I'm not recruiting, advertising, or spamming these boards
Just trying to grow an online community I'm part of. RPoverIP,
or Roleplay Enforced Mudding. The system uses generated dice,
a character sheet just like that of the classic WhiteWolf books, and
is run by Storytellers. There aren't random monsters, but detailed
environments in which to set your PC and interact with other PCs, who
are roleplayers and dedicated gamers just like you. If its hard for you to
find a group in your area, I highly suggest trying VistaNights out. There aren't a ton of glompy commands to memorize, and I'll give total instructions on how to connect, make a character, and join in the RP almost instantly.

For people already accustomed to having to roleplay over text online, Connect dune.net port 9666.

First: Download a mud/mush client. I use GMud, but I'm told SimpleMu is excellent as well. You can even use plain old telent (Run:telnet from your start button) to play.

Connect: Connect to dune.net Port: 9666, the command or way to do this is different for the different mud clients, but still simple.

You'll be asked for a character name and password, and like that you're in the game, ready to start making your character. The creation room is usually host to a few other players, and almost always a storyteller to get you started. Just follow their directions and you're good to go.

Apply: Next, you'll have to register at the forums, and read the creation guidelines (There are specific topics for each class) Then, just fill out the little application, write a small history for your character, and then submit. A Storyteller will get right with you with any adjustments or questions, finish filling in your sheet, and boom: You're ready to roleplay with other gamers in the world of darkness. If you have some time on your hands, I highly recommend at least checking it out.