We play using 4th Edition Rules, and have only played for two sessions, and in those sessions we have only done Arena Combat to help new players learn the rules. So you havenít missed out on anything. Our actual first adventure begins this Saturday. We do accept players new to the rules, but we do expect you to learn the rules. A players Handbook is provided if you donít have one. All you really need to know is Chapter 9 of the Players Handbook.

We play online using VTT software called Klooge. YOU DON'T HAVE TO BUY ANYTHING. I have enough licenses to cover us.

It takes 1 to 1/2 hours to set your character up in klooge, SO PLEASE ONLY SERIOUS GAMERS NEED APPLY. This game will go to 30 level, starting at level 5. It will take about 6 to 8 months to reach level 30. If you can't handle this commitment, then please don't apply.

Game time will be from 3:00pm to 7:00pm Pacific time, on Saturdays.
We start on time and end on time. 100 xp for each player that logs into the server by 3:00pm and stays for the whole session. We will not wait for you, if your not on time we start play without you.

We don't care if you are new to 4th Edition or not, this is a newbe friendly game. but we do expect the following commitments. That being to be on time and to attend 90% of the games, and to study the D&D material related to the game and your character. To begin play you only need to know chapter 9 of the players hand book, and the general information that pertains to your character.

So if you know your the type of person that can't commit to something, or your not sure if you can meet the time restraints, then don't bother to apply. We want serious gamers, so don't have me spend two hours programing your character sheet only to have you quit before you ever even play the game. Give the game 3 sessions, if at that time you decided you don't like D&D 4E then fine quit, that's just fine, we also want happy serious gamers.

Please let me know if you are interested . Contact me at james1232@cox.net put NEW PLAYER in the subject. At which time I will send you the additional information with links to the software.

Thank you,


A little bit about the campaign:
You are an arena combatant. You owe a Debt to the Arena masters and have to pay that debt to them by fighting for them. The amount of your debt and the story behind it will be added to your characters back-story. It is in the Arena that you have met the other members of the party and have joined as a group known as ďThe Mighty Merciless Onslaught.Ē (Your party name). You will gain prestige both as a group and as individuals for fighting in the Arena. Each City and Major town will have an arena. The sales and services that surround the Arenas are the major source of income for some towns and cities.

Since the Arena Masters take most of your winnings you and the party have decided to seek adventure for other ways of raising coin to pay your debt; along with Fame and to hone your skills. The Arena Masters can teleport you to an event at any time, no matter what you may be doing or you may choose to voluntarily fight in an arena. (The first two or 3 sessions will be arena combat. This will get everyone used to the software and the combat rules) Refusing to fight in the Arena you will be sentenced to death for cowardice. And refusing to pay on your debt you will be dishonored and imprisoned. If the debt you owe is a cash one, you can use coin from your side adventures to pay this. Once the debt is paid you are no longer obligated to fight in the arena and can retire from this type of combat. (But with each level that you gain new skills you will be required to practice these in the arena before you can use them elsewhere.) The Arena is also the training ground for your new skills.

Also to encourage some RP and to make sure everyone pays attention the following will occur. All adventures will begin and or end at the local Grimtoohís Tavern. Always at the tavern is the local Bard Worchester. At the end of each adventure a player will be randomly picked to tell Worchester the story of the adventure in his or her own words. If Worchester likes your story he will let you randomly pick a magic item from his bag of holding. Worchester then takes your story and turns it into songs and poetry and goes on stage at the Grimtoothís tavern and entertains the locals and travelers with your amazing adventures. It is Worchester that will make you famous in this territory. I wouldnít try robbing or killing Worchester, he is a level 30 Bard, retired adventure. Now a drunk that makes coin singing songs, telling poetry and stories. He is well renowned and a favorite of the locals and many of traveler and well known as a hero within the surrounding lands. However he seldom if ever boast of his own tales. He likes to tell the stories of other adventurers.