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Thread: Basic Campaign Information

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    Exclamation Basic Campaign Information

    I'll be amending this post on a regular basis before, and most likely after now and then, we begin the campaign with relevant information, links, background data, and other bits of information.


    Old West Background Links
    (Good general background info there for those not necessarily as familiar with the Old West - pay particular attention to the "Western Slang and Phrases")
    (Good information on the Central Pacific Railroad, it's routes, history, and other information)

    Old West Map Links
    (Excellent map resource for individual states and counties. Although the information is based on 1890's information, very useful for our purposes)
    (More maps of the Old West, similar to the above link but with some other information)
    (Interesting Civil War maps - useful for history and background information during character biography and development)
    (Old West Railroad map circa 1882 - good resource for rail line information)
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