minotaur. It read with Discount 700 gold peices
    Jax took a moment to think on it, and then shook his head, finally deciding against it. "I think perhaps I will wait and think again."
    "Oh, well that's fine," said the obviously disappointed craftsman. "Tell you what, I'll read up on that specific enchantment and see if I can improve
    my technique. Come back to me in a day or so and I'll see what I can do."

    Jax nods at the man, "Now, the real question. What do you have in the way of armor?"
    "Well, armor isn't really my specialty." said Jervis "My friend Gerogeson over there, He'll help ya with that." He indicates a thin, wiry man with a huge set of lenses over his eyes. The man waves at the weaponsmith and comes over to the group. "Did I hear armor???? Fantaastic." He walked a few steps to a big cabinet and flung the doors open, revealing several suits of chain mail, scale mail, and some specially treated leathers.
    "Mister Gerogeson," said Jax, "yes I am looking for some enchanted hide armor."

    Lodal poked the minotaurs side. "Jax, do you want to see if this man can make you barding and a saddle?"
    Jax shook his head, "A saddle perhaps for the little goblin's comfort, but I am no animal. Barding would be of no use."
    Ignoring their conversation, the "Hide, eh? Buying a present for a special druid you know?" He laughs very nasaly. Jax leans in over the armor maker. "It is for me."

    Pieh cut in, "I am also looking for armor, enchanted leather is what i require." The armorcrafter moved to another section. Well, I don't work Hide armor very much, it's so much harder to enchant than common leather... But, I do have a few nice suits here: Here's a suit of Purified Hide armor +3: No poisoned blade you'll see will penetrate this hide!"
    After showing off the finely crafted suit of hide, he slipped in, "Only for the low price of 4500 gold."
    Jax shook his head, "Something cheeper, less than a thousand gold is my preference."
    "Less than a thousand??" the man sighs sadly, "Well, then I also have a nice set of fleet hide armor +2. Not only will you be more protected, it will
    help your leaps and acrobatics! That suit is very affordable at only 1700 gold peices."
    Lodal nodded appriciativly. "We can spend the 1700 on you, Jax."
    "Well," added the armorcrafter, "I 'do' have a suit of glowing hide +1 for 600 gold. It's a bit more defense, and you'll never need a torch again!"

    "What do you say Jax?" said Lodal with a chuckle, "Do you want to glow? or be as lithe as an elf?"
    "Hmm," pondered the minotaur, "I had hoped for decent pouncing armor, or beastial armor.. But in a city my chances aren't as good I think, as opposed to with people that understand the importance of the primal spirits."
    The armorcrafter, who'd been listening to the conversation, cut in. "Primal whatsits? Oh, I don't worry about that kind of thing, but there 'is' a local shaman's store in the outer city. I figure they'll take care of things and animals and such outside the walls, you know." He nods at the Drow and says, "I've got all these items also in leather, with a few more peices."

    "Hmmm, perhaps we should try this shaman when we are done here." Jax rumbled to himself while the salesman continued talking, "Is there any more you wish to see here Lodal?"
    Lodal nodded and turned to the ever-talking craftsman. "Do you have darkleaf armor?"
    The salesman continues as though he wasn't interrupted. "For example, look at this nice set of studded leather with a spell of fire resistance. I've also got this excellent set of leather +2, while not 'actual' darkleaf, it 'is' similar. Let me see if i can find it." fter digging around in his stores, he pulledut a well made set of leather. "This suit of leather +2
    has a minor darkleaf enchantment, it gives you a little boost in protection. Not as much as darkleaf, but it is nice. Only 1000 gold peices."
    Finally recognising quality work, Lodal quickly nods, "I'll take it."
    "Excellent!" he hands the suit of armor to an assistant to take to the front.

    Blydden decided to pipe up. "Where's the blacksmith? Do you sell longspears? I was looking around and didn't see any...of course, I
    didn't look very hard. Or some decent leather armor?"
    [Pieh] 9:16 pm: "You need to talk to the other guy for spears, he's the weaponsmith. This guy only sells armor."
    The man with the glasses nods and says, "We have a very large array of polearms and the like if you'd like to talk to the weaponsmith"
    Blydden nods. "Very well."

    The weaponsmith looks up from his work. "You guys again? What can I get you this time?"
    Blydden says, "I would like to see if you have any longspears. And maybe a belt or something for worgy. *Woof*!"

    "I certainly do," said the man with a smile, "although I'm wondering if i could persuade you to purchase a polearm instead? They're very similar, and a good polearm goes a long way against mounted opponents."
    Blydden quickly shook his head. "No polearms please. Besides, a spear is a polearm in it's own right. I need a longspear, a LONGSPEAR! Not a glaive, not a halberd, a longspear."

    The man shrugged. "Well that's certainly true. Here is my collection of long spears, looking for anything specific?"
    "Nah, just a longspear..." Blydden said. "Got anything magical? and in a size 2 1/2?"
    Jax groaned at the shaman's attempt at a joke, and said, "Got anything that creates a zone of silence around the weilder?
    Lodal nodded in agreement. "That would be most beneficial."
    "How would that help...?" said Blydden.
    [Jayzilla] 9:21 pm: "The man chuckles and pulls out a well-made longspear. Here's a nice longspear plus two and one half, heh. The longspear is a longspear+2 of parrying, and will increase the user's defenece as much as his offense!"
    "Hmm," thought Blydden, unconvinced.
    The weaponsmaster continued his speil. "It's a terrific weapon. or would you like something a little more offensive?" Blydden took the spear and balanced it, then put himself in several fighting poses, lunging and the parrying. He said, "Give me a moment."

    Grinning, Lodal said, "His smell is already offensive enough, i think."
    Lodal slapped Blyd on the back, "Just kidding, man."
    "Yes, I'm sure you can feel the weapons' pull. It's really a very attractive weapon. Only 1100 gold peices, and on sale!"
    Blydden's pet Worgy barked at pieh and tried to bite him.
    Jumping, Lodal says, "Yikes, watch it, worgy. I hope you dont plan on drawing from my funds to buy that!"
    With a pained look, Blydden scoulded his pet, "Worgy no! It was just a gesture! No no biting!" he turned to the weaponsmith. "Maybe I will look at your totems before I buy a spear."
    "I dont think they sell totems here, Blud," said Lodal. "Though, I'm not even sure what a totem is."
    Blydden looked surprised and asked the weaponsmith, "Do you have any totems?"
    "Totems?" the man rubbed his beard. "You'd have to ask more woodsy people for those, I think."
    Byldden smacked his forehead and said, "I should have guessed..."
    Jax spoke up, "A totem is like a holy symbol, but for Shaman and spirit callers. It lets one channel primal powers." "Ah," said Lodal, "I see. Yeah, they wouldn't have those here, Bly."

    "So.." said the merchant with dollar signs in his eyes, "Would you like the longspear?"
    "Hmm.." thought Blydden, "Got a lightning longspear? I am fine for defense, but I don't fight close up that often... Maybe something not as much for melee combat, but more for magic?"
    "Lightning? I've got a spear designed for throwing.. it teleports itself back to your hand!
    "I am not that good of a shot..." said Blydden, "how about an opportunistic weapon? That is why I have the spear, anyhow." "Well, I do have a longspear of Focus +2.. The weapon would add its +2 onto
    any magic attacks you make. Very handy for the spear-wielding magic-user. And only 1600 gold peices." "You're sure you dont have an opportunistic weapon?"
    The weaponsmaker stopped for a minute. "opportunistic? I'm not sure what you mean, laddy."

    "Well." said Blydden as he finally made a decision, "I was going to keep as much money as I could for a nice totem..." Seeing that his profit was about to walk out of the door, the weaponsmaster felt a bit desperate. "oh, is 1600 a bit high? I think I could go to 1400... for a friend. You seem likea nice lad, all talkative and such."
    "Oh I am much abiliged by your offer," said Blydden, "but I dont think the focusing spear is quite right for me..."
    "Well that's a shame, laddy." Anything else I can help you with?" "I think we're going to go take a look at the armor," said Blydden.

