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Thread: The Joy of Combat

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    The Joy of Combat

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    A. Post are done daily. I post on around Midnight PST, allowing players to post within 24 hours.

    B. If you miss a post, I will move your PC either out of harms way or the same action it took last turn.

    C. If you need to have something ruled, the ask the DM post will try to resolve the issue.

    Face it, 4e is a combat game and as such we will be seeing plenty of it. Since this is experimental on my part we will be using the forum dice roll except for a few things.

    (1) Secret rolls by me will be done offline (Like a foes stealth check)

    (2) Initiative will be rolled by the DM and I will post the initiative Order. All foes move at the same time unless they are elites or solos in which case they have their own initiative order. If a player or foe changes initiative, then the order will be re-posted.

    (3) You have a standard, move and minor action. During combat you state what each of these things will be during your turn. I will be lenient the beginning if in some cases you forget to use a minor action to sustain a power but as time progresses I expect everyone to know what they are doing.

    (4) In your dice rolls, state the power you are using in the action. Either type the type of attack/action/save or use one letter to represent the roll.
    B Basic Attack
    A At-Will
    E Encounter
    D Daily
    S Save
    X Skill Check

    So for example:

    * Deft strike A *

    In this example, I added the Sneak Attack Damage from the PC. You will also notice it rolled a 1 which would have been an automatic miss.
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    Dice Result History - [Hide]
    07-30-2009 11:12 AM
    Deft strike A: 1d20 (1) + 13 (13) = 14
    1d4 (1) + 2 (2) = 3
    2d6 (1,5 = 6)

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