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Thread: Ravenloft PBP: Looking for players

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    Wow, someone dug up this old thread and suddenly I have all kinds of people interested in the game! Cool. I do have room for more. So here is the deal:

    We have been playing this play by post for the past six months or so. You certainly don't need to know what has taken place up to this point (although you are welcome and even encouraged to read the game threads to learn what has happened so far), and you don't really need to know a thing about Ravenloft (I have a lot of info on the setting written in the various threads). But it would be advisable to either purchase the Pathfinder rule book or download the free pdf of the Beta rules (which can be found at after registering there). If nothing else, you could make a 3.5e D&D character - but I would have to convert it to the Pathfinder rules and make some adjustments.

    If this sounds acceptable to you, your next step will be to look at the actual play by post threads to get an idea of what the game is about and find out how to make your character (do not follow the rules above as they are incomplete and not up to date). To find the play by post threads click on the Forums button at the top of this page. Then scroll down to the Hosted Forums section. Under that find the Play By Post section. Then look through the sub-forums there until you find Dead of the Night. That is the game and all of the important threads.

    Look through the threads there and read as much as you want. The more you read the better prepared you will be. But there is a lot to read and as I've said, you don't need to read it all. The most important things to read will be the Rules thread, particularly posts #2 and #5. They will tell you pretty much everything you need to know to make your character. To learn a bit about the Ravenloft setting, particularly the area where the characters will start out, take a look at the People, Places and Events thread.

    Once you have done this, send me a character and an idea (at least) for a background. And if you have any questions, please send me a PM.
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    Howdy everyone. I play in Ark's PbP Dead of the Night and we get together for a F2F game. I just wanted to let everyone know that if you were hesitant about purchasing the physical Pathfinder core book ($50 on bookstands, about $35ish on Amazon and other websites), they do have a full PDF version of the core ($10) on the Paizo website, along with the free PDF's of beta and conversion from 3.5 that Arkememdes mentioned.

    Just throwing the info out there. Good gaming to all.
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