I need a little advice on an upcoming Star Wars campaign I'm running. So far I have told the group to use the point buy system to build their characters. I prefer this system because everyone starts at an even level, no one will feel their characters are lagging behind the others. The only problem is that it is easier to min/max this way.

However, some of the players have asked to use the rolling method (mostly because they rolled high scores and want to keep them). I am very tempted to simply say that the GM has decided and we are using point buy. But rolling does provide more role playing opportunities with high or low stats and it is more resistant to min/maxing. But it can give a wide range of scores, and some players over a long campaign may notice they do not do as well as their comrades.

Saga edition is less dependent on high scores than , say, DnD 4th edition, but scores still matter. Is there a way to make point buy resistant to ridiculous stats, or to make rolling a little more even?

I know that it can be good to have players not all equally proficient, but I don't want some players to be overly dependent on others.

So far I'm kinda on the fence...