I came up with another odd idea, although on second thought it might not be entirely useless.

Neutrino sensation allows you to sense neutrinos. This means that if there is a supernova within a few million light years, you'll know it. That could be slightly useful if you happen to be an astronomer.

But then I realized that neutrino sensation could also help you find any nuclear reactors that might be operating.

Still, not the most useful super power that I can think of.

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here is a power idea that explains why a superhero just shrugs off bullets, but flinches when you throw a chair at him:

Bulletproof Skin: 12 pts

Your skin is bulletproof. It repels metals heavier than Indium, serving as armor equal to your Constitution, but only against weapons made primarily of heavy elements such as lead, gold, or uranium. If the atomic number is 50 or greater, this power is effective. If the atomic number is 49 or less, this power is not effective.
If you take this advantage twice, your effective armor against heavy elements is doubled.