So I just received an e-mail from my old DM who wants to get group together and restarting our Rebellion Era campaign but with a twist we play the now grown up children of old characters. Well my old character was the first to leave because I had to leave the state (I'm back now). So during my last game the party was getting cocky and we killed several inquisitors so the GM sent Vader. So I convince my party to leave and keep my daughter safe (whom they were using as bait) while I keep Vader busy to allow them to escape.

So I managed to surprise Vader and won initiative, and through multiple critical hits and with melee smash and stunning strike combo I managed to Kill Vader. Well later on according to the e-mails I received, my character was recruited by Palpatine party due to the fact I already had 9 DS points and was a "Jedi".

As result of the change of history the Emperor managed to defeat (but not eliminate) during the battle of Endor.

But now is it ethical to play a character who would most likely be in the spotlight more often or have a relationship mimicking Luke and Anakin? I don't really want to play if I'm going to get special treatment.

So if I do play my character how do I explain my daughter is hidden away or why she would stay hidden? So should Lora (my character’s daughter) be trained as a “Jedi”, or more as an Echani? The her mother is an Echani Rebel Commander (I was human) and I gave LoraGeneral Kota’s Holocan when I thought I was going to die. We have met Luke and Gang before but I don’t know if they’re still alive so I don‘t know if Luke could train Lora.

Anyone have suggestion for level 4 Half Echani human 32 point buy? Prior to leaving I already know she is force sensitive and trained to use light saber along with deflect talent.