Hi all, I'm trying to make a rockabilly roadtrip zombie survival horror RPG - using the rules from the Modern D20 rulebook.

And I'm in a lack of a few things - so I was hoping that some of you guys in here can help me.

I'm needing:

Profiles on:
Cars from the late 40s & mid 50s, including Cadillac & Hotrod types.
Weapons from the late 40s & mid 50s, all kinds.

Some ideas for the scenario itself:
I took some inspiration from George A. Romero's - of the dead series.
As well as some insperation from Capcom Resident Evil/Biohazard Series (RE/Bio - 1,2 & 3 only).

Do anyone of you, have some cool ideas for some plots or anything - please feel free to add them as well.

Hope you can help me - Cheers all