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Thread: Character Creation

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    Character Creation

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    The Guild War is a 3.5 D&D adventure set in a homebrew world. This game uses more roleplay and skill related actions than combat.

    Books allowed
    You may use any non specific campaign book in the d20 library (not Ebberon, Greyhawk, Forgotten Realms, etc.) and provided you have the source or I have the source.

    Over the past year I have collected quite a few books and I am always willing to allow any that I actually own. As such, here are the books allowed in the game:
    Core, all completes, Exalted Deeds, Psionics Handbook,Vile Darkness, Cityscape, Dungeonscape, Libris Mortis, Heros of Horror, Lords of Madness, Unearth Arcana, Dragon Magic, Races of Dragon, Races of Destiny, Races of Stone, Races of Wild, Book of Erotic Fantasy, Tome of Battle, Tome of Magic, Magic Incarum, and Savage Species.

    Use 28pt buy for ability scores. Choose the abilities that best enhance what kind of PC you want to play. A more social PC will want high Charisma, while a skillful would want more intelligence for skill points.

    Players may play any class except ones that would restrict a player from performing his or her duty in the thieves guild. No Paladins or Knights.

    All start at level 1.

    Hide and Move Silently are now class skills for all classes.

    New players who join the game will start at level 1 as well.
    If you lose a PC, you must start a new one back at level 1. No exceptions. Donít lose your PC!

    I am adopting the philosophy I have for alignment for my other campaign. Alignment is a mechanic that determines how spells effect you and outsiders see you. Evil outsiders try to corrupt evil players and slay good ones, Good outsiders aid good players and destroy evil ones etc.. Those in the neutral find no help from the evil and good and must contend with the gray beings of the world. So a lawful Good paladin does not have to smite every evil person he encounters. An evil person need not cause death and destruction every where he goes.

    The exception is when players take exalted and vile feats. They want to be just like the Outsiders, so they will have a black and white view of the world. The good exalted has no choice but to punish evil and the evil vile has no choice than to murder for the pleasure of it. SO BE WARY!

    Because the players basically play thieves, most will be neutral. A good thief may avoid hurting a victim unnecessarily while an evil would probably go out of his way to do some harm. Because this is a public forum behavior should be limited to what passes as PG-13.


    Any race is accepted in the game however, since everyone starts a 1st, even when they lose their PC, no LA+ PCís are happening.

    You can play other humanoid races like goblins, kobolds, etc. but they will be shunned and most NPC diplomacy will start poorly. You may also opt to use monster leveling (et al Savage Species) with the same restrictions.

    The Gods:

    All gods in the city refer to Aath the main god and each Saint under him gives the two spheres that may be associated with her. Any God outside of Aath is considered a Pagan God. Most Guild members play homage to St. Jackdawl, patron Saint of Thieves whoís spheres are Trickery and Celerity . A cleric may choose any two spheres from a Aath Saint. Since there are countless Saints, player can make up their own. If they choose a pagan god (any God in the D&D pantheon including Greyhawk), they are limited to thatís gods spheres.

    Healing can be bought at a temple but spells like raise dead and resurrection are reserved to church members and believers of high rank.

    Starting Wealth

    500gp. Concentrate on equipment. You wonít really need sleeping rolls, rations, mounts, etc, because you live in a city. No magic items can be bought at the start.

    Magic Items:
    You can buy whatever you want from the Magic Item Compendium once you start to receive treasure after level 1. I don't hand out a lot of magic items in my games but compensate with more treasure. Rest assured that if their is a magic item to be had, the enemies will probably be using it.

    XP Rewards:
    You receive XP once a mission is completed. XP is awarded by objective. If you complete the objective, you receive the reward. If you kill every single foe or none at all and still manage to complete the objective, you get the same XP.
    As such, you may encounter creatures that are very challenging CR and should rely on other means to accomplish your goal(s).

    PCís under the average Party level by 1 receive x1.5 XP. Those two Levels receive x2, three levels x3 etc.
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