When talking about settings, I mean the game world. The Sundered Epoch: Generations is a nearly-universal game system designed for all sorts of genres and settings. So as a result we have a lot of areas to explore.

One nice thing about universal game systems is that you can use them in existing pre-published game worlds. All the tough parts of creating a vibrant and active world has already been done for you.

Here at SEG we are working on several different settings to go along with our variant rules to illustrate how the inclusion or omission of a rule can have a big impact on how the game feels and plays.

But THIS discussion is about the settings themselves. Hopefully we can get your input on ideas we have about our settings and get a feel for what level of detail to delve into. Some people like books that paint with broad brushes and allow the details to become part of their own creation while others like having all those minute details in place to begin with.

From a publication standpoint, we want to give the best of both worlds by giving you the BIG picture and then seeding the imagination with more minute details.

But we can't do either without YOU! Over the next couple months we will be discussing some topics about our primary game world, Thorin, its history, races, and places of importance. And we hope that you will join in those discussions to help bring our world to life!