    Blydden] 9:41 pm: "Hmm...what do you think guys?"
    [Jayzilla] 9:42 pm: I've got some of this nice Purity armor, not only will it help against poison, but a poisnon coated
    blade will ahve a lot of trouble harming you!
    [Pieh] 9:42 pm: "I think we should get going to the wizard's tower"
        [Blydden] 9:42 pm: "So many resistancing..."
        [kitsune1842] 9:42 pm: (Your picky? You saw what all I turned down for what I want right?)
        [Blydden] 9:42 pm: right
    [General Chatter]: Pellinore has entered at 9:42 pm
    [Jayzilla] 9:42 pm: "So want anything?"
    [Pieh] 9:42 pm: yeah Jax turned down an awesome greatsword
        [Blydden] 9:42 pm: "How about the fire resistance? Personally, I prefer winter, and for me summer is a bit of a hot
        [Blydden] 9:43 pm: "I need fire resistance armor that will cool me down."
        [kitsune1842] 9:43 pm: "OR the shaman that sells Hide with real enchantments. If your going for resistance take
    poisen since we are headed for a swamp soon enough."
    [Jayzilla] 9:43 pm: "Absolutly, I've got some nice leather armor of fire resistance +2, for only 1200 gold.
    [Jayzilla] 9:43 pm: "Should I put it with your friends armor?"
        [Blydden] 9:43 pm: "Can you tell me more about the poison armor again? My friends made a very good point."
        [Blydden] 9:44 pm: "We are headed for a swamp soon."
    [Pieh] 9:44 pm: "Certainly not, these sales are seperate."
    [Jayzilla] 9:44 pm: "It's very nice stuff, I have a +2 variant in leather. It adds the +2 against any check vs. poison
        [Blydden] 9:44 pm: "Add has 5 resist?"
        [Blydden] 9:44 pm: "And*
    [Jayzilla] 9:45 pm: "and additionally, any poison coated blade trying to damage you will make the armor +4 instead of
        [Blydden] 9:45 pm: "Or poison in general?"
    Pieh] 9:45 pm: Jay, in this game, poison does damage
        [Blydden] 9:45 pm: "Like spitting cobra venom?"
    [Pieh] 9:45 pm: theres no save, i dont think
        [Blydden] 9:46 pm: 5 resist means whenever i tae poison damage, reduce that damage by the resistance
        [Blydden] 9:46 pm: which is 5
    [Jayzilla] 9:46 pm: ok, let me expalin in game turns
        [Blydden] 9:46 pm: so if i take like 7 poison dmage i would only take 2
    [Jayzilla] 9:46 pm: if you get a poison spell cast on you that goes agains reflex or fort, you get a +2 from teh armor
        [Blydden] 9:46 pm: or any def?
        [Blydden] 9:46 pm: dont forget AC.
    [Pieh] 9:47 pm: how often does poison hit your will?
    [Jayzilla] 9:47 pm: "if someone tries to bite with poison or stab with posioned blade vs. armor, it's +4 instead of +2
    [Jayzilla] 9:47 pm: if it was a charm poison it would be against will     
        [Blydden] 9:47 pm: "Ah."
        [Blydden] 9:47 pm: "How much for the poison-resist armor?"
        [Blydden] 9:47 pm: we will run into like snakes and zombies in the swamp right?
    [Jayzilla] 9:47 pm: For the +2 leather version? 1400 gold
        [Blydden] 9:48 pm: "how about 1100 gold?"
        [Blydden] 9:48 pm: "What?"
    [Jayzilla] 9:48 pm: With a sly grin, the man says, "I could go down to 1250 gold. And that's a bargain"
        [Blydden] 9:49 pm: "1200 gold. I am a pusher for bargains."
    [Jayzilla] 9:49 pm: you would quibble over 50 gold? 1225.
    [Jayzilla] 9:50 pm: "do we have a deal?!
        [Blydden] 9:50 pm: "I quibble over any amount. 1225 seems fair enough. thank you very much."
    [Jayzilla] 9:50 pm: "excellent. Anything else?
        [Blydden] 9:50 pm: *I give him 12 platinum pieces and 25 gold pieces*
        [Blydden] 9:50 pm: "I think i am fine otherwise."
        [Blydden] 9:50 pm: "Thank you for your time"
    [Pieh] 9:51 pm: "Where the hell did you get platinum?"
    [Jayzilla] 9:51 pm: .. 12 platinum = 120 gold
    [MarshamSane] 9:51 pm: ((FAIL?))
    [General Chatter]: Solstice550 has entered at 9:51 pm
        [kitsune1842] 9:51 pm: Bly, you were paid in gold, you dont have any plat
        [Blydden] 9:51 pm: fine then
    [Jayzilla] 9:52 pm: WEll, there was a bag of platinum
        [Blydden] 9:52 pm: and 1 pp = 100 gp
        [Blydden] 9:52 pm: do your homework kitsune
          [OverusedName] 9:52 pm: Yes I do
    [MarshamSane] 9:52 pm: wow didn't we JUST GO OVER HE HAS HIS OWN ECONEMY?
    MarshamSane tones down the raeg
    [Jayzilla] 9:52 pm: not in my world it doesn't
    [MarshamSane] 9:52 pm: apologies
        [Blydden] 9:52 pm: overused, you can shop now
          [OverusedName] 9:52 pm: uhh
    [General Chatter]: Thriondel Half-Elven has entered at 9:53 pm
          [OverusedName] 9:53 pm: What type of Store are we in?
    [Pieh] 9:53 pm: so kind of you, to give him permission
        [Blydden] 9:53 pm: Armor and Weapon
        [Blydden] 9:53 pm: Magic Smithy
    [Jayzilla] 9:53 pm: "Well, my spry goblin friend," says the armorer. "You are in luck. I have some great armor peices
    crafted for a similar size person."
        [kitsune1842] 9:53 pm: (Bly, I do do my homework, you were given Gold the plat was give3n to Pieh and he did not
    give you any, now can the tude.)
        [Blydden] 9:53 pm: nyah
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          [OverusedName] 9:54 pm: "I am looking for one particular item. It is a pair of Hedge Wizard Gloves, do you have
    [Jayzilla] 9:55 pm: "Gloves eh? Let me take a look."
    [General Chatter]: Cobalt550 has entered at 9:55 pm
        [Blydden] 9:56 pm: did jax get the barding
    [Jayzilla] 9:56 pm: "well, We do have something similar. Except it's a hat, a hat of Mage hand. That's about the closest
    we have, unfortunatly. It's worth 600 gold
        [Blydden] 9:56 pm: with it, jax also get +1 to ac.
    [Jayzilla] 9:56 pm: i don't think the armor bonus would stack     
        [Blydden] 9:56 pm: it is a shoulderpad
        [Blydden] 9:56 pm: it would give him +1 i think
        [kitsune1842] 9:57 pm: (They would not stack and I am looking for armor that I can use instead of jsut barding)
    [Jayzilla] 9:57 pm: "are you interesting in the mage hat? It'sa big big for you but not very badly
        [Blydden] 9:57 pm: ah k lol
    [Jayzilla] 9:57 pm: *bit
          [OverusedName] 9:57 pm: "It is not what I was hoping for as a whole, but it is servicable. I will Offer you 500 Gold,
    sense the size is off."
        [Blydden] 9:57 pm: "Ulgoth, I think we should try the wizard's tower first, and then come back here."
    [Jayzilla] 9:57 pm: "well, I can't complain about that! Here you go."
        [Blydden] 9:57 pm: "Uh ulgoth...nvm..."
          [OverusedName] 9:58 pm: "Thank you."
    Pieh gives the man 50 plat
    [General Chatter]: ShadowMaster1 has entered at 9:58 pm  [Blydden] 9:58 pm: 5 plat*
    [Pieh] 9:58 pm: 50, this is Jay's world
    [Jayzilla] 9:59 pm: 1 plat = 10 gold
        [Blydden] 9:59 pm: ah k Jayzilla] 9:59 pm: "And are you going to try for the mage tower next?
    [Pieh] 10:00 pm: "Now, there are 2 gifts I want to get for the all of us, Yes, the mage tower."
        [kitsune1842] 10:00 pm: (And it is ten pm, I need to go start getting ready for work and the real world.)
    [Jayzilla] 10:00 pm: "THe owner there and I are very good friends, if you get my meaning."
    [Jayzilla] 10:00 pm: (got liek 10 minutes? so we can add Marsh?)
        [Blydden] 10:00 pm: "I hope I do *shiver*"
    kitsune1842] 10:00 pm: ( I think I can do that)
    [Pieh] 10:01 pm: is marsh the street urchin?
    [Jayzilla] 10:01 pm: The party is told to mention Georgesons' name (nope)
    [Jayzilla] 10:01 pm: at the mage's shop for a discount.
    [Pieh] 10:01 pm: cool
    [Pieh] 10:02 pm: (I dont even know what Marsh is...)
    [Jayzilla] 10:02 pm: As you leave the armor shop, the urchin pops out of whatever alley he was hiding in. "Oy, Gov'nor,
    tto the mage shop?"
    [Jayzilla] 10:02 pm: "A'follow me!" and the kid runs off
