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Thread: Istao game

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    Here, then, will be the party roster for the next adventure, "Addadun at the Boundaries," which might be some time in coming.

    Romance of a Fallen Country Player Roster

    • Disciple of Yawgmoth, playing Mikal
      • Human Fighter, starting at Level 2
      • 740 XP (650 XP + 90 XP Mission Bonus)
      • Mikal has been "returned" to the refugee camp, where he is avoiding his former comrades, wondering if Lord Rynoi will send for him again, and trying to find some new action.
      • 2 torches
      • 8 days of trail rations
      • one waterskin (full)

    • Palpatim, playing Sada
      • Deva Wizard, Level 3
      • 2468 XP (2100 XP + 368 XP Mission Bonus)
      • Sada is currently enjoying Lord Rynoi's hospitality, and may use his manor as a base of operations.
      • Sada has obtained Lord Mayor Hagan's permission to freely enter and leave Addadun, as well as move between the upper town and the undertown.
      • Lord Rynoi's "bauble"
      • an Orb of Sanguinary Repercussions +1 (Level 5)
      • Lefstan Enneck's Spellbook, containing the alchemical formulae for Blinding Bombs, Clearsense Powder, Dragonfire Tar, and Tanglefoot Bags; and an alchemical-ritual complex that can transform mudwugs into bullywugs. (Value: 350 sceatas)
      • Vonim's Chronicle, containing the Secret Page ritual (Value: 100 sceatas)
      • a set of fine robes, purchased in Addadun
      • 121 sceatas and 83 stycas
      • 50 sceatas' worth of alchemical reagents
      • healing herbs (equivalent to two potions of healing)
      • a potion of healing
      • 3 packages of Dragonfire Tar
      • a Tanglefoot Bag (Level 2)
      • a vial of Clearsense Powder (Level 1)
      • 2 torches
      • 10 days of trail rations
      • one waterskin (empty; easy access to beverages in the manor)

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