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In-Game Thread
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Thread: In-Game Thread

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    In-Game Thread

    Battle not with monsters, lest ye become a monster, and if you gaze into the abyss, the abyss gazes also into you.

    You were born into the world without sin, a blank slate on which limitless combinations of experiences and ideas could be imprinted upon, leading to a multitude of destinies that could have been yours. Free will has been the boon and bane of all sentient beings' existence, leaving open the choice to do good while always tempting one with that which leads to evil. Throughout your life, the choices you made and the events that impacted and molded you ultimately led you down a path that ended with you staring into the abyss that is evil.

    Upon your death, you felt the darkness overtake you and pull you to a hell for which you could not describe, only know with certainty that you were surely damned for all eternity for your crimes and sins. For decades you suffered, tormented and butchered like dogs at the hands of demons and devils hungry for the taste of the damned. You came face to heel with the one fiend who laid claim to your very soul, the one you know now as Lord Apoxalon. He sought to break you in the pits of his domain, letting his minions do with you as they wished until finally he called upon you by name.

    Your demonic overmaster has saw fit to bring you back to the world of the living to do his bidding. He desires more souls to add to his collection, and so he has given orders for you to be brought back into Pariatas so that you may have a hand in the corruption of the living so that they may meet Lord Apoxalon in the afterlife as you once did. He also wishes to establish a foothold in Pariatas, which you will also have a hand in creating for him.

    Your immediate superior is a Succubus by the name of Nashira. She is a picture of beauty, her slender and full form tantalizing to the eye. Her attitude towards you however does not match her physical qualities, as she is hostile, bitter and curt when she deals with subordinates. She stands before you with a devious smile after Lord Apoxalon takes his leave, her taloned hands resting upon her hips as she looks you over in disgust. Get up, trash and follow me! We are going to send you into a meatsuit, so prepare yourself. You won't enjoy the ride. She snickers as she finishes her sentence, turning and proceeding down a long hallway. You get up and follow her, not wanting to end up back in the pits that you can see below you through the grated floor. The screams of those unlucky enough to not be chosen spur you on, and soon you find yourself in a circular chamber with Nashira standing in its center beside what looks like a shimmering curtain of shadow.

    Have the preparations been completed? Nashira barks at the shadow, and after a few moments you can seen opaque images fluctuating inside the shadow. Sound begins to emanate from it in a distorted, echoing tone. Yes, Seductress, we are ready and waiting for your command to proceed. A scowl forms on Nashira's face, her frustration apparent as she howls. Then get to it, idiots! Why would I ask if you were ready if I didn't want you to begin! Get them into their meatsuits already!! She demoness turns her head to look you square in the eye, smirking slightly before addressing you. I'll catch you on the flip-side. Enjoy the ride. Her laughter reverberates in the chamber after she steps into the black curtain and is gone, sending an ominous chill down your spine.

    Gazing into the blackness, the sound of voices chanting fills the chamber, rising in volume until it becomes almost deafening, overwhelming your senses. Soon you begin to feel strange, as if some force was touching you at first, and then it pierces you like a harpoon and all you can do is scream. Your entire being is ripped away in a moment, as if you were forced out of existence and then thrust into a sea of dark fire eating away at your core, trying to prevent you from leaving. The pain is not physical, you're not even sure what it is except for pure anguish, and the moment feels like an eternity in and of itself. There is respite from this hell though, and it comes as you suddenly emerge from the black sea and open your eyes hearing one word: Rise...
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