    [MarshamSane] 10:02 pm: (noone but the DM does))
    Blydden and Worgy follow the urchin.
    [Pieh] 10:03 pm: (Please, Sir, may I have summore?)
    [MarshamSane] 10:03 pm: ((I'll give you a hint....I have magic missile as an encounter power))
        [kitsune1842] 10:03 pm: Jax follows the street urchin that he hired to lead them for the day
    [Jayzilla] 10:03 pm: "As you approach the wizards tower,you see it really isn't much of a tower. Rather it is a well built
    three story building
    [Pieh] 10:03 pm: (I like the urichin's accent)
    [Jayzilla] 10:03 pm: (lol i've been trying out all kinds of accents     )
        [kitsune1842] 10:04 pm: (So marsh is cross classed as a wizard...or is a half an elf
          [OverusedName] 10:04 pm: Ulgoth, having been daydreaming through most of the purchaes, stays quiet
    [Jayzilla] 10:04 pm: As you enter the so-called tower, you see an array of shiny mage-lights, artifacts, and antiques.
        [Blydden] 10:04 pm: *Ooh. Shiny...*\
    [Jayzilla] 10:04 pm: (over to you marsh
        [kitsune1842] 10:05 pm: "Oooh, Purty lights....
    Pieh] 10:05 pm: "Keep your hands where I can see them, guys"
    [General Chatter]: lich101 has entered at 10:05 pm MarshamSane] 10:05 pm: A young man, about 24 in clean gray robes cleans the counter and perks up as you enter,
    "welcome to the wizard's tower!" he says
    [MarshamSane] 10:06 pm: He runs a hand through his prematurely gray hair, green eyes shining with the fire of youth.
    [General Chatter]: Adimeadozen has entered at 10:06 pm
        [Blydden] 10:07 pm: "Greetings wizard. Do you have any amulets for sale?"
          [OverusedName] 10:08 pm: Ulgoth looks at the young person, and smiles. "Well, look at you. Bright eyed chap,
    aren't you?" He says, as Blyd asks for Amulets
    [MarshamSane] 10:08 pm: "If I had arcane fire to throw I'd burn you for that." he shakes his head, now slightly surly. "I
    do have a few trinkets amulets, good luck charms mostly. but as for true power, I only have one such device."
    [MarshamSane] 10:09 pm: "I am a shopkeep, if the master hears you call me wizard it'll be my hide." ieh] 10:09 pm: "Well, young man, we need a few things."
        [Blydden] 10:10 pm: "Why? *Worgy woofs and wags his tail rapidly, he seems to like the wizard.*"
    [MarshamSane] 10:10 pm: "I'm a little hopeful, yes my green friend." he says to the gobbo.
    [MarshamSane] 10:10 pm: "Because I am not a wizard till I am fully apprentacenced, which he will never see done." he
    shook his head, the topic an obvious sore spot. Pieh] 10:11 pm: "We require a bag that can hold more than it appears to hold, and a basket of never-ending food"
    [Pieh] 10:11 pm: "Relatrvely trivial magic items, im sure you must have."
    MarshamSane uses prestidigitation to conjure the image of a cat and runs it outside to make the wolf go play outside
        [Blydden] 10:11 pm: "Lodal, I somehow doubt they will have that..."
        [Blydden] 10:12 pm: *Worgy makes a very very angry growl and chases the cat and pounces on it.*
    [MarshamSane] 10:12 pm: "Unfortunately we don't have them at the moment. being mostly cleaned out by the guild
    representatives. However..."
    Blydden starts rolling some dice: (d20)
    Blydden -> 1d20 (11)
        [Blydden] 10:12 pm: is 11 enough to dispell the illusion? lol
    [MarshamSane] 10:12 pm: *the door shuts behind him* Blydden] 10:13 pm: *worgy, seeing the cat has disappearing, comes back inside*
    [MarshamSane] 10:13 pm: "As to amulets. we have one which bolsters all of a man's defensive capabilities but a factor
    of 2."
        [kitsune1842] 10:14 pm: (Sorry guys, but I have to run. I will see you later and you can just asssume I am standing
    behind you looking cow like and menecing)
    [Jayzilla] 10:14 pm: (oh, not doubling the ac, adding 2 lol)
        [Blydden] 10:14 pm: kk
    [Pieh] 10:14 pm: cyah kit
    [Jayzilla] 10:14 pm: (I filled in kit on the storyline, and the next meet will be tuesday
    [Jayzilla] 10:14 pm: (if that's ok witheveryone
        [Blydden] 10:14 pm: "How much is that? Oh and georgeson said we got a discount if i said georgeson"
    [Pieh] 10:15 pm: its fine with me
        [Blydden] 10:15 pm: kk
        [kitsune1842] 10:15 pm: By
        [Blydden] 10:15 pm: bye bye
    [MarshamSane] 10:15 pm: "yeah, ok. 1200 then for the amulet"
    [RARA AVIS 4e of awesomeness]: kitsune1842 has left at 10:15 pm
    [MarshamSane] 10:15 pm: he smiles like there's something else.
        [Blydden] 10:15 pm: "1200? I just spent that much on this armor, and I still need a totem...."
        [Blydden] 10:15 pm: ":/" ieh] 10:15 pm: "Ok, whats the deal, kid."
    [froglegg] 10:16 pm: I created room "The swamp"
    [Pieh] 10:16 pm: "Something strange is going on here."
    [MarshamSane] 10:16 pm: "well the amulet's great, but compared to the headband I'm supposed to offer after u bought
    the's moose piss"
          [OverusedName] 10:17 pm: {yeahh, its col] lydden] 10:17 pm: "dont i get a discount for saying georgeson, or whatever?"
    [Pieh] 10:17 pm: "Oh? Is this some sort of trick?" OverusedName] 10:18 pm: "What a Shrew Strategy. Would it be wrong to say there are no Refuends either? So
    you would have to buy both the Amulet, then the Headband?"
    [MarshamSane] 10:18 pm: "Look, kid. pay attention"
    [MarshamSane] 10:18 pm: "oh you can return the amulet, but since it's now used, it's 1/2 price return."
          [OverusedName] 10:19 pm: "So you end up with a 600 Coin Profit, at least
          [OverusedName] 10:20 pm: , then would sell the Amulet at full price to the next person who came in." MarshamSane] 10:20 pm: "You probably can't afford the amulet. its 10K. but I'll tell you what. I have some...slick
    fingers, and a plan to get outa dodge by tomorrow night. take me with you. and we'll call the headband my...iniatiation
    fee into your little band?"
        [Blydden] 10:21 pm: "Initiation?" Pieh] 10:21 pm: "Wait wait, why do we need you?"
    Blydden whispers to lodal.
        [Blydden] 10:21 pm: "I don't know if I like this guy. He seems very shrewd."
    [Pieh] 10:22 pm: "I dont trust anyone who openly claims to have slick fingers."
    [MarshamSane] 10:22 pm: "because none of your party seem to be arcane...iniatates, much less adept."
    [Pieh] 10:22 pm: "We have plenty of divine support"
    [MarshamSane] 10:22 pm: "Look, don't beat me, don't starve me, and let me practice my spells, and you'll never fear
          [OverusedName] 10:22 pm: "Ladel, you have Slick fingers aswell." Ulgoth says, then turns to the Wizard. "I may be
    more a Cleric then a Wizard, but I am inddeed an Arcane Initiate."
    [MarshamSane] 10:23 pm: oh really? what spells have you mastered? MarshamSane] 10:23 pm: **""
    [Pieh] 10:23 pm: "I know I have slick fingers, but i dont go announcing it to people."
    [MarshamSane] 10:24 pm: "then I'm honest, and you're a liar and a thief, sir."
    [MarshamSane] 10:24 pm: "but obviously a good one."
    [MarshamSane] 10:24 pm: he winks
    Blydden] 10:24 pm: know you could have pleased us and given the headband as a gift
        [Blydden] 10:24 pm: rather than htis
        [Blydden] 10:24 pm: "hmmm..."
          [OverusedName] 10:24 pm: "As I said, I am but an Initiate, I know little more then Magic Missle." Ulgoth says. "I
    am not against you traveling with us, someone else familiar with Magic besidies me is always a good person to talk to."
    Blydden is a little disgusted by the wizard's behavior.
    [Pieh] 10:25 pm: "Hmm. this kid has promise."
    [MarshamSane] 10:25 pm: "Besides, what are you loosing? I'll even bring a bag of holding my master's been working
    Blydden whispers to lodal. lydden] 10:25 pm: "Promise? Are you nuts? He has the exact opposite if you ask me."

