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Thread: New Domain Lord of Ravenloft

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    New Domain Lord of Ravenloft

    Yes! I have finally done it! I have usurped control of the Gardens from the Baron. And now to put my evil plans into motion! Mwhahahaha!

    Actually, don't believe a word of it. The Baron has been kind enough to let one of his lowly henchmen take over moderation of the Gardens in his absence and I was fortunate to be the one chosen for this honor. So, I will do my best to maintain the high standards that the Baron brought to this group when he first formed it and continue on with his work.
    Now, as my good friend Tamerath has recently stated we intend to try and keep the ball rolling as far as the online Ravenloft game idea is concerned. While Tamerath is busy exploring the real-time game possibilities, something that I hope to help him with and be a part of (of which I will say more in his thread on the online game) I am still interested in doing a play by post. I believe both forms have merits of their own and I don't want to give up on the play by post idea before ever really giving it a chance. With that in mind I will be exploring what I can and can't do over the next couple of weeks. But as Tamerath has also stated, it may take a while as time is not in over abundance with me as well. So anybody who is interested, please bear with me and keep and eye out for further updates on this thread concerning the play by post.
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