    [Jayzilla] 10:26 pm: (I'm sure this is where the Minotaur would voice his opinion)
    [Pieh] 10:26 pm: (yeah..)
    [Jayzilla] 10:26 pm: (probably in support of the wizards audacity... ^^)
    MarshamSane starts rolling some dice: (1d20+1)
    MarshamSane -> 1d20 (16)+ 1 (1) = 17
    [MarshamSane] 10:26 pm: listen check to hear the whisper
    [MarshamSane] 10:26 pm: **perception
          [OverusedName] 10:27 pm: "Blyd, he is right. We are loosing nothing by taking him with us. At worst, he steals
    some of our Items, and we hunt him down and diembowel him to get them back."
    [MarshamSane] 10:27 pm: "see, and I'm a verry pro-bowelment guy. especially when they're mine."
        [Blydden] 10:27 pm: "What if we don't find him, ulgoth? What then?!...ok we are getting ahead of yourselves, maybe
    he is nice."
    [Pieh] 10:27 pm: "The goblin makes a fine point, and at least he is asking to join us... unlike some others." 10:27 pm: "Oh...did I mention I can enchant items...been learning how to spending time to study every night..." lydden] 10:28 pm: "Um....."
    [MarshamSane] 10:28 pm: "Just throwing that one out there."
          [OverusedName] 10:28 pm: Ulgoth smiles. "I have been trying to master that for such a long time!" He says,
    [Pieh] 10:28 pm: "Well, when did you plan on leaving?"
        [Blydden] 10:28 pm: "Well you do have persistance then." arshamSane] 10:29 pm: "I can be gone from here tonight, but I can be safe here, hidden, for no more than another
        [Blydden] 10:29 pm: "Why?"
    [Pieh] 10:29 pm: "We still have to get rid of this other statue"
    [MarshamSane] 10:29 pm: he smiles to the goblin. "Perhaps we should put our heads together, teach eachother our
    ritual skills, neh?"
        [Blydden] 10:30 pm: "Ok, before you too cook up some truly underhanded scheme...I need to know why you need to
    leave so urgently." OverusedName] 10:30 pm: "because hes Stealing from his master." Ulgoth mutters. "Who is probably a Wizard
    strong enough to knock us all out with a wave of his hand."
    [Pieh] 10:31 pm: "What is your name, kid?"
        [Blydden] 10:31 pm: "Hmm...
    [MarshamSane] 10:31 pm: "Well I suppose you could leave the state here, the magos is an art finatic, it should keep
    him from making an effort to follow. and as to why so soon? because as soon as the deed is done I need to get outa
    dodge. the magos is lazy, but vengeful" ydden] 10:31 pm: "Stealing? God my reputation as a good person is dropping by the moment."
    [MarshamSane] 10:31 pm: "Name's Illumidan. Illumidan Nethros" MarshamSane] 10:32 pm: "good...person...aren't people just people, all trying to live and let live.." he looked to the
    minotaur, "and oftimes, not live."
        [Blydden] 10:32 pm: "Well. we will come for you in the middle of the night, how is that? Because we need to find a
    way outta this city as soon as we take you with us."
          [OverusedName] 10:32 pm: "Then, we wait until darkness, and we flee as fast as we possible can and hope he
    doesn't come looking for us." Ulgoth said. "If everyone is in agreement." Pieh] 10:33 pm: "This kid is risky
    [Pieh] 10:33 pm: "But he may be of some use." OverusedName] 10:33 pm: "We are a walking box of 'Group of things you hate', its not like hes going to make
    anyone ELSE hate us if they already did."
    Blydden sighs and rolls his eyes and can't sem to control his lips and etc. but ends up saying "Alright." and start to
    MarshamSane beams proudly
    [Pieh] 10:33 pm: "Worst case scenario, we're all toast. But thats how it always is." MarshamSane] 10:34 pm: (I'm human, by the by) lydden] 10:34 pm: "True...I guess we cant get in anymore of a fix."
        [Blydden] 10:34 pm: "Can we check out the shaman camp now? My old totem is worn...and has termites..."
    [Pieh] 10:34 pm: "Let's help the kid out. Illum, you're in." MarshamSane] 10:35 pm: "thanks, so who'm I workin with now?"
        [Blydden] 10:35 pm: "I am Blydden, and this is worgy. I am a shaman and alchemist."
    [Pieh] 10:35 pm: "I'm Lodal, I like to think of myself as the leader of this here little group."
    [General Chatter]: revs71 has entered at 10:35 pm
    [Pieh] 10:35 pm: "But I'm sure the shaman would argue that."Blydden] 10:36 pm: "Oh seaking of, do you have any bee venom here i could buy?"
          [OverusedName] 10:36 pm: "I am Ulgoth, Cleric of Ioun and Dabbler in Arcane Arts." He said, formally, then smiled.
    "But, I think Ulgoth is much better then all the other stuff."
    MarshamSane hands a bag to the drow, the bag seeming to have, almost no weight at all. "the item wqe discussed..."
        [Blydden] 10:36 pm: "You are the leader? PLZ!" lydden] 10:36 pm: "Jax should be the leader, after all he is the most courageous...and strongest...and bravest."
    [Pieh] 10:36 pm: "This will come in very handy, thanks Illum."
    [MarshamSane] 10:36 pm: "venom, no try the apothicant. though it's illegal in the city walls"
        [Blydden] 10:36 pm: "But aside from that, I am more of a leader than you."
    [Jayzilla] 10:37 pm: (it's a headband of agility. Gives +2 on AC, +2 on to-hit, +2 on acrobatics checks MarshamSane] 10:37 pm: "I'll meet you at northgate tonight then lodal.?"
        [Blydden] 10:37 pm: "Aww..." lydden] 10:37 pm: "Can I have my amulet?"
        [Blydden] 10:37 pm: "    "
    [Pieh] 10:37 pm: "Can you stay here another day?"
    [Pieh] 10:37 pm: "I think we still have business at the armor smith"
        [Blydden] 10:38 pm: "Please?"
    [MarshamSane] 10:38 pm: "The amulet is 1200...friend." he winks slightly.
    [Pieh] 10:38 pm: (WE still didnt get kit a gift ;()
          [OverusedName] 10:38 pm: "Ladel, don't you think that being the Leader is a bit...counter-productive to your job?"
    Ulgoth said. "We should not waste large amounts of time. He wants to leave, and I don't feel like running from a Magus
    for the rest of my life."
    [arshamSane] 10:38 pm: "I can hide out tomorrow, yes."
    [Pieh] 10:39 pm: "Simply mean, I am the.. Face, of the group."
        [Blydden] 10:39 pm: "Fine, I guess I will go tell you magos that you are stealing from him and wouldnt let a customer
    have a rightful discount."
    [MarshamSane] 10:39 pm: "there's a warren of...disreputables outside northgate. gambling, drinking, carrousing. I can
    stay a day there." lydden starts ascending the tower.
    [General Chatter]: revs71 has entered at 10:39 pm
    [MarshamSane] 10:39 pm: "go ahead and tell him. I would enjoy watching your friends kill you." [OverusedName] 10:40 pm: Ulgoth stares at Pieh, mouthing words to him about Blydden. "What. A. Fool." Blydden] 10:40 pm: "You have a point Illum"
    [Pieh] 10:40 pm: "Bly, get your ass back here."
    [MarshamSane] 10:40 pm: "because who is holding said item..."
    Blydden walks back downs in reverse. Blydden] 10:40 pm: heh
        [Blydden] 10:40 pm: "that never happened."
    [MarshamSane] 10:41 pm: "just like 1200 gold won't go missing tonight." MarshamSane] 10:41 pm: " for your item sir." Blydden] 10:41 pm: "Don't I get a discount
    [Pieh] 10:41 pm: Wait, so seriously, the leader isn't the guy everyone is looking to for decisions?
        [Blydden] 10:42 pm: "I still need money to buy a totem."
          [OverusedName] 10:42 pm: Ulgoth has no money on him, so he is unable to sell. "Blyd. I am begging you. Silence
    that large mouth of yours, I BEG you." Blydden grunts and mocks ulgoth, "I beg you blah blah."
        [Blydden] 10:42 pm: fine.
    MarshamSane shakes his head.
        [Blydden] 10:43 pm: "*gives illum a bag of gold*"
    [Pieh] 10:43 pm: Blyd, where are you getting all this gold?
    [MarshamSane] 10:43 pm: He hands the amulet back, in exchange. "remember, the primal sorceries you're looking to
    purchase are sold OUTSIDE the city walls..."
        [Blydden] 10:44 pm: "Thanks!"
    [Jayzilla] 10:44 pm: Yeah, yuor chacter has no gold on him blyd     
    [MarshamSane] 10:44 pm: then I retract those statements and cling to the amulet.
    [Jayzilla] 10:44 pm: you gave all teh money for the gems, plus the rest of lodals plat for that armor
        [Blydden] 10:44 pm: I thought i got my share...
        [Blydden] 10:45 pm: Can we just say i got my share of 2350 gold?
        [Blydden] 10:45 pm: jesus
    [Pieh] 10:45 pm: lol
    [MarshamSane] 10:45 pm: lol
    [Pieh] 10:45 pm: you need to ask for that
    [MarshamSane] 10:45 pm: aparently, not.
        [Blydden] 10:45 pm: and i sold the gems anyhow
    [Pieh] 10:45 pm: yeah
    [Pieh] 10:45 pm: those were yours, did we get a share of them?
          [OverusedName] 10:45 pm: "Ladel, please pay the man so we can GO." Ulgoth says, looking hurridly around ."I
    don't want to attract the Magus."
        [Blydden] 10:45 pm: "Thanks for the amulet, come on lets go"
        [Blydden] 10:46 pm: "Of course you did. 225 gold for each member
    [Pieh] 10:46 pm: i didnt hear that
        [Blydden] 10:46 pm: that is an amulet of protection +2 right?
    [Jayzilla] 10:46 pm: yeah, there was no splitting as far as I read.
    MarshamSane chuckles. "I'll meet you for those drinks tomorrow night. the rotten stump, ourside north gate."
        [Blydden] 10:47 pm: can we just go to the shamans camp now?
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    - shaman hut
    -wizard chase
    The party is just leaving the mage's tower. The time is late afternoon, and the sun is drooping in the
    [Jayzilla] 7:09 pm: The afternoon heat is turning into a rather cool, breezy evening
    (Yeah but he had crap for Hide armor and mentioned a Shaman outside the inner walls that
    probably had magic hide)
    pieh "I say we get you a Magical Item Jax, it would help you immensly, I believe."
    jax "Aye Lodel, and perhaps the shaman that the shaman mentioned by that armorer may
    actually have a clue about creating real magic armor."
    kitsune1842] 7:14 pm: "But we can wait till we are ready to leave the city entier for that. While your discussing the next move
    [Jayzilla] 7:16 pm: The old castle wizard, THeonath, apears out of thin air in front of you
    [Jayzilla] 7:16 pm: Somehow he manages not to be noticed by any of the other townsfolkOverusedName] 7:18 pm: "You could say that." Ulgoth mutters Pieh] 7:19 pm: "You got a new hat, Ulgly. The wizard chuckles, "You can tell a lot about a person by his hat! And that appears to be a fine
    one, my friend." "Indeed it is!" Ulgoth nods. "'Tis a Hat that lets me use Wizards hand. I could never learn
    it, but now this hat allows me to do it easily!"
    [Jayzilla] 7:21 pm: "Anyways, now to Business! I've discovered the source of the trouble in this town." OverusedName] 7:21 pm: "Its not a Wizard, is it?"
    [Pieh] 7:21 pm: "Is it dangerous?"
    [Pieh] 7:21 pm: "Oh, no, it better not be a Wizard.."
    [Jayzilla] 7:22 pm: "Fortunatly for you, it's something that I plan on handling myself! I've been in communication with my
    great aunt, and she was 'quite' adamant about having you all go to her with all possible haste!" verusedName] 7:22 pm: "You aunt knows we are....Us, right?"
    [Jayzilla] 7:22 pm: "You know how elders can get... She seemed quite grouchy." For a moment Theonath wears a wide
    [General Chatter]: Cobalt550 has entered at 7:23 pm
    [Pieh] 7:23 pm: "Us? What's wrong with us? She lives in a swamp!"
    [Jayzilla] 7:24 pm: "Oh yes, oh yes. The minute I said 'menelothian short sword,' all she'd say was, 'Well send them her
    you aging dolt'" He does a very good impression of an angry, screeching old woman." itsune1842] 7:24 pm: "Hah, sounds as fun as having to go wake the old witch of my people. We need only amke a
    pair of stops before we can leave as far as I know." "Excellent. Oh, and while you're down there, stop by my old war buddy. His name is Dorgan, or
    Darngul or something along those lines."
    [Jayzilla] 7:26 pm: "A very skilled fighter. He'll make sure that My old auntie doesn't cause you any trouble. Or much
    trouble at least." itsune1842] 7:26 pm: "Right, and where does your friend Dewgong live?"
    [strikereternal] 7:27 pm: (brb, getting a drink and some food)
    [Jayzilla] 7:27 pm: "If he's still in the same spot as last time I saw him, It'll be near the road right where the road
    touches the swamp. But I'm sure he'll find you, I've sent word ahead." Well, it's time for me to be off. I've got a problem with a young prince and a rather nasty succubus to solve..." Just before disappearing as aburptly as he appeared, you hear him mutter, "Poor young man, his first love and all.." ieh] 7:30 pm: "Well, that was interesting. where to next?"
          [OverusedName] 7:30 pm: "Ah, Succubui, the world's traveling Diseases." une1842] 7:31 pm: "We can always see if the weapon enchanter has figured out how to enchant my axe, and see the shaman about soe hide." [Pieh] 7:31 pm: "You think Succubi are bad? You ever been with a Drow Woman? Probably not, but they can be very... Demanding."
    s you return to the weapons shop, you see an apprentice about to put up a 'closed' sign, right
    beofre you enter. ayzilla] 7:36 pm: The weaponsmith, however, is very happy to see you
        [kitsune1842] 7:36 pm: Jax puts his hand on the door and pushes it gently, but firmly, before the apprentice can get
    the sign up.
    [Jayzilla] 7:36 pm: "Friends, so nice to see you!" he says, stroking his handlebar mustace. "I've got bad news, and good
    news for you, my tall friend." itsune1842] 7:37 pm: "And your news is?"
    [Jayzilla] 7:37 pm: "The bad news is," says the burly man, "I've tried several times to work that enchantment you
    mentioned, and they were all complete and utter failures!"
    [Jayzilla] 7:38 pm: "But, fortunatly for you, I had a few connections in the mages guild, and they new some higher-ups in
    the assassins' office, and well, to make a long story short, I found an expert enchanter who specializes in the kind of
    magic you need." Suddenly you notice a tall man with a dark robe come out of the shadows.
    [Jayzilla] 7:39 pm: His cowl is pulled low over his face, and he makes not even a whisper of noise. It seems liek the
    man doesn't even breathe. the dark man says nothing, but the weaponsmith is hard to talk about payments. "Well, the matter of
    money... yes, this man's price is a touch higher than my own... I'm sure you'll be able to afford it, however."
    [Jayzilla] 7:41 pm: *happy, not hard lol
    [Jayzilla] 7:42 pm: "His services are your for the low price of three thousand gold peices. And did I mention that this
    amn is so skilled, he'll have the weapon enchanted in minutes??" [Pieh] 7:42 pm: "If you want it, Jax. It's yours." The man turns to the group, emotions unreadable. "Let me see the weapon before I make any
    agreements."  [kitsune1842] 7:43 pm: Jax leaves matters of money to Lodel, "Good, I look forwards to doing great harm to those
    that stand before me with your work."OverusedName] 7:44 pm: Ulgoth says nothing, looking at the man carefully kitsune1842] 7:44 pm: Jax hands his heaft axe over he cowled man picks up the large weapon with one hand and tests the balance. Suddenly he flings
    it into the air with lightning speed! The weapon wedges itself into a ceiling beam
    [Pieh] 7:45 pm: "Is this price negotiable? I have a fine stauette i would love to trade to you for a redcuded coiin fee."
    [Pieh] 7:46 pm: "Whoa, what was that for?"
    [Jayzilla] 7:46 pm: It appears as though the weaponsmith is considering faking a heart attack a heart attack.
    [Jayzilla] 7:46 pm: The cowled man wavefs a hand and the axe returns to him soundlessly. "Hmmmm. An excellent
    [strikereternal] 7:46 pm: (heh i picture lodal being stopped in mid-sentence by the axe throwing)
        [kitsune1842] 7:46 pm: "Impressive, you handel it well. Hmm, and buried it almost half as deep into that beam as it
    was in the tree father left it in till the day I could remove it."
          [OverusedName] 7:47 pm: Ulgoth holds back a jump and a reactive attack at the cowled man throws it into the air,
    then brings it back, and is stunned.
    [Jayzilla] 7:47 pm: "Let me see this.. statue." The way he chuckles, he doubts he'll be impressed. Pieh brings out the menelothian statue
    [Jayzilla] 7:48 pm: As soon as he sees the statue, his attention focuses on the item.. suddenly the room seems a little
    colder and darker.
    [Pieh] 7:48 pm: "It's solid gold and quite rare." "Menelothian?" he whispers. "For that statue I'll make you the weapon if you just cover this leeches'
    commision fee." he points as teh rather unpleased looking weaponsmith. "And how much is the sommision fee?"
    [Jayzilla] 7:50 pm: "Its' a thousand gold," the weaponsmaster mutters." Pieh] 7:50 pm: "You've got a deal." "And I'll throw in a little tip, there is a man with more of these statues."
    [Jayzilla] 7:51 pm: Wordlessly the robed man places the statue in his robes and flees to the shadows
    [Pieh] 7:51 pm: "At the Purchase Office, if you like this one yo- Bye." verusedName] 7:52 pm: "I don't think he cared. Or he already knew."
    [Pieh] 7:52 pm: "Well, he was an odd fellow."
    [Jayzilla] 7:52 pm: Suddenly you hear a huge cracking noise, as though lightnign has struck nearby
    [Pieh] 7:53 pm: "What the web was that?" hortly afterward, all the torches in the room turn a dazzlingly bright shade of red
    [Jayzilla] 7:54 pm: or lanterns, that is     
        [kitsune1842] 7:54 pm: "The spirits speaking. And omen I am sure, but be it good or ill....who knows."
    [Pieh] 7:54 pm: "Oh shi- Can we leave now?"
    [Jayzilla] 7:55 pm: Just as suddenly, all the lights go out, and the room is almost pitch black.
        [kitsune1842] 7:55 pm: "Not till he returns with my Axe.
          [OverusedName] 7:55 pm: " slightly scared of this man."
          [OverusedName] 7:55 pm: "Just slightly though."
    kitsune1842 starts rolling some dice: (1d20+    
    kitsune1842 -> 1d20 (4)+ 8 (8) = 12
        [kitsune1842] 7:55 pm: (Dang perception)
    OverusedName starts rolling some dice: (1d20+6)
    OverusedName -> 1d20 (19)+ 6 (6) = 25
    [Jayzilla] 7:56 pm: Sudenly the room is lit up with a soft red glow as the man returns, holding the axe. it seems
    illuminated from inside . gains without a sound, the man returns the axe to Jax.
    [Jayzilla] 7:57 pm: He turns toward the exit, and all the lanterns re-light themselves.
    [Jayzilla] 7:57 pm: as soon as the axe leaves his hands, the glow of the axe extinguishes.
          [OverusedName] 7:58 pm: May I make an Arcana check to detirmine the exact Enhancement?
    [Jayzilla] 7:58 pm: As the cowled man leaves, he says,"We know about that purchasers' office. Who do you think runs
    them?" Suddenly he turns. "Minotaur! Beware, that axe is a weapon of prophesy."
    [Jayzilla] 8:00 pm: With that, the man leaves the store, disappearing into the shadows cast by the drooping sun The weaponssmith shudders and shrugs. "Those men are so creepy.
        [kitsune1842] 8:03 pm: Jax tests his axe, much like the cowled man in black without the harming of a roof timber
    before letting another check it.[Jayzilla] 8:03 pm: And now for my fee, if you will?" "Yeah, sure, Hee you go" Lodal hands over 1000 gold "Now, can we go?"
    [Jayzilla] 8:04 pm: With a grin, the weaponsmith says, "Ah, I do love making money this way. If you fellows ever need
    anything else, feel free to stop by. Jax nods and steps to the door. "That is all I need." As the party leaves the town through the north gate, they see the same guard that they bribed on
    the way in (from the west gate) He smiles and grins, and you see that he now has a golden front tooth. "Y'all come
    back now, ya'hear?" Kitsune walks right over the stump by chance Suddenly Jax notices a well hidden trap-door
    [Jayzilla] 8:17 pm: concealed next to the stump MarshamSane sits below, next to a large continual flame, parusing his tome"We use the door." That said Jax leans down and nocks on the trap door next to the stump. (Nocks, bangs, slams his fist into repeatedly...which ever works)
    MarshamSane gets up, packing his things hurriedly, then opens the door via magehand. And so, the party of five together, including a rather quiet Blydden, they prepared to go to the
    shaman shop The once-apprenticed wizard brushed himself off and collected his belongings. "You want to go to
    the shaman shop, right?" (for some reason I see him with a spanish accent) He points the way and you see a tall, rather rickety looking building constructed of long, thin reeds bundled together. the odd construction allows the whole building to gently sway in the breeze. "I'm a city Drow, Jax. You'll have to win the hoodoo whatsit over by yourself."
          [OverusedName] 8:29 pm: "It looks dangerous." [Jayzilla] 8:29 pm: As the group enters, it seems that the inside of the buidling is as esoteric as the outside. Animals
    roam freely inside, birds flying from the roof and squirrells frolicking on the ground    [kitsune1842] 8:30 pm: "Dangerous? Not in the slightest." [Jayzilla] 8:30 pm: The man inside calls to the group, "don't worry, fellows, there's magic holding these walls up." He chuckles to himself. "city-folk."
    Pieh sneezes "I think I'm allergic to somethin in here."
        [kitsune1842] 8:31 pm: Jax enters to the building showing no signs of apprehension or anything of the like. "I am
    Jax, of the great Bear clan, white bull and warrior seeking magic hide armor."
    [Jayzilla] 8:32 pm: On closer inspection, he seems to be a rather plain looking middle-aged man. his balding hair is
    combed over just like a round tavern owner would. His rough clothing looks hand made, and there's always a bright
    smile on his round face." e] 8:33 pm: "And I, am...Ulgoth. I am Short, Green, and I recently spent several weeks in a cage." The man nods, "What can I do for you folk? anything I can interest you in?" itsune1842] 8:34 pm: "I am looking for decent armor, pouncing armro for prefference His eyebrows raise. "I supose I should have guessed such a thing. You are certainly all armed to the
    [Jayzilla] 8:36 pm: However, I do not just hand out that kind of good to just anyone. If the authorities ever got proof that I
    was selling weapons and armor without a license, they would chase me out of the city."
          [OverusedName] 8:37 pm: "You aren't in the City."
    [Jayzilla] 8:38 pm: The man chuckles, "this may not be inside the walls, but they don't call this the outer city for
    nothing. There are archers on those walls watching us even now. Wouldn't want to get them the wrong idea."
    [Jayzilla] 8:38 pm: Suddenly he notices Byldden, who has been awfully quiet. "Nephew, is that you?!?"
          [OverusedName] 8:38 pm: "We walk in wearing armor, and we leave wearing armor, I don't see why they would
    care. If it helps you any, I am sure you have a back entrance we could sneak out of and avoid you getting in trouble."
          [OverusedName] 8:39 pm: "Nephew?"
    [Jayzilla] 8:39 pm: He waves his arms and suddenly Blydden looks much younger than the the twenty years old he
    claimed to be when he was rescued. in fact, he seems to be much younger! "Nephew, where have you been? I haven't
    seen you for a week!"
    [Jayzilla] 8:40 pm: With a squak, Byldden starts flailing his arms. "These are MY friends uncle, you can't make me
    stayy, he wails."
          [OverusedName] 8:40 pm: [20? I thought he said he was an old cat]
    [Jayzilla] 8:40 pm: (oh, did he?)
          [OverusedName] 8:40 pm: "HES A KID!?"
          [OverusedName] 8:40 pm: [I don't even know anymore
    [Jayzilla] 8:41 pm: "Nephew, you've been acting terrible. Fooled these honest people with an illusion of age.!"
          [OverusedName] 8:41 pm: "I want to go back to my cage."
    [Jayzilla] 8:41 pm: "You go upstairs to your room This Instant. Or else, I'll call your grandmother in here!"
          [OverusedName] 8:41 pm: "At least the rules are simple there. 'Humans are food, stay quiet, and dealign with the
    [Pieh] 8:41 pm: "What the- What's going on?"
          [OverusedName] 8:42 pm: "Wait.......If he was a kid, what was up with that Worg of his?"
    [Jayzilla] 8:42 pm: With a stricken look, the evidently younger than-he-appeared Byldden weariliy climbs the stairs. A
    puppy basset hound trails behind him."
          [OverusedName] 8:42 pm: "We were tricked by a seven year old an a dog."
    [Jayzilla] 8:43 pm: "Well gentlemen, I thank you very much for bringing my nephew back here! He's a rambunctious
    little kid, but 'very' skilled with illusions."
    [Pieh] 8:43 pm: "He must have more power than we thought then."
    [Jayzilla] 8:44 pm: "For that I'll sell you your armor at a discount! Now, what did you you say you needed?" tsune1842] 8:45 pm: "Pouncing armor....and maybe something I can use to see through illusions."
    [Jayzilla] 8:47 pm: The man chuckles. "Well, I've found the best answer to the illusions is experience dealing with them.
    As for armor, do you want that pouncing armor in wood, leather, or hide?" kitsune1842] 8:48 pm: "Hide, I would have my own if my tribe had not been destroyed and I was forced to use the
    skin of the great white bear I slew as my test to be a man for somethign else." rusedName] 8:48 pm: "You did what with a what!?" verusedName] 8:49 pm: "Ladel, did you know he killed a Bear?"
          [OverusedName] 8:49 pm: [Oh geez, I think I'm turning into Blyd[
    [Jayzilla] 8:49 pm: The man nods knowingly, "Yes, I'm familiar with such traditions, I lived among minotaur for several
    years." OverusedName] 8:50 pm: "Jaz, did you kill it with your Bare Hands?" kitsune1842] 8:50 pm: "It is a long story, to be counted as a man you have to slay a great beast with a specail spear treated by the elders of the tribe. The bear was the beast I found." The man slides a panel off the floor and steps down into a concealed basement. "Let me see here," you hear him mutter. He comes back up with a well-made and very large set of pouncing hide armor +1. "This armor was
    worn by my minotaurian bodyguard.. He died to a wizard that took offense at my easy-going nature, back when I was a
    [Jayzilla] 8:54 pm: "tis' a long story, suffice it to say that this should fit well." He grins and hands the armor to Jax. Jax lays his hand on the armor and nods. "It will be a great honor to wear his armor. How
    much do we owe you beyond doing proud the memory of he that wore the armor before hand?"
    [Jayzilla] 8:56 pm: "Well," he says, rubbing his rather large chin, "I think I could part with it for six hundred and fifty gold
    peices." "Do you happen to have any tool, preferable magic or very well made, for picking locks and disarming
    [Jayzilla] 8:59 pm: "Ah, that's one of the goods that I can legally sell," he says with a grin.
    [Jayzilla] 8:59 pm: "What quality would you like? Or, should I say, How much do you want to spend?"
    [Pieh] 9:00 pm: i would like to spend no more than 1000
    [Pieh] 9:00 pm: " "
        [kitsune1842] 9:00 pm: Jax nods and leaves Lodel to do his thing while he changes into his new armor.
    [Pieh] 9:00 pm: "However, I could go higher for the perfect set of tools"
    [Jayzilla] 9:01 pm: "Well, I can give you a theives kit +2 for 900 gold. That's a very reasonable price, one I would only
    offer to a friend."
    [General Chatter]: Marley117 has entered at 9:02 pm
    [Pieh] 9:02 pm: "That is most reasonable, I will take those and the armor" "How much is the total, sir?"
    [Jayzilla] 9:03 pm: "Excellent, then I should be able to feed that damn nephew of mine. he eats like you wouldn't
    [Jayzilla] 9:03 pm: "1550 gold peices if memory serves, my friend."
    [Pieh] 9:04 pm: "that sounds right, here you go."
    [Jayzilla] 9:04 pm: "Oh, and I've got one more thing you might be interested in: It's something I've been trying to sell for
    [Pieh] 9:05 pm: "And what is that?"
    [Jayzilla] 9:05 pm: "It's an old goblin charm. roughly translated, they call it a 'stone of glamer."
    [Jayzilla] 9:06 pm: "It has the ablility to make a goblin give himself and illusion for a short time
          [OverusedName] 9:06 pm: "Let me see!"
          [OverusedName] 9:06 pm: "I want it!"
    [Pieh] 9:06 pm: "Have you heard of this Ulgroth?"
    [Pieh] 9:07 pm: "I dont understand what it does."
    [Jayzilla] 9:07 pm: He digs around on one of the shelves near his table. "Ah here we go. He fishes out a small stone
    with what looks like a crude goblin head carved into it.
    [Jayzilla] 9:07 pm: "here you go, try it out." and he hands the stone to Ulgoth.
          [OverusedName] 9:07 pm: "Yes! I have been looking for one forever! Lets say that I am in a town that is... less then
    friendly towards myself."
    [Jayzilla] 9:08 pm: (It is an amulet, when activated, it gives +5 to any disguise or bluff check that involves looking
    human The effect only lasts five rounds)
          [OverusedName] 9:08 pm: "All I have to do is focus on the stone, and." Ulgoth transfomed into a copy of Jax "I am
    not a Goblin! For a short time, anyway." "And it only works for goblins?"
    [Jayzilla] 9:09 pm: "And you'd be surprised how rarely goblins walk into my shop and ask to buy things!" says the
    shopkeeper as he lets outanother of his chuckles.
          [OverusedName] 9:10 pm: "I simply must have this! Please? It is a precious item of my Race! I can't stand the
    thought of one of the uncivilized Savages getting a hold of it and selling it or, even worse, breaking it!"
    [Jayzilla] 9:10 pm: "That's only 400 gold, a real bargain." You sure thats a bargain?"
    [Pieh] 9:11 pm: "I mean, it only works on goblins. and its very short."
    [General Chatter]: rylie has entered at 9:11 pm
    [Jayzilla] 9:12 pm: With a smile and a nod the shopkeep says, "True, but it is a rather rare item." (feel free to try a roll)
          [OverusedName] 9:12 pm: "You got stuff Ladel! This would allow me to hide in Plain sight." After listening to your arguement, the merchant nods. "Well, it is kind of a trinket. I could go down to 250 gold." "That is the perfect price."
    [Pieh] 9:14 pm: (Now we are at an even 4000) [Jayzilla] 9:14 pm: (heh, what are the odds?)      [OverusedName] 9:14 pm: "Thank you Ladel!" [Pieh] 9:14 pm: "You are welcome, Ugly." As you leave, you see Blydden in the top window of the building, with a tearstreaked face. He calls
    down," don't worry guys, I'll catch up later!!" You remember that Theonath said to follow the road that leads to the southeast in order to get to the
    swamp. pm: Jax is more than ready to head off into the woods, and swamps, face what dangers may
    come.      [OverusedName] 9:21 pm: I'm good[Jayzilla] 9:22 pm: After stopping by the local bakery and stocking up on food, the party begins the journey to the southeast. the land is flat and clear for miles, but you see a pine forest in teh distance. Soon, the party enters the forest, the Forest Grostreach About halfway through the forest, as far as you can tell by the crude map illumidan has, you hear sounds of battle! It sounds like several smaller things are attacking one bigger thing
    [Jayzilla] 9:29 pm: around the next bend in teh road
    [Jayzilla] 9:30 pm: as the party gets closer, they hear several war cries. Ulgoth recognises kobolds.
    Pieh "I'll see you guys there." Lodal says as he slinks off into the trees to sneak up on the combatants.
          [OverusedName] 9:30 pm: "Kobolds ahead!"
          [OverusedName] 9:30 pm: "Attacking something larger." shall we intervene, or merely watch?"
        [kitsune1842] 9:31 pm: At the Mention of Kobolds Jax takes off moving, axe in hands he sets off to charge into battle
    not really caring if thre is a chance the reptiles are on the side of right.
    [Jayzilla] 9:32 pm: You see a large half-orc fighting several kobolds at the same time. The kobolds seem to be having
    trouble penetrating the half orcs armor. Heh, the Wizard asks questions, the rogue vanishes, the Barbarain charges. All sounds
    right to me)
    [Pieh] 9:32 pm: (lol we did it perfectly)
    jax 30
    dogal 23
    marsh 18
    pieh 12
    ulgoth 8
    kobolds 4 17ac 17 fort, 15 ref 15 will, 1d8+ 4 + bleeding d4 per round N:44
    As Lodal stalked quietly through the woods, Jax charges at full speed toward the combat. Marsh is
    rather shocked at the speed in which the group had split up. arshamSane] 9:42 pm: wait, striker's surrounded? jax charges, hits, The axe burys itself into the creatures back, but it appears that the armor absorbed a decent portion of the blow. Bring it on, you scaly little bastards!" growls the half-orc as he sweeps his blade in a wide arc, aiming to catch all three kobolds in the same swing. The western-most kobold staggers and blood sprays onto the ground. his cruel serrated lond sword droops toward the ground. the other kobolds grunt in pain and anger and prepare to attack. marsham magic missiles, hits for 14 Jax uses a free action to say, "I hope you are not insulted by my joining your battle friend." "Not at all! It's just like the old days."orc replies He seems delighted to be out here killing kobolds.    [kitsune1842] 9:59 pm: Jax likes this half Orc, a man after his own heart. usedName] 9:59 pm: "I'm being replaced in Jax's Heart by a Half-orc!? The Drow suddenly appears to the north, and with a trail of light streaming from his sword engages the
    north kobold in melee" :misses [Pieh] 10:02 pm: there goes my epic entrance (so a minotaur, a half-orc, a goblin, and a drow walk into a bar...) lgoth, feeling left behing by Jax
    [General Chatter]: Grandore The Giant Killer has entered at 10:04 pm
        [kitsune1842] 10:04 pm: (Jax will always love Ulg, he is the healer, but he has more in common with Striker. And
    suddenly that sounds like a guy cheating on his wife with a coworker....)
          [OverusedName] 10:04 pm: turns to one of the Kobolds and casts Lance of Faith Jayzilla] 10:07 pm: the weakened kobold had just managed to regain his balance with the shaft of light burned its' way along the creatures back. The kobolds attacked, eastern kobold crit miss Without even looking, Dorgul effortlessly dodged the attack. The kobold was so surprised he managed to drop his weapon at the half-orc's feet. Dorgul laughs at their pathetic efforts.
    [Jayzilla] 10:13 pm: the western kobold gave everything he had at hurting Dorgul, as pain was the only thing the creature had left, and completly missed. Jax laughs at the pathetic attacks of the Kobolds and preforms a recuperating strike on the already injured Kobold. With a huge swing, the minotaur splits the kobolds spine in two peices. the creature crumples to the ground As the Kobold drops Jax uses his Swift charge power charging around Dorgul to the eastern most Kobold as he activates his weapons power and attacks with a howling strike. Jax pulls his axe from teh kobold, exposing what seems like a major artery. Under the coating of gore, it seems like the axe has begun glowing again. Dorgul nods at the barbarian, a silent acknowledgement of his skill and ferocity, then, shifting the grip on his blade, he stabs into the kobold to the north. Pieh hits, Lodals shimmering short sword easily gets behind the kobolds' guard and spills his blood onto the ground. Somehow, the blade doesn't seems to look even a little dirty.
    ulgoth shoots another lance of faith. the light somehow cuts through the entire combat, harming only the last kobold Seeing it's last opportunity to escape, the kobold slashes quickly to
    try to force back the orc and the rogue. The blade somehow slips into the crack in the half-orc's scale mail at his
    shoulder. Blood flows down the orcs' leg. Kobold tries to run, gets caught by Jax's AOO and the kobold collapses to the ground, writing in it's death throes
    OverusedName] 10:51 pm: everything is dead?
    As the kobold drops to his attack the Minotaur roars out his joy at the blood and battle.
    "That was fun." strikereternal] 10:54 pm: "Damn, that kobold cut a little deeper than I thought." The half-orc pulls some bandages from
    his pack, and starts to bind the wound.

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    Dorgul straightens and eyes the newcomers. "You must be the ones Theonath told me about.
    Don't guess there's a different drow, goblin, minotaur and human roaming around together."
        [kitsune1842] 4:44 pm: Jax slips his axe back on its holder on his back and offers a hand to the Half Orc. "Hail
    friend, I am Jax Minos, of the Clan of the Great Northern Bear. That means you are the Wizard's friend
    Dewgong?" Illu pulls one bottle (he has      of wine out of his backpack taking a quick pull before
    replacing it. "Aye, it seems we are friend." [Pieh] 4:47 pm: "You're not gonna share that bottle, Illum?" MarshamSane] 4:48 pm: "I shared plenty so far, and those are trail rations, for the journey." he said softly.
          [OverusedName] 4:46 pm: "I am Ulgoth, the Goblin of...being locked in cages." He said, then shrugged and followed
    Jax's example. "And, in going with my compatriates, I must ask, are you Dewgong?"
    [Pieh] 4:46 pm: "Or was is Dorpal?" kitsune1842] 4:46 pm: "Dolf Lungrin?" The gray-haired half-orc starts laughing. "Old bastard, never could remember my name. I'm Dorgul. Well met." He takes the hand that was offered.
    [strikereternal] 4:47 pm: *shakes "I am Lodal, not much to say about me. I have no great clans, and I've never been locked in a cage for
    very long."strikereternal] 4:48 pm: "Then we got two things in common."
        [MarshamSane] 4:49 pm: "I am..." he pauses, thinking to himself, "The great and powerful Mizuti."
        [MarshamSane] 4:49 pm: he smiles wryly
        [kitsune1842] 4:49 pm: "Well met anyway, what ever your name actually is. Hah, our friend Lodel is the humble
    one. There is no cage that could keep him locked up longer than it takes for a jailer to turn thier back"
    MarshamSane] 4:49 pm: I slowly offer lodel the bottle Pieh] 4:50 pm: "Do you have to announce my skills to everyone we meet?"
    [strikereternal] 4:50 pm: "Well, ye all seem to fight well enough." Dorgul grins.
        [MarshamSane] 4:50 pm: "Ok, I'm Illumidan. I'm just a humble scoundrel." ieh] 4:50 pm: "Illum, what is in tyhis bottle?" He asks, sniffing it.
    [strikereternal] 4:51 pm: "I see.. Well met, Illumidan." arshamSane] 4:52 pm: He smiled, "Its a 12 year burgandy."
          [OverusedName] 4:52 pm: "You announce them even without our help Ladel."
        [MarshamSane] 4:52 pm: "why got a problem with that? you asked for some"
        [kitsune1842] 4:52 pm: "Bah friend Lodel, you should be less humble in your skills, and I do not announce them to
    all. I know well enough not to say a thing of them to anyone with a badge, or feathers in thier helmets." eh] 4:53 pm: "And I appreciate that, Jax." He peers into the bottle, then takes a swig "Not bad" eh] 4:54 pm: He raises the bottle high "To new friends!" and takes another swig
    [Pieh] 4:54 pm: "OK, thats probably more than is appropriate" He hands the bottle back to Illum verusedName] 4:55 pm: "Be warey and watch your pockets, the Rouge is drunk!"
    [General Chatter]: Juno-Ome has entered at 4:55 pm
    [strikereternal] 4:55 pm: "Aye, we'll all have to do some drinking later." trikereternal] 4:55 pm: "For now though, we should get going."
    [Pieh] 4:56 pm: "I ususally prefer to keep a straight mind"
        [MarshamSane] 4:56 pm: Illum places the bottle back in his pack. Dorgul shifts from foot to foot, looking eager to get on the road. Pieh] 4:56 pm: "Durghol? Do you know the way to the swamp witch?" trikereternal] 4:57 pm: "Aye"
        [kitsune1842] 4:57 pm: "Bah, like you could get him drunk on that weak as awater drink. What we will need later is
    a real drink. But fornow, we must find this swamp witch aunt of our wizard friend." MarshamSane] 4:58 pm: "agreed" As the party starts walking through the pine forest, you notice the path slowly becoming less used [Jayzilla] 4:59 pm: Broken flagstones peek out of the ground in some places, indicating that the road has seen better days Rather suddenly, the pine trees end and the forest becomes more spread out. As the sky darkens, the stars start to peek out from behind the clouds. kitsune1842] 5:02 pm: "Aye, we can camp here, find something to eat, and start out at dawn." Pieh] 5:03 pm: "Dorgul, you live around here, dont you have a home nearby we can stay at?" ikereternal] 5:04 pm: "Aye, but it's some distance away. Would take us a day's travel to get there."
    [strikereternal] 5:04 pm: "Best we make camp here." Pieh] 5:04 pm: "Fair enough." itsune1842] 5:05 pm: JAx looks for a good placee to camp for the night The minotaur started a cheery fire while Illumidan sat up his tent. tsune1842] 5:06 pm: After the fire is set the Minotaur slips into the trees to find something worth eating.
    Ulgoth sits near the fire, and pours over his Ritual Scrolls with a light hum MarshamSane pitches his tent, head towards the fire, unrolling his bedroll inside. The alrge minotaur returns with a few rabits held in one hand and some sticks in the other.
    "A brace of Conies for dinner tonight!" arshamSane] 5:10 pm: "sounds good to me"[Pieh] 5:10 pm: "And we have some baked good we purchased before leaving" Pieh] 5:11 pm: "Try to go easy on them though" "a Full Rabbit? My word, those are almost as big as I am!" Ulgoth says "Oh..Wait, I'm
    tiny, so I guess it means its normal size for you." itsune1842] 5:12 pm: "Hah, best to keep the food we bring for later. Never know when tehre will be nothing to hunt. Eat what you can find first, then eat what you buy when there is nothing else." arshamSane] 5:12 pm: "A good maxim to live by"
        [kitsune1842] 5:12 pm: (You know, I can almost see Jax dragging back a dire rabbit for thanks to
    Marsh)[strikereternal] 5:12 pm: "Aye. You're skilled in the ways of the land" rusedName] 5:13 pm: "That is why he is MY partner." rusedName] 5:13 pm: "That is why he is MY partner." Dorgul looks briefly at the goblin and seems a little puzzled, but doesn't say anything. And so the party happily cooked the animals and shared the morsels of meat. They settled down to sleep as the sky continued to darken into true night And so the party all awakened at dawn.
        [MarshamSane] 5:18 pm: Illum slowly starts packing Jax wakens, slips into the trees again for a little while. Ulgoth packs up his Scrolls and smiles, "Finally! That was my first nap in 3 weeks when I wasn't near the corpse of something I had just eaten."[strikereternal] 5:20 pm: Dorgul is a little slow to rise, and takes a minute to yawn and stretch before he gets up.    [kitsune1842] 5:20 pm: Jax looks for some bird nests on the way back, small though they may be eggs always make a good breakfast. Lodal was already awake, sitting cross-legged on his bedroll and exaiming the menelothian short sword
    Dorgul meticulously straps on his well-made scale armor.
        [kitsune1842] 5:22 pm: "Vensen for breakfast!" verusedName] 5:22 pm: "Good. It will give you plenty of energy to soak up blades and arrows while we massacre today's troop of creatures wanting to kill us."[strikereternal] 5:22 pm: He grins as the minotaur comes in with yet another good meal. Pieh] 5:23 pm: "Wow, Jax. I had no idea you were such a hunter. You didn't even split it in two like most things you kill!" shamSane] 5:24 pm: "hmmm, I like this 'camp-food'. definitely good." he takes a quick pull before secreting his bottle away.[strikereternal] 5:24 pm: "Hahah, true" trikereternal] 5:27 pm: "Well, welcome to my, uh, humble abode.." rikereternal] 5:27 pm: The place is kind of a mess.
    [Jayzilla] 5:28 pm: The worn, but well-made cottage seems much too bigger for a solitary half-orc. itsune1842] 5:28 pm: "A boat? I thought this place looked like a house?" trikereternal] 5:28 pm: "Yeah, there's one in the back."
    [strikereternal] 5:28 pm: "It'll get us to the old woman's."
    [Pieh] 5:29 pm: "You live here? By yourself? You really should have picked up a few wives before settling down."
          [OverusedName] 5:29 pm: "A Boot? I don't think that looks like my Boots." Ulgoth says, looking at his feet.
    [Jayzilla] 5:29 pm: The sound of a small river mutters off in the distance rusedName] 5:30 pm: "At least it can't smell as bad as a rotten tomb, let most adventures get."[strikereternal] 5:30 pm: He starts off toward the back of the house. Pieh follows the half-orc, looking at everything. "Have I mentioned I can't swim Jax?" Ulgoth asks, staring at the Minotaur rikereternal] 5:34 pm: The house is nice but clearly he hasn't been taking care of it recently "Is that a Farm Plower?"
    [Jayzilla] 5:34 pm: (you should have made ulgoth female.... lol)
          [OverusedName] 5:34 pm: [why?]
    [strikereternal] 5:34 pm: (lol)
        [MarshamSane] 5:35 pm: "Hey now, don't say 'farm power' to jax. that's offensive."
          [OverusedName] 5:35 pm: [that', if your thinking what I think your thinking]
          [OverusedName] 5:35 pm: "No, not that, look at that thing, with the giant Axe-head and the handles. I think they
    call that a Plower."
        [MarshamSane] 5:35 pm: (roll grapple check)
        [MarshamSane] 5:36 pm: "My friend, you can't trick me. that's not a flower." eh] 5:37 pm: "Go ahead and use it, Ulgroth. You need a shower."
    [strikereternal] 5:37 pm: "I need to take that thing apart sometime. Put the axe-head in the armory, or something.That's what I turned the boys' room into once they left." Pieh] 5:38 pm: "You have boys?" "Aye, two of 'em. They marched off to join the army just like their pop." ieh] 5:39 pm: "I had a kid back home"
    [strikereternal] 5:39 pm: "Dreams of bein' heroes and such." trikereternal] 5:39 pm: "Oh, really?"[Pieh] 5:39 pm: "Cute little girl, of course they took her in to be a priestess. I only saw her once, Drow society isnt very freindly towards the men." erusedName] 5:41 pm: "Are your children the army?" Ulgoth asked, trying to be careful with his phrasing[strikereternal] 5:41 pm: "Did you have a wife or somethin'?" h] 5:41 pm: "Not per se, Drow do it a little differently."
    [strikereternal] 5:42 pm: "Aye, as far as I know. They marched off some months ago. Tough boys, just like their pa."
    He shows pride, and not a bit of sadness at this, "That must be rough, Lodal." ieh] 5:43 pm: "I've been fine since I escaped, thought I had apretty good run while i was in there"

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